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Small Entryway Design Ideas

A lot more of us come home every day to a small entryway, or none at all, then a grand foyer with dual imperial staircases. It’s the first thing you and your guests see every time you walk in the door. And it’s your big chance to make a great first impression of your home. But when the rooms tiny it’s more of a challenge to style. Here are our best small entryway design ideas.

That small foyer of yours is the first place that welcomes you home after a hard day at work and the last place you’ll see as you leave. So no matter the size of your entryway, make it a great one. You can create a bold, memorable space regardless of how big it is. Even if it isn’t it’s own room. With small rooms it’s all about smart design and great style. Your choices are limited so everything in the space should be well thought out and part of a plan. If your design style is to throw a bunch of stuff together and hoe it works then you’ve got a touch job ahead of you. Small foyers are especially tough to design for but offer a unique opportunity to create something special. With a little effort, and very little money, you can easily make up for any lack of space by being creative.

The following designs will turn your tiny foyer into a memorable space you’ll be happy to come home to every day. Here are our very Best Small Entryway Design Ideas dedicated to making a great first impression, even if all you’ve got is a blank wall by the door.

small entryway design built in storage unit with bench seating and cubbies

Built In Bench Seating And Storage

A great way to finish a small entryway is with a built in. Small foyers generally go along with a small home or apartment where storage tends to be lacking. Install a built in seat with some storage to help organize the space while looking great. Include low cubbies for stashing shoes and high ones with baskets for all sorts of nick knacks. Small foyers always seam to get messy so a dedicated storage area can be a big help not only to the rooms style but also the homes function.

If your going to install a built in then make sure it’s a nice one. This unit shown above can be custom built if your looking for a DIY project or bought. White is a great choice. It brightens up a small room. The wall paneling is also a great idea. Finishing off the walls in some creative way makes a good impression when you first walk in the door.

A small unit like this can be utilized in just about any size or design small entryway with fantastic results.

small foyer with wallpaper and built in storage and bench seat wood french front door


Using wallpaper is a nice way to finish the walls in a small foyer. You’ll see it in a few of the pictures throughout the article along with other creative wall finishes. It’s a good idea to add something special to your entryway walls that you’ll see right when you walk in the door. Things like wallpaper, shiplap, wall paneling, or even a bolder paint color all work.

I wouldn’t recommend wallpapering the whole house but something tasteful as you first walk in the door can make a good first impression. Choose a color and pattern that works with the style throughout the room. The last thing you’ll want to do is clash with the rooms decor.

Keep in mind that once you install wallpaper it’s not as easy to change as paint. You’ll be locked into that design for a while so make sure it’s something you love.

small entryway design ideas white ship lap with a white front door flower wallpaper

Small Foyer Shiplap

A great entryway design combines comfort, utility, and style to create a welcoming atmosphere. They should extend a warm welcome to anyone walking through the door. Not having a huge foyer isn’t a problem if you create a spot to place keys, store shoes and hang up a jacket. Entryways are both a storage area and a place to be stylish. A functional and attractive spot to put your stuff down as soon as you get home.

Shiplap in the foyer is a great design choice and works with almost any style home. And don’t forget that shiplap can be install vertical and horizontal. Some designers like using vertical wall paneling in small spaces to make a room feel bigger. White is the standard color for shiplap and also helps with a small entryway as light and bright colors are generally considered best for small rooms.

If you have the space a small bench is great for sitting down and taking off or changing shoes. Also including storage is a great idea. You have to put that coat, hat or umbrella somewhere.

small foyer with close up pics of house plants

Small Entryway Design Ideas | Foyer Plants

I love coming home and being greeted by my house plants and the dog. Plants add color and warmth to the entry and are easy, affordable way to make a home feel welcoming. Choosing a planter is easy because almost anything works here. You don’t have to follow the same rules with an accessory as you do when choosing a sofa or drapes. Have fun with the planters and go bold or choose something subtle. Either way will work fine.

You’ll have just as much freedom with the placement as foyer plants work great either sitting on the floor, on a table or hanging on the wall or from the ceiling. Just don’t forget to water them. Coming home to a bunch of dead or dying plants won’t make for the best small homey foyer.

If you don’t have a green thumb and your plants routinely look a little thirsty. We get it. Caring for plants can be a pain. That’s where a good self-watering planter comes in handy. These planters look just like traditional ceramic pots but when you look inside and you’ll find a convenient self watering system. They work by separating the potting mixture from the water. Then slowly letting water evaporate into the soil as needed. You still have to remember to fill the reserve but it’s done far less frequently than watering the plant.

small foyer design ideas mail bin real wood with metal storage and key hooks

Small Foyer Ideas | A Mail Bin

A big pain in the neck in our home is the expanding pile of mail coming in and out of the house. Having a place to put it is a big help which is why a handy mail bin with key hooks is such a good idea. Even better for small homes and apartments that tend to get cluttered a lot faster. Having a dedicated space for things really helps keep the house organized and prevents stuff from getting lost or accidentally thrown out. A big problem in a crowded home.

Keep your small entryway organized and optimized with a wall mounted mail bin that’s both functional and stylish. Made from planks of solid reclaimed wood and metal key hooks. This rustic design has a nice weathered finish with an antique look. The built in basket with chalkboard front panel is perfect for storing stuff and making notes for family while you head out the door. Three hooks are perfect for hanging keys or a dog leash. A bin like this can be easily mounted on the wall with standard hardware you can buy just about anywhere.

Having a mail bin and key storage in a small entryway is really great, but I love the small chalk board. I can’t tell you how many times this comes in handy for making a little note to the family, even if it’s just to say, miss you, see ya later.

 a rectangle wood frame mirror with key hooks vertical wall paneling

Small Entryway Design Ideas | Hang A Mirror

A mirror in the entryway isn’t just for checking your hair on your way out the door. It can also make a space feel bigger, brighter and more inviting while adding a functional boost with some double hooks. Light bouncing off the mirror, illuminating dark areas of the entryway is especially helpful if it’s a dark space without much natural light.
Take a quick look at yourself before heading out with a Rustic Entryway Mirror. And keep your home organized with the large metal hooks which can easily hold anything from coats, hats, keys or pet stuff. The rustic mirror design is perfect for a small entryway or foyer and goes with almost any style home. Built from solid wood to have a wide molding and elegantly distressed finish with aged bronze hooks for an added element of laid back charm.


  • Organize clutter while adding a touch of rustic style to your small entryway
  • Four aged bronze hooks able to hang anything from coats, hats, keys, bags or pet stuff
  • Secure it to any wall with hangers you can buy at any hardware store

Distressed Finish

  • Wood Scoring & Rubbing for a rustic look
  • The design fits almost any home style from country farmhouse to ultra contemporary

beautiful beachey foyer with built in storage black hardwood floors white trim blue walls

Small Entry Design Ideas | Add Some Storage

If the floor near your front door is always cluttered with shoes, bags, and other stuff, organize the entryway with some additional built in storage designed to hold all those items. Cutting clutter while adding a place to sit, hold accent pieces and pillows, photos, plants, and more. A storage bench or console table is a huge plus for a small entryway. This design complements a beach style with its straight lines, clean white finish and black knobs. But it’ll work in a large number of house styles, especially those with white trim, which luckily is by far the most popular type of trim used.

Built from a combinations of a real wood frame with manufactured wood panels that better hold the white painted finish. Bottom drawers are great for storing you name it. Plus, it has five double hooks for additional storage space and an upper shelf with built in cubbies.

This type of design works especially well for a small entryway since everything you need will be stored in one small area. What more could you possibly need to put all your stuff in than a setup like this. The perfect pairing of form and function.

a beautiful foyer with bench seating plants and storage blue area rug wall paneling

Small Entryway Design Ideas | Add Some Seating

Adding a small bench, pressed up against the wall by the door, is a great addition to any small entryway. The idea is to create a spot where you can put on your rain boots or leash the dog on your way out. It also makes a great spot to lay down a purse, a hat or coat. Only a small amount of space in needed but the benefits are huge. Under the bench is a great spot to stash shoes and don’t be afraid to add something for additional storage like the basket seen above.

Make the bench a focal point of your small entryway by adding other great elements like the floor plant and umbrella basket. The wall hooks are also a great addition to the design which also adds some much needed form and function.

Try An Entryway Area Rug

Your entryway is the gateway to the rest of the home. It’s your one and only chance to make a memorable first impression. What’s a cheap and easy way to do that? By adding an area rug. Read on for a few tips on selecting the best small entryway rugs for your home.

Proper Sizing

The area rug should be proportional to the size of the room and nearby furnishings in your foyer or entryway. In this case we’re discussing small entryway design ideas so we’ll assume you’ve got limited space to work with.

Complementary Style

Choose an area rug that complements the style of your entryway and home. Make sure it works well with the surrounding furniture and your personal style? Do you want the rug to stand out or blend in? A unique pattern or bold color will draw the eye and become the focal point while a neutral, solid color will blend in. Complimenting the entryway rather than overpowering it.

Easy to Clean

A small entryway is an extremely high traffic area since there’s generally only a small amount of square footage to walk around in. The area rug you choose should be easy to clean and stain resistant. Consider a very short haired carpet for quick and easy cleaning.

Pro Tip!

Try the open door test. If your rug is laying in a door’s pathway, which it probably will be since this is a small entryway, does it get in the way of the door opening and closing? This can cause damage to your rug over time and create a tripping hazard. Not to mention being really annoying every time you open the door. Be sure and choose a rug with short enough carpeting to not interfere with the door.

Small Entryway Area Rugs

When you’re tight on space you have to make the most out of every inch. Choose an area rug that creates the illusion your small entryway is larger than it actually is. For a long, hallway style entryway, we suggest using a rug that extends almost the entire length of the hall. If you want more personality, try an oval shape with a bold pattern or color. It’ll will make the space feel bigger and more inviting.

Anything you can do to add interest makes a home feel more welcoming. You want anyone entering to be pleased by what they see, it puts them in a pleasant, more relaxed mood. Even if the person entering every day is yourself. Would you feel better walking into your newly designed small entryway and seeing a beautiful new rug or a dingy old one.

small entryway closet with organizers and door mirror

Small Entryway Design Ideas | Organize The Hall Closet

If your lucky enough to have a closet in your small entryway that’s a big plus because you won’t have to worry about adding additional storage. However, you don’t want a huge, cluttered mess overflowing with piled up stuff every time you open the door to hang a coat. That’s where a well though out closet organization system comes in handy. How organized you keep your closets says a lot about you. And most people don’t give it any thought. But a well organized closet can be a big plus for a small entryway.

A Closet System makes your closet organization simple. Don’t just throw your stuff into the closet randomly. A good system should have a top shelf for hats, bags and board games. A bar for hanging coats, scarves and jackets. And some cubbies for stashing whatever will fit. The bottom is where you put all the shoes, boots and large objects you want stashed away. This closet organizer has everything you need in one easy to use system.

Hang a door mirror of your choice. It’s a great cheap and easy addition where you can check your outfit out one last time before heading out.

small foyer design ideas dark wood console table with round mirror and potted plant

Small Foyer Design Ideas | Add A Console Table

If you’ve for a tight entryway without much room for storage or a set of stairs as soon as you walk in the door, consider using console table in the entry. These are great for adding storage drawers, with space underneath to stash shoes, bags, or other more stylish items. The top is a great place to add a mirror, a plant or some additional lighting. Console tables are a perfect mix of form and function. While it doesn’t offer much help when you need to hang a coat, that’s what coat hangers are for.

Eliminating clutter while providing a counter to place accent pieces, photos, plants, lighting and more. Console tables are a great addition to any home with a small entryway. This dark wood example has traditional aesthetic with its clean lines and distressed black finish. It’ll work well with almost any style. Buy one constructed from solid wood with a manufactured wood such as MDF. Manufactured wood holds a painted finish much better than real wood does. Opt for real wood panels if your going with stain. The four drawers are great for additional storage.

small foyer design ideas cubbies with bench seat and coat hanger plants and blue striped area rug

Small Entryway Designs | Add Some Cubbies

In a small home or apartment with a small entryway, it’s easy to be unorganized and cluttered. Very non Feng Shui. And it’s easy to add a bunch of storage. But the real challenge is in finding ways to add storage that also look great. You need form and function to design and optimize a small entry way. And the smaller the entry the harder it gets. Combining multiple design elements is generally a good way to go.

Check out the fabulous example shown above. This bench seat with cubbies provides everything you’ll need to keep your foyer clutter free and well organized while looking great. Cubbies provide lots of storage for just about anything that’ll fit. The seats a great addition and provides a spot to add throw pillows which add nice touches of color. Plants are a fantastic addition to basically any room of the house and the coat hanger with wall hooks are more than enough to deal with hats, coats, jackets, leashes and anything else you may need to hang.

The area rug is a great addition that coordinates nicely with the pillows and overall color scheme. And the rugs thickness is low enough that it doesn’t interfere with the door. Another thing this design did perfectly. There’s even a spot for stowing umbrellas and some shelf space on top of the cubbies. This design is so great it’ll work in a much larger foyer although it really shines when you try it in a small entryway.

modern small entryway storage with bench seat and coat hooks

Modern Storage Design

Modern homes with a small entryway can benefit from some storage too. Just a simple bench seat with cubbies for shoes, a pull out drawer and some coat hooks can make a big difference. Having a place to put things when you come in the door keeps shoes and jackets from getting thrown around the house. A small home or apartment is one thing, a clutters one is another. Just by getting organized can be all the style change you really need.

Benches and hooks come in a wide variety of styles. It’ll be easy to match styles with the rest of the house.

Modern design is all about clean lines and simple designs. If you keep your small modern entryway simple I think you’ll be happier with the results.

small foyer design ideas storage bench seating with drawers cabinets and hooks

Small Entryway Seating

You can get pretty elaborate with the bench seating and storage unit you install in your small entryway. The more storage you add the more stuff won’t get scattered around the house. Low drawers are great for stashing small toys and games as well as shoes and boots. High cabinets can be filled with all sorts of stuff including , food, towels, pet stuff and extra blankets. Every item you stash away is one less thing that gets scattered around the house.

Hooks are great for your everyday items that you’ll be using all the time.

These units not only make a big functional benefit to the home but also have great style. They come in a wide variety of designs so it won’t be hard to get the look you want.

Here’s A Few More Small Entryway Design Ideas To Consider

Entryway mirror with dark wood table, glass vase with green plant and accent piece.

rustic foyer mirror with green plants and wicker pots and table with accents

Entryway mirror with table, accent pieces and green plants with wicker planters.

small entry design ideas storage shelves black frame racks coat hanger

Small foyer design. Black metal shelving with wood seat, coat hanger along side white wooden shelving. Shiplap wall paneling.

Summary: Small Entryway Design Ideas

When it comes to making the right choices for your small entryway design, cubbies, benches, chairs, shelves, hooks and furniture all come into play. It’s how they’re used and paired together that defines just how great your design will be. Combing multiple elements effectively is the key to maximizing a functional design with a beautiful form.

If your front door leads to a grand foyer or a small apartment entryway, don;t forget that it’s the space you and your guests see first. That’s your first impression, and it’s true that you only get one shot at making a great one. And most importantly it’s the first thing that greets you after a hard days work.

We hope using some of these tips and entryway pics will help you design a really great one. When you do, send us some pics, we’d love to see them.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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