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Wolf 2 Slice Toaster Review

Wolf is best known for the quality and performance of their outstanding line of ranges. But did you know they also make a few other kitchen appliances like a toaster. In this post we’ll give you our thorough Wolf 2 slice toaster review as well as discussing the pros vs cons, price, dependability, value and if they’re worth the money.

For years Wolf stuck to doing what they do best and that’s manufacturing some of the finest quality ranges in the world. As a custom home builder we’re very familiar with Wolf and their line of ovens. Considered a real work horse in the building industry, Wolf has a reputation for quality, strength and dependability. Their ranges are built tough and pack a lot of power with burners that can exceed 20,000 BTU. They offer small ranges all the way up to 6 burner 2 oven units with convection options and complete electric units. Wolf is a very popular brand mainly due to their excellent reputation for quality and those iconic red knobs everyone seams to love. It’s safe to say if your designing a luxury kitchen that you’ll probably consider Wolf as your range manufacturer. But can they make a toaster too?

That’s what we’ll be discussing ahead in our in depth Wolf toaster review. Wolf is a fantastic range manufacturer but does that translate to other kitchen appliances. Is the Wolf 2 slice toaster any good? Is it reliable? And can it make a simple piece of evenly cooked toast? Let’s find out ahead in our Wolf Toaster Review.

Wolf toaster review 2 slice stainless steel red knob

Wolf stainless steel 2 slice toaster with their iconic red knob.

wolf 2 slice toaster closeup pic 1

Wolf 2 slice toaster closeup pic 2

Wolf 2 slice toasuer top view

Wolf 2 slice toaster button view

Wolf 2 Slice Gourmet Toaster. Is It Worth The Money?

As you can imagine, we’ve tried and tested just about every professional kitchen appliances and gadget over the many years we’ve spent designing and building luxury homes and kitchens. Our clients demand the best and we try our best to give it to them. Which means testing and reviewing every product that goes into every one of our homes. We’ve got a short list of favorites that work the best while looking good and they’re surprisingly not always the most expensive. Wolf ranges are definitely on that short list but that doesn’t necessarily mean their toaster will be too.

Find out ahead in our Wolf toaster review if they’re worth the hefty price tag.

General Info

The Wolf 2 slice toaster is a commercial (professional) grade appliance that’s durable and looks great when left out on the countertop. It has a sleek modern design and is user friendly with simple to use controls. Here’s a short breakdown of it’s features:

  • Shade selector dial with 7 settings allows for precise control of toast color from light to dark.
  • 2 Extra wide bread slots accommodate a wide variety of breads.
  • Self-centering bread guides toast thin or thick slices to ensure even browning.
  • After toasting, bread is automatically raised to the ideal height for access.
  • 7″ x 12″ x 8″ high.
  • 6.5 lb.
  • 900W
  • Keep Warm setting runs for three minutes after toasting is complete.
  • Bagel setting toasts the inside and warms the outside.
  • Frozen setting for one-step toasting of frozen bread, waffles and French toast.
  • Bread lifters offer quiet operation.
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless-steel and die-cast construction.

You might think doing a Wolf toaster review is easy to do, but it’s not. We toasted tons of breads and other baked goods to see how this toaster handled the various settings and the variety of food it’s designed to prepare. We tested just about every type of store bought or fresh bread product we can stick in this thing including some home made loafs we cut ourselves. And we also tested the Keep Warm setting that will hold toast until the rest of your food is prepared and ready to be served. Pretty much every variable we could think of we tried out because we want our reviews to be as in depth as possible.

Below we’ll discuss some of the major points of our Wolf toaster review.

Wolf 2 slice toasters side by side red, siver and black knobs

Wolf Toasters Look Great

It’s hard to argue against how beautiful Wolf appliances look when left out on the countertop. Owning one of these is kind of like a small status symbol. Many of our clients hide small appliances like the toaster under a counter but not after they bought a Wolf. These can become a part of the kitchen design just like the oven or refrigerator. It’s a professional quality appliance and it definitely looks the part.

When you see one in person when sitting next to a standard size toaster you’ll see what I mean. Wolf toasters have such a strong look. They’re wider, taller and have more rubust controls. All the buttons, knobs and levers are made from very high quality materials and nothing looks cheap. And then there’s that iconic red knob. Just like with the range you can also get silver or black knobs but it’s the red that really makes a Wolf.

Even the sturdy wide legs give the toaster a powerful stance. I really like how the legs are a flatter brushed metal finish. The contrast this makes next to the stainless steel is really nice.

The Wolf Gourmet emblem is a nice touch too. They could have went with something cheap like a simple stamp but they opted for a full emblem just like they use on the range. Those little touches are what sets Wolf apart from cheaper manufacturers.


Wolf toaster come with the iconic red knobs the brand is so well known for but you can also get silver and black. The great thing about Wolf offering all 3 colors is that you can match your range and other Wolf appliances. 

The knobs design is really nice and well built. The material is strong, feels great to the touch and the quality is top notch. I’ve always liked the feel of Wolf knobs. They’re thick and feel strong in your hand. They also turn precisely and don’t feel cheap.


One of my favorite thins about the Wolf toaster are actually the legs. It’s has a powerful stance. The legs are thick and short with a brushes metal finish. It’s a really nice contrast against the stainless steel. The flat bottom of each leg is wide so the toaster always sits firmly on the countertop.


The buttons are a lighter and more shiny silver finish then what’s on the top trim. It’s nice because the buttons all stand out and are super easy to understand and use. I don’t like when appliances are overly complicated. You shouldn’t have to read some huge manual just to cook some toast.

Each button is big, well made, looks great and comes with a small light that tells you when they’re in use. And they’re are all clearly labeled in black which makes them easy to read and understand.


The lever bar you depress down to cook the toast is also really well made and looks great. The color is a brushed silver to match the buttons and knob. I really like how the bar is set into the beveled side of the toaster. It’s a really nice design and not something you typically find on a cheaper toaster. Wolfs done a great job of varying all the finishes to make sure each piece stands out and looks great.

Crumb Tray

The crumb tray is another part that looks great both when pushed in and pulled out. The slide is good quality stainless and the cover is well designed. It easily slips out and in to allow for cleaning out of the bread crumbs. And cleaning it is super easy.

Top View

When you look at the top view of the toaster you’ll see it reads Hot Surface which is nice because the entire surface really does get hot. Even this view is very well done and looks great. Wolf has paid careful attention to every detail. This is where we usually find fault with some manufacturers. They always seam to hide cheap parts or bad design in places they think you won;t look but not Wolf. The inner working parts are all a nice stainless and the top cover is lighter than the rest which makes it stand out.

This highlights one of my favorite parts about Wolf appliances in general. They really know how to vary the color and finish of each part just enough so that everything stands out.


There are a bunch of cool looking vents on the sides and back of the toaster. Again, very high quality and good looking. Hot air comes out of the vents when the toasters on but not too hot. At the highest setting the air does get pretty warm but not so hot that it’ll burn things around it. I keep a lot of things on my countertop and never had an issue.

Side and top view of the Wolf 2 slice toaster with crumb tray open and closed


How a toaster feels when you use it is just as important as how it looks. Have you ever used a cheap toaster. They’re really light and the controls are flimsy. You can feel how cheap the parts are not only when you touch them but also when you press down the levers and turn the knobs. That’s not how a Wolf toaster feels.

The knobs, levers and buttons on a Wolf are all great quality. The materials and build quality are what you’d expect from a professional level appliance. Everything is very durable, heavy duty and sturdy. The entire toaster is heavy and feels strong when you use it. The lever is tight and precise and so are the all the buttons and knob. Even the slide out crumb tray is very good quality and doesn’t feel cheap when you pull and push it.

This is a very well built toaster that has the feel of a commercial appliance.

size chart for the Wolf 2 slice toaster


The Wolf 2 slice toaster is much bigger than a standard toaster. It’s taller, a lot heavier and wider. This is due to the fact that it accepts wide slices of bread. Large bagels or slices of bread in a regular toaster sometimes have to be forced down to get them to toast. Most toaster can only handle something a little bigger than a slice of white bread or a small store bought bagel, not one of the much fatter fresh kind.

The Wolf is much different. No matter what I put in this toaster it fit with no problems at all. Everything slid down smoothly and toasted. You can see in the picture above how fat those slices are. In fact most of the wide bread we tested were much bigger than what we’d actually use to cook with. The fattest thing I’d actually put in this would be a fresh bagel or a wide slice of bread to make french toast and the Wolf can easily handle it.

The Wolf is big and heavy for a toaster.

  • 7″ x 12″ x 8″ high.
  • 6.5 lb.

6 1/2 pounds is a heavy when you consider a standard toaster is less than a pound. I like the weight a lot. It feels extremely strong and sturdy when you use it which is a must at this price point.

closeup wolf 2 slice toaster buttons


There are 4 buttons located on the front side of the toaster that provide a variety of options. 

  • The first button on the left is the cancel button. Pressing it stops the toaster and ejects the bread. What’s nice is that the bread ejects to a height where you can easily grab it. My old toaster used to eject the bread so low I had to stick my finger in to get it which was really annoying and hot. The Wolf works really good here.
  • The keep warm button is a nice feature because when it’s pressed before or during toasting the toaster will continue to keep your bread warm even after the toasting is done. This is a really nice feature that I like a lot. If your cooking other things to go with your toast then your bread will stay warm until you need it. The toaster even beeps at you about every 15 seconds to remind you that you have something in the toaster.
  • The frozen button can be pressed at any time and tells the toaster you’ve put a frozen item in the toaster. This comes in handy for me because I like cooking frozen waffles.
  • The last button is for bagels. It tells the toaster to only turn on the inside facing heating elements. This prevents the outside of the bagel from getting toasted. Another fantastic feature for me because I toast a lot of bagels and I only like the inside toasted.

The buttons are large, easy to read, and have a light that tells you when they’re in use. For this part of the Wolf toaster review I have to give it very high marks. I love the Wolf’s design because it does everything I need and is easy to use.


We’ve already discussed the knobs great looks but they also feel fantastic. The quality is top notch. They feel really good in your hand and the design is solid. Most people may not really care about the knob on their toaster but because it’s a Wolf getting the knob right is important. Wolf ranges are famous for their knobs and the toaster doesn’t disappoint. These knobs are just as nice and of equal quality to what you’ll find on the range.

For this part of the Wolf toaster review I have to give them some high praise. It would have been easy to put a cheap knob like most manufacturers but Wolf went the extra mile and matched what they use on their line of ranges. It’s a big plus if you have a Wolf oven and want to match the look and feel.


You can’t really see them and they’re not something you use but the feet of any toaster are important too. Wolf toasters have a really great design here too. At the base of each leg is a wide oval shaped rubber foot that grips really well to the countertop. It’s one of the reasons the toaster feels so sturdy. It’s definitely not an appliance you’ll accidentally knock over while cooking.


In case you didn’t realize this, how your toaster performs has a lot to do with what you put in it. There is a ton of variation found in all baked goods and it effects how your toaster toasts the bread, bagel, waffle, muffin, etc.

  • Denser breads take longer to toast than fluffy bread.
  • Sweet or fruited breads will typically toast faster because of their high sugar content.
  • Day old bread will often toast quicker than fresh bread because it’s had a chance to dry out.
  • Room temperature bread will toast faster than bread that’s been refrigerated because it’s at a higher starting temperature.
  • English muffins or bagels cut with a knife will toast more evenly than those split with a fork because the cut is more uniform.
  • Moisture content will impact how evenly and how long it takes to toast any baked good.

The most important thing for us when we review any appliance is to give an honest review by testing as many different products as we can. We test our toasters with every baked good we can get our hands on. Anything less would give an unfair review.

Thanks to Wolf’s design that centers the slice of bread in the toaster no matter the thickness, almost everything toasted perfectly.

After toasting a lot of bagels we found the bagel setting produces just the right combination of texture and crunch. The cut side is toasted nicely with a soft and chewy outside of the bagel. You can’t achieve this with a regular toaster or toaster oven.

Frozen Goods

If you like to toast frozen bread, bagels or waffles it’s no problem with the Wolf. Just hit the “Frozen” button and turn the red dial to the temperature you want. The Wolf toaster will thaw the item and perfectly toast your frozen baked goods.

And if you prepare your toast too soon and need more time to finish the eggs and bacon, push the “Keep Warm” button while the toast is down and it’ll stay warm until you’re ready to serve it.

Minor Uneven Toasting

Even though the majority of baked goods we tested came out perfectly there were a few exceptions. We had a couple products toast unevenly which we’ll detail below. It’s worth noting that we also tested these same items in other equal quality commercial toasters and some cheap ones and found the same results. Some baked good are just hard to get an even toast because of how they’re made or shaped and it’s not the toasters fault.

Large Artisan Breads

One of the only variations we found was with locally baked artisan bread. This was due to the shape of the bread we tested being very tall, the moisture level being super high because of all the butter, and the bread being very dense. The artisan bread toasted a little unevenly but to be fair we tested it in other commercial quality toasters and got the same result so it wasn’t the Wolf’s fault. Some breads are just hard to toast evenly because of how their shaped or made.

Oddly Shaped Fresh Bagels

We also found a small variation when we toasted bagels from one of the local bagel shops. They’re also artisan made and hand shaped, boiled in water, and then baked. Each bagel is uniquely shaped and not uniform in size unlike what you’d find in your local grocery store or in most bakeries. Most of the bagels we tested, even freshly baked ones, toasted evenly. But this one shop did gives us some problems so it was probably due to the bagels odd shape and size.

Very Slim Bread Slices

What must be an oversight or a design flaw leaves a very small 8-10mm gap between the lift wire and side wall wire guides. This is enough to allow very thinly sliced bread slices to occasionally slide down into the gap. Then you have to reach down into the machine and grab the bread with a plastic tong. It’s so rare because the bread slice has to be really thin to fall into the gap but it can happen. Most standard slices of white bread are too fat but if you make your own bread and slice it too thin then this could be an issue for you.

Do Wolf Toasters Hold Their Value?

An interesting thing about Wolf appliances in general, which includes their toasters, is how well they hold their values. Everyone wants them so the second hand market is really strong. A quick scan of eBay will show you how well these sell when used. There’s not that much depreciation. A quick scan on eBay will show you these sell for around $250 – $300 which is pretty much what they cost new. Compare that with your average Walmart toaster that’s worth next to nothing when used.

They’re also such a durable appliance there’s really no risk in buying one used. And Wolf supplies parts for it so they can be fixed. They’re not a throw away item like most toasters. You buy a Wolf and you may have it for life.

In this section of the Wolf toaster review I have to give it very high marks because very few used toasters have any resale value other than a Wolf. 


Wolf has a great warranty. I won’t list all the details here but it’s basically a limited 5 year warranty which for a toaster is really good. This is a high end appliance your meant to have for years. Maybe for life. If it breaks for whatever reason you’ll want to fix it. And Wolf will support you. When out of warranty you can buy parts to fix the toaster. Now what other toaster would you honestly want to fix when it breaks? Toasters are typically a throw away appliance. But not a Wolf.

I have to give a very high score in this section of the Wolf toaster review because it’s a top quality appliance that Wolf supports.

What I liked

Overall this is a fantastic toaster. If you’ve got the money for a premium commercial grade toaster then this is the one I’d buy.

  • It’s a great looking toaster. If you have other Wolf appliances then it’s nice to have a set and you can even get them all with matching knobs.
  • I really like how it brings the bread up to just the right level when it’s done.  My old toaster would leave the toast so low I’d have to stick my finger inside to get it.
  • It has really wide slots to handle large pieces of bread and bagels. You don’t need it for a thin slice of white bread but for fresh bagels or artisan breads it’s a must.
  • The keep warm and frozen features are really nice. I like to cook frozen waffles so it’s great for me and the warm options comes in handy all the time.
  • It’s a heavy duty appliance, really well made, sturdy and durable.
  • Wolf appliances don’t look or feel cheap. They’re not something you hide away under the cabinet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Holds it’s value.

What needs to be improved

  • There were a few baked goods that we couldn’t get to toast evenly but we couldn’t get them to toast evenly without other toasters either. It’s not really an issue with the toaster but at this price it should be able to toast anything that fits in it.
  • Really expensive for a toaster.
  • Very thin slices of bread can fall into a gap between the lift wire and side walls. Although this is so rare I can’t really fault the toaster for it. Even a standard size piece of white bread is too large to fall into the gap.  But if you slice your own bread really thin it could be an issue for you.

Conclusion: Wolf 2 Slice Toaster Review: 9.7

Wolf is best known for the quality and performance of their outstanding line of ranges. But did you know they also make a few other kitchen appliances like a toaster.

For years Wolf stuck to doing what they do best and that’s manufacturing some of the finest quality ranges in the world. As a custom home builder we’re very familiar with Wolf and their line of ovens. Considered a real work horse in the building industry, Wolf has a reputation for quality and dependability. Their ranges are built tough and pack a lot of power with burners that can exceed 20,000 BTU. They also offer small ranges all the way up to 6 burner 2 oven units with convection ovens and complete electric units. And Wolf is a sought after brand because everyone loves those iconic red knobs. It’s safe to say if your designing a luxury kitchen that you’ll probably consider Wolf as your range manufacturer. But can they make a toaster too?

Wolf is a fantastic range manufacturer but does that translate to other kitchen appliances. Is the Wolf 2 slice toaster any good? Is it reliable? Are they worth the money? And can it make a simple piece of evenly cooked toast? The answer to all these questions is yes. This Wolf 2 slice toaster is a fantastic appliance that we highly recommend if you’ve got the budget for one. While they are expensive, they’ll last for years and have excellent resale value with very low depreciation.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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