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Shop The Look

Welcome to our Shop The Look page where we’ll be showcasing beautiful interior and exterior spaces. Living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, patios, bedrooms, bathrooms and so much more. Each month we’ll showcase a new room with links to some of the decor, furniture and other elements used to create the design. We’ll also include a short synopsis of what makes each room so fabulous.

Recreate the look in your own home by using the main picture as inspiration or by purchasing the exact or similar items you see in the pictures.

Below each picture are links to the exact or similar items used to create the space. Simply click the pic and Shop The Look.

Chic Gold & Earth Tone Living Room

Check out this beautifully chic living room design featuring a color palette filled with golds, tans, greens, oranges and real wood. In a sea of white and grey it’s refreshing to see designers use more earthy colors. Shiny fabrics mixed with real wood is a great way to create contrast in a traditionally styled room. Love the gold drapes. Don;t be afraid to take a few risks in your interior design choices if you want to really stand out.

Looking to transform your living room. Start with some easy to change basics like throw pillows, drapes, lamp shades or a new area rug. Things like these are cheap and make a big impact.

shop the look beautifulliving room with gold drapes, orange brown chairs, wood furniture

gold drapes with a sheen hung from a gold bar in a beautiful living room

light brown throw pillows with a sheen taupe, tan pillow

modern grey area rug is a beautiful living room

beautiful round lamp shade with a modern bohemian style

Modern Farmhouse

I love a well designed Modern Farmhouse. There’s a reason the style is so popular at the moment. It’s a clean, fresh look that’s bright and very versatile. Painted white brick, shiplap, built ins, white paint and touches of black mixed with real wood and natural colors. The look is easy to reproduce and a great way to modernize an old fashioned home with red brick.

Even on a tight budget the look is easy to recreate.

Shop the look beautiful living room modern farmhouse design

shop the look modern farmhouse wood picture frame

shop the look modern farmhouse wicker food basket

shop the look modern farmhouse round black frame mirror

shop the look modern farmhouse black ceiling fan

Bohemian Bedroom

There’s something about Bohemian style that I absolutely love and there are definitely splashes of it in this fabulous bedroom. A bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing space and I could definitely see myself getting a good nights sleep here. The bedding is comfortable, the seating is plush, and the decor found throughout the room is stylish. I love all the brown and gold colors. So many people are using whites and greys these days that it’s refreshing to see something so different.

This is another Shop The Look living space that you can recreate on a budget.

bohemian style bedroom with a brown, tan and cream color scheme. Wicker. Prints. Antique.

shop the look tan blanket

gold vaise with pink glass

white sheets shop the look high thread count

bohemian style floor vaise