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oceanfront home view from the wrap around porch

Modern Builder

Gambrick designs and builds custom Modern Tiny Houses for delivery anywhere in the world. And we’re doing it with the exact same designers, craftsmen and materials used on actual custom built luxury homes. Each Tiny House is extremely Energy Efficient, Modern, Totally Custom, and uses the latest in home technologies just like a larger full size home. In fact, our High Efficiency Tiny Houses are some of the most energy efficient in the world.

Gambrick partners with their clients to create one of a kind high end luxury homes. Because creating unique designs and an unmatched finished product for each and every client is our goal. All within a predetermined budget and time-frame.

modern tiny home builder view from the living room area


Gambrick is the only Tiny House Builder in the nation that was an actual New Home Builder. We use the same team to build your new Tiny Home as we did to build one of our custom new homes.

tiny house view of the kitchens high end finishes


We use the same exact designers, craftsmen and materials to build your new Tiny House as we did all of our New Homes. Because of this, our quality is second to none and all of our Modern Tiny Homes are One Of A Kind.

Modern tiny house with a contemporary style


Although we can build your new Tiny House any style you like, we specialize in Modern Construction Techniques and Extremely Energy Efficient Homes. We put that knowledge to good use in every single Modern Tiny House we build.

Modern Tiny Homes

Our products, skill, and love for our customers set us apart from the competition. We’re putting our experience, skill and expertise into building the worlds finest Modern Tiny Homes.

Rest assured, when you hire Gambrick as your Modern Tiny House Builder your getting the very best.

All of our Tiny Houses are designed by expertly trained in house design consultants and built by the same top quality craftsmen as our multi million dollar custom homes. All of our Tiny Houses are custom designed, hand built and completely one of a kind. In addition to carrying a warranty by Gambrick, which is the best in the industry, you’ll also receive manufacturer warranties covering each and every product we use in or on your new Tiny House. As a result, our custom built Tiny Houses are among the very best in the world.

And our Tiny Houses are Ultra Energy Efficient with options like upgraded insulation, HRV systems, high efficiency HVAC units and appliances, thermal breaks, air tight seals, triple pane glass, solar and battery home systems, and more. Click HERE to learn more about them.

  • Modern Styling
  • Ultra Energy Efficient
  • Built from the Highest Quality Materials
  • We Use The Best Craftsmen
  • Built on a Foundation Or Trailer
  • We Build On The Highest Quality Trailers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • The Best Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Working With Us

We’re happy to do a free design and build evaluation. We’ll meet you at your site or answer all your questions by phone or e-mail.

We’ll also provide free estimates and an initial design completely via internet or phone without any face to face on site visit required.


rustic fireplace with real timber shelf wood floors built ins with black frames

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Just because a Tiny House is smaller doesn’t mean it should be built less than a full size home.

Each Tiny House we build has the same high end finishes and attention to detail as any luxury home.


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Read in depth Home Consumer, Building Material and Tool Reviews.

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Find tons of cool stuff throughout our one of a kind look books.

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Raising Expectations

Because Gambrick is raising local expectations of what a New Jersey business can and should be. Specializing in custom tiny home building, energy efficient buildings like Passive House and LEED. With the imperatives of carbon reduction in the fight to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, our desire for energy independence, and our need to have greater building resilience, the meaning and logic of Passive House is clear.

I want to build a Custom Tiny Home – what’s first?

Because building a new Tiny Home can be an overwhelming process. At Gambrick, one of our fundamental objectives is achieving the highest standards of architectural design and construction. Give us a call or e-mail and we’ll guide you through the journey of constructing your new, custom built Tiny House.

Let’s get started. Call 732.892.1386 or e-mail today.