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Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for some great outdoor furniture ideas or tips on how to design the perfect patio seating area? If so, you’re in the right place.

One of the many joys of spring and summer is spending more time outdoors. Just about every homeowner we work with wants some type of outdoor furniture. Even a small table and a couple chairs is more than enough for some. Whether it’s for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sun or hosting a barbeque with friends and family, patio furniture will eventually be needed. Even though it’s an outdoor space, a patio is still a part of your home and shouldn’t feel like an afterthought. Make it comfortable enough for lounging in the afternoon sun or a wonderful dinner under the stars. Whether you want your patio to act as a dining area, a poolside lounge, or a large party space, we hope a few of these outdoor patio furniture ideas will help.

There’s no better time than right now to start designing the patio area you’ve always wanted.

Whether you have a tiny patio or a huge outdoor space, at some point your gonna need some outdoor furniture. So read on for some stylish outdoor and patio furniture ideas your can try in your own backyard. From colorful cushions to minimalist wicker. Fresh air and style ideas are ahead.

Simple outdoor patio furniture. Wood chairs around a stone fire pit with a fantastic water view.

Simple outdoor patio furniture. Wood chairs around a stone fire pit with a fantastic water view.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Design

If your lucky enough to have any sort of outdoor living space then you know how great it is in the spring and summer months. Or for really any time you want to sit outside and relax. Some of my favorite days for using my pati0 furniture are actually in the fall or winter. I enjoy watching the leaves fall or getting fresh air in winter when the suns out and there’s a bit of snow on the ground.

Before we get into specific examples and a bunch of patio furniture photos, now’s a good time to talk about design.

When designing your patio seating area, it’s important to choose materials, colors and styles that can do the following:

  • Withstand the climate in your area.
  • Work with the surrounding environment.
  • Look great when compared with the style and design of your home.

Always remember that your outdoor living spaces are extensions of the home. Of course they’re their own thing and should be decorated exactly the same, the overall style should work with the home. For example, if you have an ultra modern steel and glass home, then a rustic set of patio furniture may not be the best idea.

Wicker or wood furniture, outdoor rugs, and water resistant fabrics are all fantastic choices for outdoor use. And don’t forget about the sun. Outdoor patio furniture will get a lot of sun, even in winter months or relatively cold climates. And speaking of colder climates, they present different challenges than you’ll face living in Arizona.

Design your outdoor spaces to last in the area you live in.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Materials

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to outdoor furniture designs. This is generally a good thing because where you live will determine a lot about what your outdoor furniture should be made out of. Definitely take your weather into account when picking furniture. Here are a few examples you should consider:

  • Do you live in Nevada where there’s constant intense sunshine and very little rain.
  • What about in Alaska where your patio furniture will spend a lot of time covered in snow.
  • How about in Washington where you can expect to see some amount of rain just about every day.
  • Or how about here in New Jersey where we get hot summers, cold winters, and everything in between.
  • What about if your outdoor patio furniture is covered most or all of the time. That will definitely effect the type of furniture you can use.

Some materials are much better than others in certain weather conditions. Here are some tips:

  • Painted wood isn’t great for areas with intense hot or cold because that paint will chip and peel faster.
  • Bright or deep colored fabrics fade faster in the sun.
  • Outdoor rugs can grow mold in shadowy, cool, damp areas. Avoid them if that describes your patio.
  • Metal patio furniture can and usually will eventually rust.
  • Plastic doesn’t hold up well in hot or cold climates because it eventually gets brittle and breaks.

Wicker or bare sealed wood with water proof cushions is what we generally recommend to most of our clients. We try and stay away from metal or anything painted unless it’s covered most of the time.

Also take into consideration the durability of the materials. This outdoor furniture so it’ll get more wear and tear than your indoor stuff.

Buy furniture that’s easy to clean because it’ll get dirty. Birds and animals will be sitting on these at some point.

Outdoor patio furniture set with table, chairs, sofa and umbrella. Wood furniture with navy blue cushions. Colorful throw pillows.

Outdoor patio furniture set with table, chairs, sofa and umbrella. Wood furniture with navy blue cushions. Colorful throw pillows.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Colors

Taking the color of your outdoor furniture and cushions into consideration is important for both a design stand point and also durability.

Of course you’ll want your furniture to be beautiful and work with the style of your house, but there are also durability issues you should think about. Consider the following when choosing your outdoor furniture color scheme:

  • No matter what the manufacturer tells you, in the hot sun, bright and bold dark colors will fade.
  • Darker colors fade when left out in the cold too.
  • In general, if your going with a dark color for either the patio furniture or cushions, expect some fading.
  • Fading won’t be even. The parts that are getting the most sun or left in the snow will fade the most. It’s a very common problem. One side of the cushion looks like new and the other is badly faded from sun or snow damage.
  • The same problem is caused with painted products. Dark paints chip or fade more than light ones because they absorb more heat.
  • Dark colors absorb more heat in general, using lighter cushions will make your outdoor furniture more comfortable to sit on.

From a style stand point, we would simply say choose your color scheme carefully and make sure it works well with the house. However, from a durability point of view, we recommend only choosing dark colors if your willing to accept some of the durability concerns or don’t mind the extra care involved.

Most people that have dark outdoor furniture actually cover them up when not in use. The coverings protect the furniture from sun and weather damage, but to us, having to cover outdoor furniture kind of defeats the purpose. We want out patio furniture to be well suited to outdoor use with as little maintenance as possible.

Patio Furniture Maintenance

Some types of outdoor patio furniture designs require some maintenance. If I were you, I’d avoid buying this style outdoor furniture. But believe it or not, they’ve very popular. I think it’s because no one warns the buyer what they’ll have to do to keep the stuff looking like new. Here are a few things you may have to do:

  • Painted outdoor furniture will eventually have to be re-painted. especially if it’s a darker color.
  • Cheap outdoor patio furniture also has cheap paint. It’ll fade or chip much faster than premium products.
  • Dark colored patio furniture cushions will fade. Most people cover up the furniture or take the cushion inside when not in use but if you ask us, this kind of defeats the purpose of buying outdoor furniture.
  • Natural wood furniture will need to be stained or re-sealed as needed. There are some types of wood that can be left outside indefinitely without any care so ask about this when you buy your furniture.
  • Outdoor furniture that has metal hinges can rust. If you want them to work like new for years then you’ll have to oil them periodically.
  • Metal patio furniture can and will eventually rust. When this starts to happen you’ll have to paint the rusted areas with special metal paint.
  • Plastic will eventually become brittle, the only way to avoid this is by getting the furniture out of the sun or covering it up when not in use. Again, this defeats the purpose.

We recommend buying quality outdoor patio furniture and that you make sure it’s rated for use in the type of weather conditions you have. Just because you find some patio set online that you absolutely love, if it’s designed for use in Florida and you live in Maine then it’s probably not a great idea.

simple tan wicker chair and table set with cushion and throw pillows. glass round center table. cheap patio furniture ideas.

Looking for cheap outdoor furniture ideas? A simple wicker table and chair set can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space.

Cheap Patio Furniture Ideas

Just because your looking for cheap patio furniture ideas doesn’t mean they can’t be good quality or look great too. I like a great bargain just as much as anybody. Just don’t sacrifice looks or quality for it. When it comes to patio furniture, you need durability. Outdoor stuff gets a lot more wear and tear because of the weather and sunshine. The good news is you can get a good quality, durable set of patio furniture for very little money. When shopping for cheap patio furniture look for the following:

  • Wicker or woven patio furniture is a lot cheaper than wood. Just make sure it’s thick. Really thin walled wicker will break easily. There are plenty of cheap patio furniture sets on the market that use a good quality, thick woven material.
  • A simple seat cushion is enough. They’ll be cheaper than sets that have a seat and back cushion. And you can always add a throw pillow or two later.
  • Many of these sets come with a sofa, umbrella or small table as optional add ons. Buy them as your budget allows. the great thing about sets like this is that you can buy more pieces as you need them.
  • Buy light colors. White, tan or cream are all versatile color choices that’ll go with just about any style home. And light colors are more durable because they don’t fade as much in the sun.

Look online for deals or buy furniture used if you want a really good deal.

Pro Tip: If you buy something used just make sure the furniture itself is in good shape. Don’t worry as much about the cushions. You can always replace them or get new ones made. Many people even make there own. All you need is some canvas and a cushion.

cheap patio furniture ideas. Simple outdoor black rocking chairs, table and planters. Porch plants.

Cheap Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Who ever said you have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful outdoor space. This cheap patio furniture is nothing more than two simple wooden rocking chairs, a small table with flowers and a planter. This design fantastic design illustrates how it’s the design that matters, not the cost. You could duplicate the look for a hundred bucks.

The reason the color scheme works so well is due to the contrast. The pale gray siding with white trim and light blue stone are all great backdrops for the black patio decore.

The splashes of color are great additions too. Without the flowers this design isn’t nearly as good. Neutral color schemes, especially pale ones, need color to avoid looking bland.

cheap patio furniture set white metal glass table with six outdoor chairs

Cheap Metal Patio Furniture Sets

You can buy a cheap patio furniture set online or in department stores when the seasons right for very little money. This simple metal set costs less than $300 bucks and includes a glass table with six chairs. The chairs have a canvas backing and seat so there’s no need for additional cushions. If you really want a good deal then buy a cheap patio set like this one off season when deals on outdoor furniture get really good.

The good news about these sets it’s that they’re great when brand new. You’ll easily get a few seasons out of them before they start to show some wear and tear if you don’t beat on them.

The bad news is that they’re pretty flimsy, dent easily and rust. Especially at the bottoms where the metal hits the ground. Some sets come with rubber or plastic feet but they quickly wear out. The metal is really thin and rusts easily. The glass tends to be pretty tin too so I wouldn’t recommend putting anything heavy on it. If you want a set of patio furniture that’ll last for years then I wouldn’t recommend one of these. But if you care for them you’ll get some years out of it.

cheap patio furniture set brown metal with tan

Cheap Patio Set

You can buy this cheap patio set for under $200. That’s inexpensive enough to fit within almost any budget. And while it doesn’t cost a fortune it still looks great. The color scheme matches the home beautifully. Just because you don’t have a ton of money to spend doesn’t mean your backyard still can’t look good.

You should still coordinate colors and style no matter how much you spend on patio furniture.

cheap wicker patio furnitre on a deck with ocean view

A Million Dollar View

Just because you have a million dollar view doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to enjoy it. These cheap wicker patio chairs are more than enough and quite comfortable. The great thing about wicker and outdoor cushions is that you can buy them separately.

Many customers buy the chairs and have the cushions made or make them themselves. You can save money doing it this way and get better cushions.

It’s also a good idea to have multiple cushions so you can change up your look.

painted outdoor furniture ideas. white painted folding patio chairs on a back patio with arbor.

Looking for painted outdoor furniture ideas. Try painted wood chairs. They’re durable, look great and pretty comfortable.

Painted Patio Furniture Ideas

Painted patio furniture looks fantastic and is works great on wood products. However it does have it drawbacks. For one, the paint will need to be redone at some point. There’s just no way around it, any painted outdoor product will eventually need some maintenance. If your not ok with doing it then stay away from paint.

Paint also fades when hit with lot’s of direct sunlight so we recommend using a light color. That’s why white is so great, when it fades you can hardly notice. These simple folding white patio chairs are a great choice here. They look good with the style of the home and are actually pretty comfortable. They don’t cost much either and believe it or not are pretty easy to build. Painted patio furniture has a few nice advantages:

  • Another benefit of using light paint for your outdoor furniture is that it doesn’t get as hot. If your chairs are in direct sunlight all day it can be uncomfortable sitting on them once they heat up.
  • Paint is also a good way to seal wood patio furniture. As long as you re-paint the wood as needed you won’t have to worry about rotting wood.
  • And it’s water resistant. A good paint will have a sealant built in that beads water and helps it run off instead of letting it pool all over your furniture.
  • paint is also very attractive. Some of the nicest outdoor furniture designs are painted.

While there are some drawbacks to painted patio furniture, as long as you don’t mind the maintenance they’re a great choice.

whitewashed painted patio furniture set with umbrella, poolside chairs, cream and beige, wood furniture

Whitewashed Painted Patio Furniture Set

This beautiful painted patio furniture set features a whitewashed, worn style with light beige cushions and matching umbrella. It’s exactly the style we most commonly recommend to out clients. The cushions and umbrella are a thick canvas that looks great while being quite durable.

The light colors won’t fade and won’t get as hot in the sun.

Whitewashed paint will eventually have to be redone but because it has a worn look by design, as the paint starts to fade or chip a little you won’t really notice.

painted patio furniture ideas. white wooden chairs with blue cushion.

Painted Outdoor Chairs

All you really need to sit out and relax on the porch are a few wooden chairs. That’s what’s so great about any outdoor living space, it really doesn’t cost a lot to enjoy them. These basic, wooden patio chairs are painted bright white which looks great on this style home. The white paint beautifully matches the railings, doors, trim, columns and planters. It’s a really clean fresh look.

White looks good with a natural color scheme. If you’ve got a house styled like this then white patio furniture is a solid choice.

Another great thing about this design is that it’s covered. painted outdoor furniture holds up better if it’s not in constant sun or rain.

Outdoor furniture is a nice opportunity to add color. Homes like this beautiful but a little bland. The plants help but a colorful cushion is definitely needed. These navy blue ones look good and are easy to swap when the mood hits you. It’s another advantage of using this style patio furniture.

You can change the cushions in like a minute or two and give the porch a whole new look.

white painted outdoor furniture rocking chairs with pillows.

Painted Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs make some great outdoor furniture. A few simple wooden chairs painted white are all you need. Throw in a few cushions or throw pillows are both comfort and style.

Using pillows with your painted outdoor furniture is great because it let’s you quickly update you look. It’s especially nice around the holidays if you like to decorate.

simple outdoor seating area with painted white patio furniture

Painted Wood Outdoor Furniture

Simple wooden outdoor furniture painted white is more than enough to create a great seating area.

Rustic outdoor patio furniture set. Real wood chairs with tan cushions and throw pillows. Beautiful outdoor patio fireplace with lots of stone veneer.

Rustic outdoor patio furniture set. Real wood chairs with tan cushions and throw pillows. Beautiful outdoor patio fireplace with lots of stone veneer.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Rustic outdoor furniture ideas and designs are some of my all time favorites. Which include this beautiful example shown in the photo above. That is one fantastic outdoor living space featuring thick real wood chairs with a weathered, rich brown stain, reclaimed barrels used as tables, and one of the nicest outdoor patio fireplaces I have ever seen. And because this is a covered space you have more freedom to do what you want with the design. The rough, rubbed stain finish on the chairs won’t fade or get warn down by the elements like it would with an uncovered space.

Rustic design is as much about the atmosphere than the actual patio furniture. Sure, this rustic outdoor set is beautiful, and would work in a variety of homes, but in a setting like this it really shines.

Outdoor weathered woods and natural finishes tend to work best. I’d stay away from anything metal or too refined. As you’ll see from the example photos below the best rustic outdoor furniture ideas are all real wood with cloth or canvas cushions. And they all have natural, earthy color palettes.

Another great advantage to rustic patio furniture is that weathering actually makes them look better. Your not going for a sleek look or perfectly white paint job. Some chipped paint or imperfect edges are actually a good look.

rustic patio furniture set with real wood trellis and ivy stone wall and outdoor fireplace

Rustic Patio Furniture & Fireplace

This beautiful outdoor space is complete with stone fireplace, sitting area, and wooden trellis. The weatherproof table and eight chairs comes with cushions so you can sit comfortably right next to the wood burning hearth. The setting here is wonderfully suited to a rustic patio furniture set. The real wood Trellis with ivy and stone walls with all that lush green landscaping does a great job of setting the mood and creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

beautiful rustic patio furniturewith brown wicker and white cushions

Rustic Wicker Patio Furniture

As we’ve said, it’s the overall atmosphere that’s important for a good rustic design. Here we see a simple set of brown wicker outdoor patio furniture with white cushions. It such a simple furniture design that would work in just about any home’s outdoor spaces. However, when you put them here, they undoubtedly give off a rustic appeal.

When your designing your own outdoor space keep this in mind not only for a rustic style but also many others. Thing as much about the style of what surrounds the furniture as the furniture itself.

simple rustic patio furniture with wooden table and 8 chairs dark brown wicker furniture wooded view

Rustic Patio Furniture

With only a few simple pieces of patio furniture, you can create a tranquil and relaxing space right in your own backyard. It helps if your backyard has a view like this one but any home will do. Here, a simple wooden table with eight chairs are paired with some dark brown wicker furniture to create a calming retreat. Tan cushions and throw pillows accentuate the rustic feel.

Again, with a rustic outdoor patio furniture designs it’s just as much about the surrounding elements. These real stone pillars with iron railings and wooded backdrop create an ideal backdrop.

rustic poolside furniture trellis with overgrown ivy poolside wicker chairs & table blue cushions.

Rustic Poolside Patio Furniture

When looking for rustic poolside patio furniture, keep in mind that furniture and fabrics need to be weatherproof. They should also do well with chlorine or salt depending on the type of pool you have. Wood, canvas or wicker furniture is always a safe option since they won’t rot with regular exposure to elements like chlorine. Consider finding poolside lounge chairs with wheels or soft feet so they can easily be moved when the sun changes position. This is another benefit of using wood or wicker. Metal legs can get stuck on a paver patio like this one causing either a chip in the metal or paver.

These beautiful rustic outdoor lounge chairs and tables are made of a thick wicker. Throw pillows and blue cushions give the design some color. This beautiful Trellis with overgrown vines really sets a relaxing mood. It’s a great way to create shade while keeping the design natural.

rustic patio furniture ideas real stone, red brick paver floor, iron railings, real timber pergola

Rustic Patio Furniture Design

Some of my favorite patio designs have a rustic style. Mainly because rustic designs have more to do with the general atmosphere than the furniture itself. This rustic patio furniture set is just a basic wooden table and chairs but because of where it is it’s one of my favorite examples in this entire article. The real stone, brick paver floor, custom iron railings and real timber arbor are all fantastic pieces of architecture. And that view is spectacular. Throw in some additional wicker seating and that built in pizza oven and you’ve got one heck of a rustic patio design.

DIY outdoor furniture repurposed from an old door. wine barrels turned into a high top table.

DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

If your looking for DIY outdoor furniture ideas then here’s a good one for you. This simple table was made out of 2x4s and an old repurposed door. It’s a really cool rustic look that beautifully fits the style of the yard. Some very simple chairs are all you need once the tables done. A standard size door is large enough to accommodate eight chairs so you’ll have plenty of room for outdoor partying.

Some of the best looking outdoor furniture are DIY. It gives you a chance to be creative and try things you won’t find in a store. I love when people take something and repurpose it for some other use. Those barrels are another example of DIY repurposed furniture. Use the in one piece for a great high top table or cut them in half to create a coffee table at just the right height.

There are all sorts of items you can buy or even find at a swap meet or junk yard that can be repurposed into fantastic DIY outdoor furniture.

We’re making a blog post all about it so check back soon for the link.

modern diy patio furniture modern home

Modern DIY Patio Furniture

These modern coffee tales are easy DIY projects. All you need are some 2×6 and 2×4 lumber and a table saw. The saw to cut the angles on each board to a 45 degrees. If you don’t care about that then just lay them out. We’d recommend buying wood other than pine, something that’s good for outdoor use and will gray like cedar or ipe. The base is nothing more than some 2×6 lumber with blocking inside.

We’ll have a set of plans with instructions on how to build these soon so check back.

DIY patio seating stacked stone benches and a fire pit

DIY Patio Seating

There can be a lot more to designing a great outdoor space then just putting out some patio furniture. I included this photo in DIY  patio furniture section because stacked stone like this is very easy to do yourself and makes great seating. Also building a simple fit pit like you see in the photo is super easy to do. These types of additional small elements can really push your patio design to the next level.

Consider adding a few DIY elements to your next patio design.

Small wicker patio furniture set around a simple fire pit.

Small wicker patio furniture set around a simple fire pit.

Small Patio Furniture Ideas

When the weather warms up it’s time to set up that new patio furniture set and get ready for some outdoor entertaining. You don’t need a huge patio, sprawling backyard, pool or even a view to enjoy the outdoors. Something small where you can sit outside and get some fresh air can often be more than enough. After all, lot’s of bulky or poorly arranged patio furniture is generally worse than a few well designed pieces.

This section of the article is dedicated to the homeowners out there that don’t have a ton of space to work with. This is where we’ll list out favorite small patio furniture ideas with pics and info.

beautiful small wicker patio furniture set in front of a gas fireplace with stunning real stone chimney and blue stone patio

Small Patio Furniture Set

Even if you have a custom and large patio that doesn’t mean you need a huge patio set. Sometimes a small outdoor furniture set is what works best no matter what size your patio is. A smaller area can often have much bigger results if what you want is a intimate area to relax with just a friend or two. This simple woven furniture is just the right size for four and is beautifully positioned in front of a gas fireplace and one of the nicest stone chimneys I’ve seen.

I love everything about this design. The chairs weave pattern is much nicer than your standard set of wicker chairs, the cream cushions are just right for the house colors, and the landscaping is immaculate. Not to mention how impressive the real stone walls and that stunning chimney are.

small patio furniture set wicker chairs with cream cushions small green potted plant

Small Patio With Wicker Chairs

A few simple, small wicker chairs and a comfortable cushion are really all you need. Sometimes small furniture is the best kind. These cute displays are more than just a small patio furniture set. They create an intimate feel, make clever use of tight spaces, and aren’t meant for large gatherings. While your outdoor space may be limited to a rooftop or small balcony at the moment, that’s no excuse not to design something beautiful.

small patio chair set around a fire pit on the back patio

Small Patio Furniture Set

A fire pit is a great centerpiece for small patio areas. Especially if you don’t have any sort of view. It provides a purpose to the patio and a place for everyone to sit and gather around. All you need is something simple a a small patio furniture set.

small outdoor patio furniture set with fire pit.

Small Patio With Fire Pit

Here’s another example of a small patio furniture set around a simple fire pit. It’s really all you need to create a great outdoor space in the smallest backyard.

simple small wood patio furniture set with light green cushions blue stone patio

Small Wooden Patio Furniture Set

This patio that wraps around an in ground pool are huge, but that doesn’t mean you need tons of furniture. Small designated lounge areas work best. If you have a large patio don’t just fill it with lots of stuff. Most of the patio is for walking around. Create unique small areas to sit and relax with friends.

Here we see two simple wood chairs with a small table. In the background is a round dining table surrounded by eight wood chairs and a few lounge chairs by the pool.

In relation to the size of the patio, that’s not much furniture, but in reality it’s more than enough.

Outdoor patio furniture set. Brown wicker chairs & sofa with tan cushions. Throw pillows. White canvas umbrellas, water & fire features.

Outdoor patio furniture set with umbrella. Brown wicker chairs & sofa with tan cushions. Throw pillows. White canvas umbrellas, water & fire features.

Outdoor Patio Furniture With Umbrella

If you want to sit out in the shade then you’ll love owning an outdoor patio furniture set with umbrella. Patio sets come with or without, if you can afford them I’d definitely recommend buying at least one just in case you need it.

This brown wicker outdoor patio set of chairs and sofas with tan cushions uses 3 umbrellas. It’s a great way to sit out and enjoy the view or read a good books without getting too much sun.

If your buying an umbrella make sure to be extra careful with the color or print. Umbrellas are generally a big block of solid color so make sure it’s not overpowering. These simple white canvas are ideal and look great with the design of the furniture.

Also make sure the quality is good. A lot of cheaper patio furniture sets use really thin or cheap fabrics.

I know your here looking for outdoor furniture ideas but keep in mind how important quality is with any outdoor product. Buy a patio set with a good quality, thick canvas umbrella and you’ll be using it for years. In the long run they’re worth the extra money because outdoor furniture gets a lot more wear and tear than inside stuff.

outdoor patio furniture set with cantilever umbrella red canvas metal furniture blue cushions

Patio Furniture With Cantilever Umbrella

If your designing a patio furniture setup then we’d recommend looking into a good quality umbrella with a cantilever design. They’re much more versatile than the standard center pole design you see in most patio tables. You can position them as needed over your patio chairs, sofas and tables.

Get one with a solid heavy base that won’t blow over in the wind but is easy enough to reposition when needed. Most cantilever umbrellas will also have a swivel that’s easy to use.

A patio umbrella is a big block of color so make sure you carefully consider how that color interacts with the home and other furniture pieces. This patio set features a few different colors. Blue cushions with a reddish orange umbrella and tan canvas back chairs.

I love how the reddish umbrella fits so well with the red hues found in the surrounding treeline.

dark brown wicker patio furniture set with cream umbrellas and glass tables

Patio Furniture Set With Cream Umbrellas

This set of patio furniture is a bit different from the example above. They’re using all center pole table umbrellas and a very harmonious color palette. The cream umbrella canvas perfectly matches the cushions and table chairs. It also looks great with the overall warm color scheme.

Either approach to color works.

blue outdoor wooden dining table with matching blue seat cushions

Blue Patio Furniture Umbrella

Here we see another harmonious color scheme. Blue umbrella with matching blue seat cushions. This long wooden outdoor dining table comfortably seats eight.

blue patio furniture umbrella, patio furniture set, blue stone patio, brown wicker chair backs, round metal table.

Blue Outdoor Furniture With Umbrella

Here’s another great patio setup with a semi harmonious design. The designers used a blue umbrella which works well with the striped blue patio furniture and table settings. However the table chair backs are brown wicker. Even some of the flower pots are a shade of blue.

This patio is a great example of how you can use a main color throughout your design but not everything has to match.

striped patio furniture umbrella with long dining table and eight chairs, tan and cream

Striped Patio Furniture Umbrella

There are other options that using a solid color for your patio furniture umbrella. A striped pattern is a nice way to break things up if you don’t lie a solid block of color. It doesn’t make your design job any easier though because now you’ll have to pick two colors.

When your trying to fit a dining table this size and eight chairs on a patio, keep proportion in mind. If you have a smaller patio, look for a table and chair set that are thinner and more streamlined to take up less space. With this patio, space isn’t a concern so a long dining table works perfectly to accommodate a large group. Chairs with comfortable cushions means guests can sit and talk long after the meal is finished.

Try to section your patio just like you would the open floor plan of your home. This patio has a section for the grill, one for the table and another for a fire feature.

White Patio Furniture Umbrella

We recommend using white or other light colors for your outdoor furniture fabrics. It not only looks great but also has functional benefits. Light colors don’t fade and don’t get as hot as darker colors do.

If you need some additional outdoor seating, consider adding some benches to your backyard or porch. These benches have a combination of cushioned and open backs. The smaller ones also double as a foot stool. Some benches even have removable seats that makes the bench a great storage area.

Another great thing about lighter colors like this patio set is that they’re versatile. These outdoor furniture pieces would work on a traditional home, colonial, or even something ultra modern.

blue stone backyard patio 6 people dining table with umbrella and lounge area with wicker chairs

Include Dining & A Lounge Area

If you have enough space it’s good to section off your patio a bit. This patio furniture set with umbrella includes enough seating for 6 with a separate lounge area. Most patios are just like one big open space so creating individual spaces is up to you.

We recommend doing what these designers did. Vary the colors and textures of your patio furniture to add even more individuality to the design.

view of patio furniture and umbrella from far away through bushes

Striped Patio Furniture Umbrellas

Consider how your patio furniture umbrella look from afar and not just close up. They’re so high up that you can see them from just about anywhere and from multiple angles. Buying them because they look good at the store or in a photo is fine but you should consider how they’ll actually look in your backyard.

Beautiful poolside patio furniture. Wicker and canvas with light blue and cream cushions. Throw pillows.

Blue stone pool patio with lounge woven furniture and seating areas. Pool house with arbor.

Pool Patio Furniture Ideas

So much of the pleasure of having a backyard pool is relaxing around the surrounding patio soaking up some sun. Well designed pool patios should include comfortable lounge chairs as well as an area for eating and some regular chairs or a sofa.

Creating just the right poolside layout requires some imagination. Think about not only the patio area you have to work with but also how you’ll use the space. If you have a brand new pool or patio it can be hard to know exactly what you’ll need in the future. Buy patio furniture sets that can be customized or have a sectional sofa so you can move things around as needed. Lounge chairs are easy to roll around and cantilevered umbrellas can be repositioned. Most furniture is easy to move around so your hardest decisions will be about permanent elements like an outdoor fireplace for fire pit.

Try and balance shade with direct sunlight, especially as the sun shifts position.

Your outside seating ideas should also keep safety in mind, especially when partying at night poolside.

Outdoor seating ideas for a pool aren’t limitless but you do have a lot of options. Whether your pool side patio is expansive or very small, there are plenty of great furniture options on the market.

Below are a few of out favorite pool patio furniture ideas.

Pool Side Patio Lounge Chairs

If you have a patio that wraps entirely around the pool, like the one we see above, then you’ll have plenty of space for furniture. In a lot of ways a larger patio is much harder to design than a smaller one. The more space you have to fill the tougher it becomes to create individual elements that feel unique. The designers here did a nice job of sectioning the patio into furniture groupings.

  • At the far end of the pool is an outdoor fireplace with a metal roof over a wood coffee table and white sofas.
  • The opposite end of the pool has a lounge area with four wicker recliners and three small tables.
  • Around the pool are three sets of two wicker chairs and a small center table.
  • Near the lounge area is a small metal dining table and four chairs.

Sectioning off the poolside furniture in this way is a much better idea than randomly scattering furniture around without a solid plan.

Pool Patio Furniture Ideas

Here we see the opposite type of poolside patio from the previous photo. This patio overlooks the pool but doesn’t actually wrap around it. Although the patio is totally different the design is still nicely sectioned off into smaller elements. This poolside patio furniture layout includes:

  • A wood dining table for eight.
  • Lounge chairs on either side of the pool.
  • Two wood chairs under an umbrella.
  • Off camera is another section which includes two more chairs under an umbrella.

Each area is it’s own elements while still being a part of the overall design.

Poolside patio with furnitre and umbrellas poolhouse, in ground pool, blue stone patio

Poolside Patio Seating

This is a great example of how to section off your patio furniture. The design includes a large dining table for eight and poolside lounge chairs. These beautiful white canvas umbrellas provide plenty of shade and match the color scheme.

Notice how the lower umbrella isn’t doing a thing because of where the sun is. This is exactly why we recommend using a cantilever umbrella. They’re easy to reposition as needed.

Blue stone pool patio with lounge woven furniture and seating areas. Pool house with arbor.

Outdoor Pool Furniture Ideas

This beautiful poolside patio is another great example of how to section your outdoor furniture.

  • One poolside area is dedicated to lounge chairs.
  • The opposite end of the pool includes a pool house with arbor and dining table.
  • The far edge includes four wicker chairs around and outdoor fireplace.

Each piece of outdoor furniture can be easily repositioned as needed.

Outdoor patio furniture set beneath a custom made wood arbor.

Outdoor patio furniture set beneath a custom made wood arbor.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

With so many outdoor patio furniture designs and styles on the market, including DIY options, how do you choose which is right for you. It’s not an easy decision and every situation is kind of unique. Whether your looking for a cheap patio furniture set, something rustic, modern, small, DIY or you want to create a vacation feel in your backyard, you should still use basic design principles just like when styling your home. 

Make sure the style is just right, coordinate your colors, and choose appropriate size furniture for your patio area.

Also be careful how you arrange your patio furniture. Creating a good flow is just as important outside as it is inside. Hopefully a few of the following outdoor patio furniture ideas will help you design some of your outdoor spaces.

wicker patio furniture set with sofas and chairs and center glass coffee table.

Beautiful wicker patio furniture set which includes 2 chairs, a glass coffee table and detachable sofa.

covered patio with wicker furniture, tan cushions, stone chimney and outdoor wood burning fireplace

Black Wicker Patio Furniture

This black wicker patio set is comfortable, easy to clean and affordable. It includes a detachable sofa that seat 4, 2 chairs and a glass coffee table. The tile floors and outdoor rug create an atmosphere similar to being inside.

When you have an outdoor fireplace like this one it’s nice to have patio furniture that’s easy to rearrange. Position things around the coffee table by day and the fireplace by night.

Because the patio is covered you can do things a little differently like including blankets and fabric pillows that wouldn’t work without the roof.

modern outdoor furniture set wicker sofas and chairs with green cushions ottoman coffee table and modern end tables

Modern Patio Furniture

If you’ve got a modern home then you really need some modern patio furniture. And that’s easier said than done. Modern designs are a lot rarer than other styles and honestly, much of it is really ugly.

What we recommend is buying a regular set of wicker outdoor patio furniture and then adding to it. What we see here is a simple wicker sofa and chairs with green cushions, throw pillows, a wood coffee table and ottoman. This set could be used with just about any style home. But it’s those small modern end tables that turn this otherwise neutral outdoor furniture into a modern set.

contemporary patio furniture set with modern fire pit

Contemporary Patio Furniture Set

This beautiful contemporary patio furniture set features cream colored frames with tan cushions. A sofa big enough for four, two chairs, a couple tables and a fantastic modern fire pit. An outdoor setup like this isn’t cheap, but it creates a space as comfortable to be in as inside the home.

stained woodpatio furniture with white cushions and light blue throw pillows.

Wood Patio Furniture

Not all wood patio furniture is painted. Stain is a great way to seal and finish your wooden outdoor furniture.

The issue with stained wood is that to look it’s best the wood should be stain grade. That means the nicer outdoor stained furniture will cost a lot more. Cheaper wood like pine looks nice too but it doesn’t have much of a grain and you won’t be able to get those rich reds and deep browns like you will with oak or cherry.

One of the benefits of stained wood furniture is that there’s something for everyone at all sorts of price points.

This set of stained wood patio furniture with cream cushions and light blue throw pillows doesn’t cost a fortune, is super comfortable and is a very versatile look that’ll work with almost any home.

brown metal outdoor patio furniture, table and six chairs, outdoor fireplace and chimney, blue stone

Brown Metal Patio Furniture

This patio table and chairs is made from metal. Notice how the feet have a wide protective plastic shoe. A softer layer at the bottom of your table and chairs is important because when a sharp metal edge catches a stone edge then something gets damaged.

Another thing to keep in mind is that metal furniture is painted. Paint seals and protects metal which prevents rust. If you own metal outdoor furniture make sure you get some matching paint because eventually some of the paint may chip or get warn off. This is most common at the base. To stop rust you should immediately apply a new coat of paint.

black wicker patio furniture set with tan cushions and blue throw pillows, grill with built in gas fireplace

Black wicker patio set featuring a sectional couch, chair and storage with brown cushions and blue throw pillows. Built in gas fireplace with built in grill.

black wicker patio furniture set with brown cushions and blue throw pillows.

Another view of this beautiful outdoor wicker furniture set.

black wicker patio furniture with brown cushions. blue stone patio with red brick.

Black Wicker Patio Set With Tan Cushions

Having an outdoor feature to arrange your patio furniture around is an important part the the design. You should not only choose your furniture carefully but also the layout.

This black wicker outdoor furniture set features tan cushions, blue throw pillows, a sectional sofa, a chair and storage chest. As you can see it’s all situated around the outdoor grilling area, countertop and built in gas fireplace.

We recommend including some sort of fire feature to almost all of our clients. Outdoor spaces are easy to enjoy on a nice summer day, by including a night time element you extend that usage until after the sun goes down.

simple metal and glass patio furniture table

Glass and metal patio table and chairs with wicker seating area. Blue stone patio with real stone veneer.

cheap wicker patio furniture set with brown cushions

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set

Here’s another great example of a fairly inexpensive wicker patio furniture set. Two chairs, a sofa, wood coffee table and a foot stool. The light tan wicker and brown cushions look nice with the real stone veneer. It’s a rustic look that works really well with the setting and home design.

cheap metal painted patio furniture set white with glass table

Painted Metal Patio Set

These types of painted metal patio sets are on sale everywhere once spring and summer rolls around. The chair design is great for a patio because the curves and wide base makes it easy to slide around masonry. Chairs with a sharp edge can easily catch the edge of a paver which can cause damage.

If you want a really good deal then wait until the seasons over to buy your new patio set. I’ve seen these for sale as much as 75% off because stores don’t want to stock them all year until spring rolls around again.

White is also a good choice because it’s easy to find metal paint that’ll take care of any chips or warn paint.

Beautiful poolside covered patio with outdoor furniture set and built in gas fireplace.

Beautiful poolside covered patio with outdoor furniture set and built in gas fireplace.

Covered Patio Furniture Ideas

By covering your patio you’ll have more options in terms of the outdoor furniture you can select. Some patios have a roof to help keep things dry and some have walls with screened panels or full windows. Some back up to a house or pool house so an indoor outdoor feel can be created.

If you have a covered patio that remains relatively dry then you can use materials and fabrics uncovered patios can’t. Some designs even include electronics and a wall mounted TV.

If your someone who has a covered patio and are looking for design & style ideas then this section is for you. Below are some of our best covered patio furniture ideas and designs.

covered screened porch patio with red brick floor, black wicker furniture with white cushions.

Covered Screen Porch Patio Furniture

This beautiful screened porch with red brick floor includes black wicker patio furniture with white cushions and black and white striped throw pillows. Even though the room is covered by screened panels it can still get wet around the edges so all the furniture and rug are outdoor quality.

covered patio with wicker furniture and outdoor cushions, outdoor fireplace and kitchen.

Covered Patio With Wicker Furniture

Here we see another great example of a covered patio with wicker furniture. Simple wicker patio furniture and outdoor cushions are best for a covered patio because everything in the room can get wet. This is especially beneficial if you have a pool because you won’t have to worry about wet swimsuits ruining your furniture.

covered patio with wicker furniture and a colorful cushion print

Printed Patio Furniture

The print on these patio furniture cushions match the house and have a nice old fashioned feel. I like designs that are light, bright and cheerful. Don’t be afraid of using prints or brighter colors in your designs. Everyone these days is using solid colors, neutrals, muted colors and lots of gray. It’s refreshing to see more color.

covered patio area with metal furniture and striped cushions

Blue Stone Covered Patio With Metal Furniture

Metal furniture works well with a covered patio area. Typically the arrangement of furniture is more permanent than with a totally outdoor patio, so you don’t have to worry as much about sharp metal feet damaging the stone floor.

covered patio sunroom with outdoor wicker furniture

Covered Patio Sunroom

This patio started out as a screened porch and was later converted to a sunroom by adding windows. Once you do that you can start using furniture that’s more indoor than outdoor although thes= designers here stuck with the original wicker patio furniture. It’s a nice choice because the room can still get wet without having to much to worry about.

huge covered patio area with vaulted ceilings, wood furniture and cream cushions, wood burning fireplace with wall mounted TV

Huge Covered Patio With Outdoor Furniture

This covered patio with huge vaulted ceiling includes wood furniture and light cream cushions and throw pillows. The cushions are extra plush, much like what you’d find inside the home, because this is more or less a dry space. Although the edges can get a little wet in a driving rain most of the patio will remain dry.

covered pool patio with wicker furniture and white cushions with blue throw pillows.

Tropical Covered Pool Patio Furniture

A covered pool patio won’t be very comfortable without the right furniture. And for that matter neither will lounging around the pool. Comfortable outdoor furniture is an essential part of any patio design. When the patio is covered you have more furniture options so finding a comfy patio set becomes much easier.

Summary: Outdoor Furniture Ideas & Designs

Are you looking for some great patio furniture ideas or tips on how to design the perfect outdoor seating area? If so, you’re in the right place.

One of the best things about spring and summer is spending more time outdoors. Most homeowners want some type of outdoor furniture even if all they have is a small balcony to worry about. A simple table and a couple chairs is sometimes more than enough. Whether your patio furniture is meant for enjoying a cup of morning tea or hosting a barbeque with friends and family, you’ve got some designing to do. Even though it’s an outdoor space,  a patio is still a part of your home and shouldn’t feel like an afterthought. Make it comfortable enough for lounging in the afternoon sun or a fantastic dinner under the stars. If you want your patio to act as a dining area, a poolside lounge, or a large party space, we hope a few of these outdoor patio furniture ideas will help.

There’s no better time than right now to start designing the patio area you’ve always wanted.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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