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Modern Tiny House Builder

Gambrick is one of the top Custom Home Builder’s in NJ building some of the the finest new homes throughout the state. Now we’ve dedicated our expertise and experience to designing and building some of the finest Modern Luxury Tiny Houses available for delivery anywhere in the world. And we’re doing it using the same designers, craftsmen and materials that we use to build all of our homes. Each Tiny Home is extremely Energy Efficient, Modern, Totally Custom, and uses the latest in home technologies just like our bigger homes do. In fact, our High Efficiency Tiny Houses are the most energy efficient in the world.

Gambrick partners with their clients, transforming Tiny Houses into works of art. Because creating unique designs and an unmatched finished product for each and every client is what we do. All within a predetermined budget and time-frame.

The Gambrick Difference | Modern Tiny Homes

We’re building some of the finest quality Custom New Homes in New Jersey. Our products, skill, and love for our customers set us apart from the competition. Now we’re putting our decades of experience, skill and expertise into building the worlds finest Modern Tiny Homes.

Rest assured, when you hire Gambrick as your Modern Tiny House Builder your getting the very best.

All of our Tiny Houses are designed by expertly trained in house design consultants and built by the same top quality craftsmen as our multi million dollar custom homes. All of our Tiny Houses are custom designed, hand built and completely one of a kind. In addition to carrying a warranty by Gambrick, which is the best in the industry, you’ll also receive manufacturer warranties covering each and every product we use in or on your new Tiny House. As a result, our custom built Tiny Houses are among the very best in the world.

And our Tiny Houses are Ultra Energy Efficient with options like upgraded insulation, HRV systems, high efficiency HVAC units and appliances, thermal breaks, air tight seals, triple pane glass, solar and battery home systems, and more. Click HERE to learn more about them.

  • Modern Styling
  • Ultra Energy Efficient
  • Custom Designs
  • Built from the Highest Quality Materials
  • Built By An Actual Custom Home Builder
  • We Use The Best Craftsmen
  • Built on a Foundation Or Trailer
  • We Build On The Highest Quality Trailers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • The Best Warranty
  • Fully Licensed and Insured New Home Builder
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

modern tiny home builder view from the living room area


Gambrick is the only Tiny House Builder in the nation that’s an actual Luxury New Home Builder. We use the same team you build your new Tiny Home as we do to build one of our multi million dollar luxury homes.

tiny house view of the kitchens high end finishes


We use the same exact designers, craftsmen and materials to build your new Tiny House as we do all of our Luxury New Homes. Because of this, our quality is second to none and all of our Modern Tiny Homes are One Of A Kind.

Modern tiny house with a contemporary style


Although we can build your new Tiny House any style you like, we specialize in Modern Construction Techniques and Extremely Energy Efficient Homes. We put that knowledge to good in every single Modern Tiny House we build.

Trust Gambrick

Architects, designers and homeowners continue to put their trust in Gambrick to build their high end luxury homes and buildings. We routinely estimate, manage, and build everything from small starter homes to new multi million dollar luxury houses. Because our disciplined approach ensures the smoothest possible progression of every project and the highest quality finished product.

We specialize in High End Luxury New Construction, Contemporary Homes and Energy Efficient Buildings like LEED, Energy Star or Passive House, and Modern Tiny Houses.

We believe that just because a house is small doesn’t mean it has to be of less quality then a much larger custom home. Your tiny home will be built in exactly the same way with the same attention to detail as if you hired us to build your 2 million dollar dream home.

No matter a homes size it’s still someones home and should be built by an experienced Custom Home Builder with high quality, care and attention to detail.

We’re the only High End Luxury Home Builder offering Tiny Homes built to the same level of quality as all of our other custom built homes.

A Passion For Building Modern Tiny Homes

We’re a Modern Tiny Home Builder, Designer, and Enthusiast who has a genuine passion for the Tiny House Movement. Because we actually design and build homes of all sizes, we have a unique and practical perspective on what works and what doesn’t in a tight living space. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of both quality and innovation to build the best Tiny Home possible.

Our build team has a combined experience of over 100 years in Home Design and Construction. The people involved in designing and building your Tiny House are the same ones we use on every project we do no matter the size or budget. This integrative design/build approach means that we’re there every step of the way doing the actual work. From the first sketch to the final screw, our staff works hard to ensure your Modern Tiny House is innovative and built to the finest standards.

Our Collaborative Design Process

We design and build Custom Tiny Homes of the highest quality that reflect the lives and style of the people who call them home. We can build from a set of existing plans but the majority of our work is completely custom. Getting to know each client and then designing them something truly special is a huge part of what we do as Custom Home Builders.

This means that the Tiny House we design and build for you will be 100% tailored to your unique taste, style and lifestyle.

The process is very simple:

  • First we’ll speak over the phone or via e-mail to get a sense about you and what you’d like us to build.
  • Next we put together a basic package with some design ideas, lots of photos and an initial budget.
  • If you like what you see we spend as much time as needed going back and forth refining the design.
  • Once a final design is agreed upon we start construction.
  • Through the entire build process changes can be made at any time. It’s a very fluid, enjoyable and collaborative process.
  • Once your Modern Tiny House is finished we arrange delivery.
  • Inspections can be arranged at any time if you’d like to see your Tiny House as it’s being built.

We encourage our clients to be a part of the design and build process as much as possible. Someone from the team will always be there to answer your questions and listen to your input. We’ll also be available to meet with you for any reason during the design or construction phase.

We specialize in designing and building custom tiny homes. If you’ve been dreaming of building one for a while and are ready to turn those dreams into a reality, we can help you do it.

modern tiny house builder on a trailer ultra modern style


We only use the best trailers on all of our Tiny House Models that are designed to be mobile. If your going to build a house on top of a trailer than using high quality materials is essential for durability, longevity and extremely low maintenance.

Tiny houses with a modern style on a foundation


Many of our Modern Tiny House Models are built on a permanent foundation such as a crawl space, slab or even a full basement. Permanent installations have some big advantages like access to local power, sewer, gas and water.

modern tiny house builder roof top deck with metal and cable railings


Most of our Modern Tiny House Designs have a flat roof which is perfect for a roof top deck. If your parking or building your Tiny House somewhere with a view then consider adding a roof deck. Because up high the view only gets better.

Tiny House Models

At the moment all of our Modern Tiny Houses are Completely Custom. We have some size guidelines that we can go over with you along with a huge list of options and finishes but the Tiny House we build for you will be 100% Custom and One Of A Kind.

We build Tiny Houses on two types of foundations.

  1. Modular Tiny Homes for private property with permanent placement on a foundation.
  2. Tiny Houses on Wheels built on a high end trailer.
  3. We Offer High Energy Efficiency Tiny Homes. Click HERE to learn more.
  4. We also build Tiny Passive Homes. The most Energy Efficient Tiny Houses in the world. Click HERE to learn more.

This means we can build a Modern Tiny House that’s totally customized for your lifestyle. Every tiny house starts with a vision or an idea. But it takes skilled design and craftsmanship to make it a home.

Let Gambrick help you realize your Tiny Home Dream. We’re the only Modern Tiny House Builder that’s an actual Custom Home Builder. So you can trust your new Tiny Home will be built to the highest standard of luxury new home construction. Just like all of our houses.

Extremely Energy Efficient Tiny Houses

Our Modern Tiny Houses are built with extreme energy efficiency in mind. In fact, we build the most energy efficient Tiny Houses in the world going all the way to achieving a compliance with Passive House Standards on some builds. With such a small amount of space to work with, it’s important to do a lot more with less. We accomplish this in several ways.

  • We only use the best insulated glass. Even offering the same triple pane windows and doors we use in our Passive Homes.
  • Increased insulation. Extra insulation means more energy efficiency.
  • High efficiency HVAC equipment and appliances.
  • Smart design.
  • Solar and House Battery systems.
  • Eliminating thermal bridges. No thermal bridging means a more comfortable Tiny House and lower energy costs.
  • An air tight exterior seal.

As a Modern Tiny House Builder we’re always pushing the envelope in terms of not only how our houses look but also how they perform. High energy efficiency is a very important part of Tiny Living.

To learn more about our Extremely Energy efficient Tiny Homes click HERE.

Passive Tiny Houses

Gambrick is the only Modern Tiny House Builder that builds to the Passive House Standard. The most Energy Efficient Tiny Homes in the world.

Have you ever heard of a Passive House? It’s the most energy-efficient building standard in the world. Better than Leed, better than Energy Star®, better than every other standard we’ve got. It relies on three key but simple requirements: low air infiltration, low energy consumption for heating & cooling, and a low overall energy budget for the building.

Gambrick is one of the few Passive House Builders working in North America and we’ve taken what we’ve learned building Passive Homes and applied it to our Tiny Passive Houses.

We use the following techniques in all of our Energy Efficient Tiny Homes:

  • Greatly increased R-Values throughout the Tiny House
  • A near air tight exterior seal
  • Triple pane glass windows and doors
  • HRV system
  • Energy efficient HVAC, appliances and lighting
  • Smart design

To learn more about our Passive Tiny Homes click HERE. The most Energy Efficient Tiny Homes in the world.

Luxury Tiny House

A common problem with buying or building a Tiny House is not finding exactly what you want. You may find a model that’s the right size but doesn’t have the amenities you want. Maybe the layouts all wrong or you don’t like the style. Whether it’s not enough seating, poor sleeping options, no outdoor space, or low end appliances, there’s a solution. Gambrick is a custom Modern Tiny House Builder that designs and builds each Tiny House to their clients exact specifications.

Our tiny homes and park model homes are designed with luxury in mind, which is why you’ll find high end appliances along with great features like vaulted ceilings, plenty of storage space, a full or even double shower, wood cabinets, LED lighting, Kohler plumbing products, Pella, Andersen or Marvin windows and doors, High End appliances like Wolf or Sub Zero, large decks, energy efficiency and so much more.

We build our Tiny Homes to the same level of quality and design as our multi million dollar custom homes. Just because a Tiny House is small doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on quality or style.

Available with near unlimited customizable options and offered in a wide range of sizes to meet your and your family’s needs and expectations of a Luxury Tiny Home. Gambrick Tiny Houses are just what you’ve been searching for.

What A Modern Tiny House Costs

Send us an e-mail or give us a call to get the process started. We don’t have pre-built Tiny Homes so every house we build is custom. Because of this it takes a bit of back and forth to get an accurate price.

Send us your wish list along with all your ideas and any photos you have of Tiny Houses you love. The more details, sketches and pictures you send, the more accurate the quote will be. We’ll stay in touch during the estimating / design process to get to know you and talk over some of the finer details.

After you receive the quote, have a chance to look it over and decide you’re ready to build with us, a deposit will be required. Deposit amounts vary depending on what we have to build. In the weeks before we start building your Tiny House we’ll have a detailed design meeting or two by phone, or in person and go over every inch of your house with you. As the process moves along changes can be made which may adjust the price. You’ll be shown progress photos and have a chance to comment or ask questions along the way.

We typically book build spots a month or two in advance and a typical Tiny House takes 10-12 weeks to build from the time we start construction.

Our finished tiny homes can be built for anywhere between $80,000 – $200,000+. A few major factors that decide the majority of the costs include:

  • The overall design
  • Size of your Tiny House
  • Finishes, details and customization required
  • Amount of options including high end finishes

Each of our Modern Tiny Houses are completely custom so we design them to fit just about any budget. To find out more about our pricing options click HERE.

Raising Expectations

Because Gambrick is raising constantly expectations of what a Modern Tiny House Builder can and should be. Specializing in Custom Home Building, Contemporary Homes, Energy Efficient Buildings like Passive House and Modern Tiny Houses. With the imperatives of carbon reduction in the fight to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, our desire for energy independence, and our need to have greater building resilience, the meaning and logic of Passive House is clear.

I want to build a new Modern Tiny House – what’s first?

Because building a new home or remodeling an older one can be an overwhelming process. At Gambrick, one of our fundamental objectives is achieving the highest standards of architectural design and construction. Give us a call or e-mail and we’ll guide you through the journey of constructing your new, custom built Tiny House.

Let’s get started. Call 732.892.1386 or e-mail today.


As a Custom Home Builder we get discounts on materials and supplies no one else gets and we’d like to share them with you.

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