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Red Brick In The Kitchen

Brick walls in the kitchen. You may think using red brick in the kitchen is a bad idea but you’d be wrong.

The last few years have seen home builders and kitchen designers including the beauty of a brick wall in the kitchen with more and more frequency. Because of brick’s texture, timeless character and undeniable charm, using red brick in the kitchen is becoming a very popular choice. In the past, red brick was considered a rustic finish only fit for a farm house or country cottage. But not any more. Today you’ll find brick used in a wide variety of kitchen styles ranging from Ultra Modern, Industrial, Contemporary, Colonial and even Traditional. From entire brick walls to a simple brick backsplash. Using red brick in the kitchen is a great way to add elegance and personality to an interior design typically dominated by tile and stone.

But no matter what your reason for wanting to include brick, there’s no doubting the fact that interior brick walls are back in style and definitely here to stay.

Red Brick Kitchen: A Growing Trend

Gone are the days when brick walls in the kitchen are covered up and painted over. Interior brick in general is no longer seen as an eyesore or an old fashioned style. But despite the growing popularity of exposed brick walls, most of us would rather use them in the living room than in a modern kitchen. This often comes from the misconception that brick walls are hard to clean and might be considered too rustic for the kitchen. The idea that red brick won’t work in a contemporary kitchen is an opinion that’s both outdated and untrue.

In fact, an exposed brick wall in a modern kitchen ends up becoming the star of the room as it provides the perfect backdrop to highlight architectural features and other elements. Red brick in the kitchen is versatile and can be used sparingly as an accent addition, a backsplash, or in a grander fashion by including an entire red brick wall. Bold and beautiful, red brick used in the kitchen is a fantastic design choice that will serve you well for years to come. And isn’t that hard to clean.

Ahead we’ll explore example pictures of some of the most beautiful kitchen designs in the world that all have one thing in common. Red Brick.

Is Your Brick New Or Existing?

Using brick in your kitchen is a great way to add another layer of detail and style. However, finding the perfect colors to go with the brick will be a challenge.

If you already have existing brick somewhere in the kitchen then things are a little easier. You just have to coordinate your colors with the color and tone of the bricks. It’s more limiting because you don’t get to choose the brick but at least one of the decisions is made for you.

If you’re planning to add brick to the kitchen then you have a lot more freedom to create the exact look you want. But with that added freedom comes more work. You’ll have to pick your cabinets, backsplash, countertops, paint, hardware, etc. and your brick.

Pro Tip: Start by picking up brick samples at your local masonry supplier. Don’t just use pictures. It’s always better to see an actual sample in real light. Brick will look differently in your home than it does at the store or in a photograph. Lighting conditions, bounced light and shadows will all effect how a material actually looks inside the home. Place samples where you want the brick for a day or two so you can see how they’ll actually look at different times of day.

Don’t order materials or spend any money until you find just the right color combinations and red brick tone.

interior red brick can have a variety of red tones found 4 red bricks side by side all different colors

What Color Is Your Red Brick?

Did you know brick comes in a variety of colors. Red brick is a very general term that should really be called reddish brick. There’s a wide variety of bricks that all qualify as red brick. Ranging from super red firehouse brick to more rustic reddish brown varieties and even brick that looks almost purple. Even brick veneer, which is what we most commonly use inside the home, comes in a wide variety of colors.

We recommend starting with the brick first and then matching paint colors. It’s easier this way. Even though there are dozens of red bricks to choose from there are thousands of paint colors.

If your adding a brick backsplash to your existing kitchen and you don’t want to change anything else then of course match the other colors. But if your remodeling everything then choose the brick first since your options are limited compared with everything else. It’ll make your life easier.

red brick in the kitchen all brick interior kitchen walls

Red Brick Kitchen Walls

A brick wall in the kitchen is both timeless and trendy. And it’s a lot more than just a rustic, country cottage look. That might sound a bit strange to some, as something that’s timeless often goes off trend eventually. But a red brick wall in the kitchen is something that currently falls into both the categories. Brick provides a classic allure as it consistently tops the rising kitchen design trend list.

Part of it’s charm is down to the renewed popularity of industrial and loft style kitchens. Especially in cities like NY and Chicago. Embracing brick’s practical, rugged aesthetics and distinct feel, homeowners are once again falling in love with red brick.

As you can see from the red brick kitchen picture shown above this is anything but a country cottage or farmhouse typically associated with interior brick. The red brick goes beautifully with the real wood cabinets, custom trim, marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. I also love the black framed windows and doors that are also tops on the list of trendy design options.

The exposed real wood beams add a rustic touch that goes perfectly with the brick which is contrasted by the modern black framed windows and modern appliances.

rustic kitchen with white cabinets and red brick high ceilings exposed wood beams

Keeping Kitchen Brick Clean

Red brick in your kitchen isn’t going to look that great if it’s dirty. Because brick is such a porous material, it can easily absorb grease and other residue that can result from cooking in your kitchen. While it’s true that brick is harder to clean than tile, it’s not that hard. People exaggerate how hard brick is too keep clean. Brick has been used in kitchens and around fireplaces for thousands of years. Some of that old brick is still around today and still looks great.

Use a wire brush to scrub the bricks clean with a cleanser that’s designed for masonry products. You can pick one up at any hardware store or order them online. There’s even products specifically formulated for use on brick. Try a grout cleaner to scrub dark stains out of your grout. Be careful of areas where the bricks are crumbling. You don’t have to be gentle with most bricks but if something already fragile you don’t want to make it worse by scrubbing too hard.

After cleaning, rinse the wall down with a damp sponge.Brick and cement grout are water resistant so don’t worry about getting them wet.

Once the wall is dry, you can apply a brick sealer to help keep the brick clean in the future. Sealers also help bring out the color of the brick.

red brick walls in the kitchen with exposed real wood ceiling beams

Red Brick Walls In The Kitchen

A current trend among kitchen designers is the use of real brick in the kitchen as both an accent wall and backsplash material. If you’ve never seen red brick in the kitchen then trust me, it’s a beautiful look. Particularly if the red brick and paint are selected as part of an overall color scheme for the room. Using brick in the kitchen is very popular at the moment since most kitchen designs are using tons of gray and white which both go beautifully with the brick.

But be careful. Brick isn’t like other kitchen finishes like tile and stone. Brick is a unique look that effects every other element in the room. It’s not like marble, it won’t go with anything you put in the room, so if you plan on using brick then consider your paint colors carefully.

country kitchen with red brick accent wall wood countertops red brick backsplash

Red Brick Backsplash

When you want to accentuate a red brick backsplash in your kitchen, it helps to create some contrast. The other surfaces in the room should stand out against the brick which helps highlight both. Choose a light color for the other walls in the room. White walls provide the most striking contrast and helps brighten the room. Gray is also a very popular choice at the moment. Remember that this isn’t one size fits all advise. Choose a paint that’s right for your kitchen and the shade of your brick.

You can also use a cream, ivory or pale yellow shade if you prefer a softer look. Try a lighter cabinet color too. A natural wood finish with is a perfect complement to the red brick. White, cream, ivory, tan or gray can also work for the cabinets. And don’t forget about the hardware. Most appliances are stainless these days but that doesn’t mean your hardware or lighting has to be. Play with a variety of finishes and consider gold. It’s a hot metal used in a light of light fixtures these days.

Use a variety of textures too. Real wood is always great and don’t think that just because your using brick you can’t also use stone or tile. If it’s done right, mixing masonry products can have fantastic results.

modern gray cabinets with red brick kitchen wall

Red Brick Kitchen With Modern Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets paired with a brick accent wall is currently a hot trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The stark contrast between the clean cabinet lines and rough brick is what makes it pop. If you happen to live in an apartment, loft or home that already has brick walls then your in luck. All you need are the perfect cabinets to complete the look. Otherwise you’ll need some faux brick.

Faux brick, or thin brick, is a very thin slice of real brick that’s been cut to a thickness of around 1/4″. They’re installed just like tile with a wall glue and trowel. The joints are grouted just like real brick is using a grout bag and cement. When installed properly you can’t tell the difference between real and faux brick.

The color and style of your brick can make a big difference in the overall look of the kitchen. Bricks come in a variety of colors and condition ranging from very red and brand new to hardly any red with a rough and tumbled finish.

Always make sure to consider the condition and color of your interior brick when selecting everything around it in the kitchen. Your cabinets, wall paint, countertop and trim should all work well with the brick.

country kitchen with brick walls and wood cabinets stone countertop black cabinets red brick backsplash

Country Red Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Because red brick provides a rustic look for your kitchen backsplash, pair it with other some other charming pieces to round out the look. Some of the best kitchen designs are inspired by an old fashioned country or farm house kitchen like the example picture shown above. Stone tile like tumbled marble have a textured surface that provides a rustic look for your kitchen floor. For the countertops, go with butcher block or stone to echo the natural look of the brick. Wrought iron accessories like wall sconces or shelving also work well with red brick in a kitchen.

Real wood is always a nice touch as is any other type of natural material. Think “real” when looking for elements that work with the kitchen brick. Use real wood cabinets, real stone countertops, real tile floors and real metals in your brick kitchen. Natural materials all go together perfectly and fit the theme. Black is an underused kitchen color but is perfect with a country kitchen with brick. This kitchen just begs to be baked in or used to cook a Thanksgiving feast.

Prints are also a nice touch for the chairs. You can get away with some interesting prints in a kitchen like this because it fits the country feel. Have fun with the design by throwing in some other creative stuff. Kitchens like this have a lot more options than a modern one does. Modern kitchens tend to be clean and orderly. Very minimalist. But a rustic kitchen can be a fun place to hang out with lots of ornate details, colors, textures and playful elements.

rustic kitchen with a red brick backsplash accent wall white cabinets and stone countertop

Rustic Red Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Creating contrast helps highlight the red brick in your kitchen. Remember that a general principle of any interior design is that contrast helps things stand out. If everything is painted the same color it all just blends in. Nothing pops. You have to add in contrast no matter what the design is or what your colors are. This is as true with a rustic brick kitchen as it is with an ultra modern on.

You can also make the kitchen look even better by carrying the rustic look throughout the kitchen. Another great principle of good design is to pick a theme and stick to it. The theme will help you make all your other design decisions. If your designing a modern kitchen don’t install country kitchen cabinets. It’ll look really weird. A modern kitchen needs modern cabinets and modern appliances, etc. So remember to carry your rustic theme throughout the kitchen.

Because the brick has red tones, include other warm colors in your design. Warm colors work great in a rustic kitchen. They tend to feel more homey and inviting. You can use other earth tones too like greens, browns, tans and yellows. White goes with everything and can also create a striking contrast to your other colorful elements. Display dishes and stone wear in shades of gold or rust. Hang artwork that uses similar colors. And don’t forget to throw in some other natural materials like stone, tile and wood.

brick accent wall in the kitchen with folding patio doors and skylights

Existing Brick Wall In The Kitchen

Real wood cabinets, a custom island, and new appliances are all an inherent part of most new kitchen designs, and they all have to complement an existing brick wall in the kitchen if you’ve got one. Choosing the perfect finishes will help define the kitchen’s style and give it the feel you want. Open shelves, vintage wood cabinets, metallic accents and a center island with a finished concrete countertop create an industrial style. Sleek contemporary surfaces with clean lines and polished stone countertops turn the kitchen into a contemporary hub. But no matter the style your going for, always consider your red brick wall with every design decision you make.

If you’ve got an existing red brick wall in the kitchen then you have no choice but to work with it. If your adding a brick wall with faux brick that’s different. In that case you can choose from dozens of different brick styles and colors. This gives you the flexibility to choose your bricks and other finishes at the same time. It’s a little easier that way. But if your brick wall is existing you have to work with what you’ve got. If you have a spare brick take it with you when selecting your cabinets, countertops and other finishes. It’ll make matching it a lot easier. If you don’t have a brick to take with you then take the finish samples home with you.

The last thing you want is to order everything and find out later that they don’t go well with your brick.

red brick kitchen with folding doors kitchen skylights with white cabinets

Small Kitchen With Red Brick

Have you got a small kitchen? When it comes to an exposed red brick wall that’s not a problem.

The beauty of a real brick wall brings warm, cozy feeling to a small kitchen and helps it feel more inviting. Continue that feeling by including a real wood kitchen table, stone countertops and real tile, wood or stone flooring. Composite or man made materials work great in a kitchen too but sticking with natural materials adds to a small kitchens charm.

As we continue to say throughout this article, natural materials all work well with a red brick wall so try and use them where you can.

If you’ve got the budget for one, a folding patio door is great for creating an indoor/outdoor space that increases how big the kitchen feels. A high ceiling with some skylights are also nice touches that allow in tons of natural light. Natural materials like the brick, wood and stone all look much better with real lighting so try and bring as much of it into your kitchen as possible.

The modern cabinets add some much needed design contrast here splitting the room in two equal parts. The modern half and the more rustic half both sharing a very nice island with built in sink.

Some colorful plants or flowers are always a nice addition to any kitchen design. They keep the kitchen from looking too cold. It isn’t typically a problem if you have a red brick kitchen wall or backsplash but they’re still a nice touch.

closeup view of chrome kitchen faucet and white cabinets

Kitchens With Brick Accent Walls

White kitchen cabinets with a blue gray island and carrara marble countertops. Chrome faucet with brushed cabinet hardware. 6 Burner stainless steel stove with built in cabinet hood. Built in oven. Light gray island stools. Black framed windows. Vaulted ceilings with brick accent walls help create a beautiful custom kitchen design.

brick kitchen chimney with exposed oven pipes

Brick Kitchen Chimney

As we discussed earlier, there are plenty of styles that work well with red brick in the kitchen. And using brick in a functional way without a doubt will put your kitchen’s style at the top of that list. Red brick and chimneys go hand in glove, and with adaptive reuse of old structures becoming a hot trend in the world of home renovations, the brick chimney is definitely here to stay. Coupled with exposed pipes, lots of glass with dark frames and smart lighting, you can create an industrial feel in an otherwise traditional home.

The example picture shown above is a beautiful kitchen design. The red brick chimney with old fashioned stove and exposed piping are the rooms highlights. Pair them with gray cabinets, which goes nicely with brick, and white backsplash and matching white countertop.

This kitchen design has a great mix of styles, colors and textures that all work together to create a wonderful result. Try shaking things up a bit with your design by including modern finishes with the rustic red brick. You’ll notice a theme we keep coming back to which is creating contrast. When everything is the exact same style, texture or color, the room can get a little boring. Try to throw in something that contrasts and adds interest. Red brick in the kitchen is worth considering.

red brick kitchen chimney with exposed stove pipes gray cabinets

Red Brick Kitchen Wall Chimney

Another picture of this beautiful kitchen featuring flush faced gray bespoke cabinets and island. White countertops and a red brick accent wall with chimney. Exposed stove piping.

rustic country kitchen design with red brick and real wood blue walls black countertops

Kitchen Red Brick And Real Wood

Heavy wooden elements combined with brick walls in the kitchen works with a variety of styles and designs. The use of multiple natural elements in the kitchen is great because they all go together perfectly without detracting from one another. natural materials also tend to be very versatile since they’re not man made finishes. The use of black is also a nice choice as it goes with both the red brick kitchen and natural wood elements used throughout the room.

The kitchen shown in the picture above is a rustic, country design which is all about natural, earthy materials. Wood and brick are pretty much a standard in rustic kitchens so you really can’t go wrong by using them if that’s the look your going for. The light blue walls are also a nice touch as is the use of artwork and patterned drapes. I also really like the variety of finishes used throughout the room. Too many kitchen designers play it safe and stick to one finish. Don’t be afraid to use multiple finishes in the room. They can add a lot of interest.

closeup picture chrome kitchen faucet red brick backsplash white marble countertops

Red Brick Backsplash With Marble

Marble goes with just about everything. That’s kind of a steadfast rule of thumb every kitchen designer knows. It’s harder to keep clean that granite and scratches a lot easier but it’s beautiful. And it look fantastic when paired with a red brick backsplash. Check out the closeup pic shown above. That brick really pops against the white marble and you can see some subtle coordination between the gray in the marble and the brick.

The chrome faucet with white handles are the perfect choice and go nicely with the white under mount sink. Black cabinets complete the look which also go wonderfully with the red brick backsplash and marble. All in all this is a perfect combination of finishes that would work well in a wide variety of kitchen styles.

Check out the picture shown below for an expanded view of this beautiful red brick kitchen.

white marble countertops with black cabinets red brick backsplash

Red Brick Kitchen Backsplash With Black Cabinets And Marble

As you can see in this expanded view dark gray, marble, chrome and red brick look great when put together. Stainless steel appliances are pretty much the standard choice in over 90% of custom kitchen built these days. The real wood and black island with real wood chairs are that other natural element we keep referring too that looks perfect with the red brick. Huge porcelain floor tiles in a neutral color and white walls complete the look. The white cushions accentuate the white marble and other subtle white touches seen in the faucet handles.

This kind of kitchen design looks great if you want to keep things simple. It’s a clean, straight forward kitchen design without any fuss. No visible appliances. No clutter. Just clean, simple finishes done very, very well. It’s also a great functional space as the design respects the triangle kitchen design used in all great working kitchen.

The red brick backsplash wall acts as the middle focal point between two floor to ceiling cabinets without a backsplash break. This design really showcases the brick, marble and chrome sinks which is why they added lighting in just the right places. Even the single clock draws the eye into the center red brick wall which is obviously the focal point of the room.

Check out the pic shown below which is another view of this beautiful custom kitchen design.

kitchen design with black cabinets white countertops red brick backsplash

Red Brick Backsplash

Here we see another view of this beautiful custom kitchen. Black is featured not only in the cabinets but also the window and door frames and the kitchen table chairs. It’s a stark color that looks great against the bright white found in the marble, sink and other small places like the faucet handles and clock. Black and white can sometimes feel cold and sterile which is where the red brick kitchen backsplash wall and real wood come into play.

Both the red brick and real wood add a lot of warmth to the room which is why the brick is used as the centerpiece of the room. The great use of real wood here both in the island and kitchen table make the room feel more inviting like a kitchen should. Kitchens in a lot of homes become the place guests and family hang out so you don’t want it feeling too cold. These are first and foremost functional spaces after all.

Notice the perfect triangle design of top working kitchens featured here. Ovens, cook top, sink and refrigerator all at points of a perfect triangle. You’ll want to include this design if you do a lot of cooking.

studio kitchen with black cabinets high ceilings high hats white countertops

Red Brick Veneer Kitchen Wall: How To Keep Brick Clean

If you want the look of red brick then consider adding brick veneer. It installs just like tile with wall glue and a simple trowel. Grouts an easy process too. All you need is some cement and a grout bag. It goes on just like decorating a cake. Let it dry a bit and then scratch it off. We’re making a video on how to do it soon but in the mean time search online and you’ll find plenty.

Once you’ve got your brick accent wall in the kitchen you’ll have to keep it clean. You may be wondering what to do when spaghetti sauce splatters on the new brick veneer. Cleaning is actually pretty easy, but there are some strict guidelines to follow. First, stay away from acid based cleaners, any sort of power washing, sandblasting or hard wire brushes. These items can potentially remove color from the brick and damage it and the grout. We recommend using a regular household soap like laundry detergent mixed with water and scrubbing with a stiff-bristled brush. We also recommend using one part vinegar to five parts water. Natural solutions generally work best.

If you need something stronger buy something that’s made for cleaning brick. You can find harsher cleaners in a home improvement store. But try the milder solutions first.

black kitchen cabinets with white countertops high ceilings huge windows red brick wall

Brick Accent Walls

Brick kitchen walls are not limited to traditional or transitional homes. In this open floor plan contemporary home, a brick accent wall helps define the kitchen and living room spaces in the open plan. While the inclusion of light walls, high ceilings and lots of glass brightens up the room it’s the brick that gives it it’s warmth. Contemporary homes can feel a bit cold and sterile if you don’t include some natural elements like the brick and wood floors.

Red brick accent walls are great at defining specific spaces. It’s easy to see where the living room area is and the kitchen because both are highlighted with red brick. As you can see from the picture above, the living room has a completely different feel than the rest of the house which is brought about solely by including the red brick.

taupe kitchen cabinets shaker style with red brick backsplash vaulted ceilings

Red Brick Kitchen Wall

Paint colors on the cabinets and walls can play off the colors seen in the brick and mortar. The brick is a veneer, the cabinets are a light taupe, and the walls are cream. The beams are a dark brown stain. Each of these colors are found within the brick accent wall. If your designing a new kitchen without brick then you’ll have the benefit of choosing whatever color brick you want. It’s much easier to coordinate colors if your choosing them all together.

Behind the wine chiller is a paint color that matches the darker base cabinet color. Even the wood floors flows perfectly within the overall color scheme. The black antique stove and black framed modern windows are nice additions. A vaulted wood ceiling accentuates the kitchens rustic yet modern feel. Notice the great use of contrasting materials and styles found throughout the room. This kitchen is the perfect example of what we tell our clients. Take some risks and play a bit outside the norms to achieve the best results.

red brick backsplash kitchen cabinets white with white countertops stainless steel appliances

Simple Red Brick Kitchen Oven Backsplash

It doesn’t take a fortune to design a great looking kitchen. Brick wall veneer makes a great DIY project that can transform any standard kitchen into something special. The picture you see above could be had for around a thousand bucks. Brick veneer is cheap and cement grout is even cheaper. All you need is a simple trowel and grout bag. Maybe 30 bucks worth of tools. You can make brick cuts with a grinder, chop saw, circular saw or even a hand saw. Brick veneer is really easy to work with.

The red brick backsplash against the white cabinets and countertop looks fantastic. And it all goes nicely with stainless steel. And notice how they chose a brick that compliments the cabinet color. Honestly just about any color brick would work here but this is a nice choice.

Pro Tip: Here’s some good builder advise about installing your brick veneer. Check out the space at the top of the brick wall. It’s much too thick. This is because the installer didn’t lay out the bricks properly before starting the job and when he got to the top the gap was big. Take your time and lay the wall out first. A once size fits all approach to gap spacing doesn’t always work best. If the gaps were a tiny bit bigger throughout the wall then then top spacing would be perfect.

white kitchen cabinets with stone countertops red brick walls

Exposed Brick Wall And Backsplash

An exposed brick wall or backsplash is a great idea to add texture and interest to any kitchen. Even the most formal room will look a bit more chic with a red brick wall, and it’ll easily fit a variety of decor styles ranging from modern, farmhouse, rustic, vintage, industrial, contemporary and even minimalist. First of all, decide what look you want to create. Will the brick be an entire accent wall, a backsplash, a functional brick chimney or a small accent? Will it’s colors match the kitchen’s or add contrast?

When you decide the brick’s purpose in the kitchen, choose the perfect shade of brick. This step is of course only for those that are adding brick to the room. If you’ve got an existing red brick wall in your kitchen then your forced to work with what you’ve got.

dark gray cabinets with white countertops exposed wood ceilings brick backsplash

Brick Backsplash With Exposed Beams

Another great example of a red brick backsplash with dark gray cabinets and a white stone countertop. Chrome hardware. A beautiful antique black stove and stainless hood. Exposed real wood ceiling beams along side exposed black steel beams and some black pendent lighting.

wood kitchen cabinets with white countertops red brick accent wall

Exposed Brick Kitchen Wall

A great example of a beautiful custom kitchen with a red brick accent wall. White stone countertops with real wood cabinets stained dark. White stools with tan cushions. Industrial style pendent lighting.Textured wall backsplash. Custom hardwood flooring with a medium stain. Contemporary black framed windows.

real wood cabinets with red brick backsplash wall steel countertops

Real Wood And Brick backsplash

An important thing that you need to consider before hanging anything from those old brick walls is their structural integrity. It takes a lot of strength to support really heavy cabinets and could need some reinforcement before you start hanging stuff off the bricks. What we generally do is drill through the brick wall and mount anchors into the studs. This way the weight of the cabinets is on the wall frame and not the bricks.

Here we see a modern kitchen design with real wood cabinet doors, stainless bar hardware and steel countertops. Brick looks great with other natural materials like the real wood and steel. Gray in general is a fantastic color to pair with red brick which is another reason brick looks so good in the kitchen against most appliance finishes. The modern steel finish against the rustic brick creates the perfect amount of contrast in both color and texture. One smooth surface and one rough. One earthy and one ultra modern.

It doesn’t take much brick either. A small brick accent wall like the one pictured above is more than enough to create the desired effect.

red brick kitchen with stainless steel appliances and steel countertop wood cabinets

Industrial Kitchen Red Brick Backsplash

A beautiful industrial home kitchen design with an entire red brick accent wall acting as the red brick backsplash. Stainless cabinets, countertop and appliances along side some real wood cabinets with a medium stain. Glass shelves. Stainless steel hood with exposed piping add to the industrial kitchen feel.

white cabinets with stainless steel appliances and red brick chimney with stove

Exposed Brick Chimney In The Kitchen

If your lucky enough to have an exposed brick chimney in the kitchen then don’t even think about covering it up. An exposed brick chimney adds a bit of character to any room they’re in and when in a kitchen can add a functional option that few other kitchen can match. Turn your kitchen chimney into an oven for baking bread or making pizza. Or just leave it as a simple wood burning fireplace and light it up from time to time. Brick ovens add additional functionality to the kitchen by offering cooking options a traditional oven can’t match.

As we’ve said multiple times throughout this article red brick in the kitchen works with a huge variety of home styles ranging from traditional to ultra modern. And red brick goes with almost any other finish. It’s just an all around great look for a kitchen that would be a shame to cover up with sheet rock. Brick adds interest and charm to a kitchen that another sheet rocked wall can never equal.

If you’ve got an exposed brick chimney in the kitchen then showcase it. And if you don’t, consider putting one in. It’s a fantastic look.

black kitchen cabinets red brick backsplash with artwork white countertops stainless steel appliances

Kitchen Red Brick Backsplash

A red brick backsplash provides a vibrant backdrop for showcasing your cherished art work or family photos. Unlike with generic white walls, red brick provides a gallery quality setting that’s far more attractive. Don’t forget to include the right lighting because if you’ve got a red brick kitchen with artwork like the example shown above you’ll want to highlight the art. A red brick accent wall with artwork will instantly be the focal point of the room so make sure it’s not hidden in shadows. A few well placed high hats will do the trick.

modern kitchen with gray cabinets red brick wall gray countertops

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Brick Kitchen

Those looking for more contemporary kitchen design can try out a neutral like gray or even black to go with the red brick. A red brick wall in the kitchen looks fantastic in a contemporary home where the interior design tends to be clean and minimalist. The use of gray with modern styles with the rustic red brick automatically creates the perfect amount of contrast while accentuating the cabinets and brick.

The gray with brick combination actually makes both elements stand out at the same time. Picture the example photo shown above only with white walls or a typical backsplash. While that design can still look great the cabinets don’t pop like they do against the red brick wall and you also lose the effect of the brick.

If you’ve got a red brick kitchen wall already then it’s easy to add gray cabinets. It’s hard to go wrong here because any shade of gray will go with any color or style brick you’ve got. They’re a very versatile combination that’s hard to mess up.

If your adding a brick wall to an existing kitchen or completely remodeling from scratch then things change a little. You can take your time and choose the perfect shade of gray to match colors within the brick. Red bricks can have small bits of gray, purple, blue or even black within the bricks that you can coordinated with the shade of gray in your cabinets. This can add an interesting additional element to the design.

brick wall kitchen gray cabinets wood countertops exposed beams vaulted ceilings

Red Brick Kitchens Are Chic

All by itself red brick can make a kitchen very chic. It’s an ideal addition to almost any kitchen or dining area. Since most people assume red brick is only for living rooms or around a fireplace, the use of it in the kitchen instantly draws attention. You can create an entire brick wall, a backsplash, an accent wall or a functional element like around a stove or pizza oven. And brick in the kitchen is a versatile choice that works well with a multitude of styles.

It’s easy to choose the right shade for your interior since almost all brick manufacturers will give out samples to take home. If your adding brick to your existing kitchen pick up some samples and see what works best. If your designing a new kitchen from scratch take the samples with you when selecting your other elements. Generally the brick samples are small enough to fit in a small bag

A brick accent wall in the kitchen is an easy thing to add and makes a big style impact. In this case the designers went with a lighter brick that flow perfectly with the other lighter shades in the room. This is a very light and bright kitchen so the use of a dark brick would change the entire feel of the room. The white patches in the brick accentuate the light colored walls, cabinets, tiles and trim.

white cabinets with red brick wall black countertops skylights and vaulted ceilings

Kitchen Red Brick Accent Wall

Kitchens with a red brick wall go beyond the ordinary. If this is a look you’d like to try you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of ways to get the look for a lot less if you do the work yourself. Installing faux red brick is a great DIY project you can do in a day. Faux brick is a great option and doesn’t cost a lot. They go on just like regular tile with wall glue and a trowel. Prices on faux brick ranges depending on the color, type and how much you buy so shop around for a deal. Wall glues cheap too and trowels like 8 bucks. You don’t have to buy expensive wall glue either because the bricks aren’t heavy and they’re textured so the glue will stick easier than if you were installing a smooth tile.

Grout’s not hard to do either. All you need is a mortar bag, cement and a spot to mix it all in. You apply the mortar just like cake filling.

Another simple option once the walls done is to add in some simple lighting to highlight the red brick kitchen wall and some artwork. Throw in some other natural elements like real wood or stone. Red brick looks great with wood floors so if you’ve got them already that’s a big plus.

red brick kitchen wall dark red brick gray cement grout white cabinets black stone countertops

Red Brick Kitchen Walls

Red brick has been used in this beautiful kitchen as an accent wall veneer. Paired with white cabinets and back stone countertops with a gray floor tile. Red brick add a lot of dimension and style to a kitchen like few other wall finishes can. It’s a very versatile look so you can use brick in just about any style kitchen. Some clients believe brick is too rustic but that’s not the case. We use red brick in all sorts of homes from country to ultra modern. It all depends on how you use it and what type of brick you install.

The dark red brick we see here with gray cement is a great choice. It’s not too red or in your face. It’s a subtle brick that’s quite neutral so it’s safe to use just about anywhere.

red brick prep kitchen floor white cabinets marble countertops

Red Brick Kitchen Floor

Red brick isn’t just for kitchen backsplashes and accent walls. You can use it on the floors too. This beautiful transitional modern style prep kitchen features red brick floors with white cabinets and marble countertops. It doubles as a mud room so the designers included bench seating and lots of storage drawers, cabinets and hooks.

Conclusion: Red Brick In The Kitchen. Is It Right For You?

Brick walls in the kitchen. You may think using red brick in the kitchen is a bad idea but you’d be wrong.

The last few years have seen home builders and kitchen designers including the beauty of a brick wall in the kitchen with more and more frequency. Because of brick’s texture, timeless character and undeniable charm, using red brick in the kitchen is becoming a very popular choice. In the past, red brick was considered a rustic finish only fit for a farm house or country cottage. But not any more. Today you’ll find brick used in a wide variety of kitchen styles ranging from Ultra Modern, Industrial, Contemporary, Colonial and even Traditional. From entire brick walls to a simple brick backsplash. Using red brick in the kitchen is a great way to add elegance and personality to an interior design typically dominated by tile and stone.

But no matter what your reason for wanting to include brick, there’s no doubting the fact that interior brick walls are back in style and definitely here to stay.

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