Hardie Siding Problems | Fiber Cement Requires Re-Painting

Unlike vinyl, aluminum, and other siding materials, Hardie siding will need to be re-painted. While a paint job on fiber cement siding lasts longer than wood—usually anywhere between 7-10 years, it’ll eventually need to be redone. And that can be a pretty expensive task.

There are two types of fiber cement siding. And the life of your paint job typically depends on the type you install. If you go with a pre-painted option, where the boards come pre-painted by the manufacturer, you’ll generally be covered by a warranty against chipping and peeling for around 15 years. On the other hand, if you choose primed fiber cement, you can paint it any color you want during installation, but with this option there’s no warranty covering the paint job.

With either option however, you still need to eventually re-paint the siding.

When you start shopping for paint, only use a high quality, exterior grade acrylic. If you went with the pre-painted option contact the manufacturer for a list of recommended paints. If you painted it yourself consult the paint manufacturers guidelines for a second coat.

With regular care your Hardie siding can last 50 years or more. But requiring long term maintenance highlights one of the worst problems with Hardie siding which is the cost.

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