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Green House Color Schemes

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Green House Color Schemes

Looking for some beautiful green house color schemes? You’ve come to the right place. Just as important as the interior colors you choose. Exterior house colors should be ones you love coming home to day after day. When it comes to picking exterior siding colors, you can’t go wrong with trendy shades of gray or classic neutral tones. But if you want to really stand out, consider giving your home an elegant touch by going green.

It’s quite a well known fact that the room colors you choose impact how you feel when your in the room. But many don’t realize the same principle applies to the exterior of your house. A neighborhood filled with beige homes isn’t very appealing to the eye. Boring color schemes don’t invoke much excitement when standing at the curb. While many realtors might advise you to choose a neutral color as to appeal to the widest number of potential buyers. No one ever chooses beige as they’re favorite color. Playing it safe isn’t always your best bet, while no one may hate the house, it’s safe to say no will will really love it either.

Great green house color combinations, it’s all in the details. From the siding colors to the shudders, trim, accents and those perfectly trimmed bushes around the back blue stone patio. Green is the color of life and nature. It can breathe a sense of health and vibrancy into almost any home.

Take a look at some of the beautiful green houses of all shades and styles shown below after reading through our siding color FAQ. We hope they inspire you.

Things To Know When Choosing Siding Colors

Brighten up your home and boost that curb appeal with a brilliant selection of new paint and siding colors. Knowing a few basic facts will help find the absolute perfect siding colors.

Choosing your home’s colors is an intimidating process and there’s always a fear you might make costly mistakes. Unlike painting a room or a front door, it’s difficult to change siding colors once you’ve done all the work. House colors can have an impact not only on how you feel about your home, but on its value too. Choosing a combination of colors that are pleasing to the eye is crucial.

That’s why we’ve put together the simple diagram below. Understanding the basic parts of your siding and how they all fit together is important to know before you start picking colors.

What Are The Different Siding Parts Called?

siding color parts of a house chart

Your home is made up of a variety of parts that all need color choices. These parts are:

Main Body:The main body is the siding of your home. It’s the largest area of color and should be your base to coordinate all the other colors around.

Trim: Trim is what’s around all exterior windows and doors and the corners of the house. This is generally white but can also be colored.

Accent: Accent colors are things like shutters and doors. These are typically bold, dark colors that make a statement. They don’t necessarily have to match.

Roofing: Roofing shingles are a color you shouldn’t forget. Always coordinate the shingle with the rest of the home.

Railings and Columns: Railing and Column colors have to be considered if you have them. Typically in NJ they’re white, but it all depends on the style of the home. We have some victorian homes with bright colored columns and railings. We also have modern homes that use a lot of metal including black finishes. And we have country homes using real wood timber columns and railings. These types of accent pieces should fit the overall style of the home.

What About Landscaping For a Green House?

Landscape plays an important part in determining siding colors, especially on a green home. Landscaping can be a great way to add curb appeal to a home but with a green house you have to take special care in selecting your plants. Everyone notices a beautifully landscaped home. Especially if the landscaping and house colors compliment each other.

Keep this in mind when planning your landscaping. The home is primarily green and most landscaping is green so be careful not to over do it. Be tasteful when selecting what to plant and where.

Remember to keep in mind the long term maintenance landscaping requires. When it’s done right, well maintained landscaping is a beautiful thing and can really make the house stand out. But when it’s done wrong and not well maintained, it really looks bad. Keep this in mind when designing your yard as some plants are easier to maintain that others.

Keep in mind the local climate. Here in NJ we have to use primarily cold weather trees and bushes so they don’t die in winter. Flowers need to be re-planted every spring. And some plants need to be wrapped to survive the cold.

Rocks and retaining walls, otherwise known as hardscaping, don’t require maintenance and really look great.

All this should all be considered when designing the exterior of your home.

Best Green House Color Schemes

Choosing the right siding colors for a small house is quite the adventure. There are a lot of factors that go into designing a memorable home especially if it’s on the smaller side. You need to choose the type of siding, style, material, manufacturer, color scheme, landscaping, etc. We’re here to help with a beautiful collection of small house siding colors and designs.

These exterior siding colors are some of our favorites and are all prime examples of stunning exteriors. Hopefully, they will help inspire you.

green house colors green siding with white trim stone and a red front door

Beautiful Green Siding Colors With Stone

Despite what many people believe, green house color schemes work well on just about any home. True, you do have to be extra careful when designing a more colorful house. It’s riskier when you start choosing bolder colors. Everything goes with grays and other neutrals, that’s why they’re so popular, but that’s not the case with color. The darker and more colorful the home the more things can clash or look out of place. You have to be more and more careful as you use more colors in the design.

Green siding can be dramatic, thus giving a home a much bigger presence than it might otherwise have. Try to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. A mix of materials is essential – use different textures and styles with your siding and accent pieces. Use some light and/or even darker colors on occasion to create depth and make use of interesting shapes. Use plants and other landscaping to add tasteful splashes of bright colors you won’t find on the house.

This shade of green goes perfectly with the earthy, natural shades found in the real stone veneer. White trim looks great with everything. But what really stands out here are the dark, reddish front and garage doors. They really stand out and look great with the green and reddish tones found throughout the stone.

gray green house color schemes with dark brown door and copper gutters - Gambrick

Beautiful Green House Colors: Green Gray

Green siding can exude elegance while making a bold statement. A wonderful on a number of architectural types, including Cape Style homes, which have long showcased the color.
This muted green is close enough to gray to be found in many conservative areas, but has enough color to look great just about anywhere. The color is so faint you can almost not see it in the photo. A home painted with green gray can also make great use of wide variety of accent colors. As most colors tend to go well with gray.

A dark brown front door with a purplish quality matches the gutters and accent roofing. What a fantastic, regal touch. I love whenever purple is worked somewhere into the home’s siding color scheme. White trim with a dark gray shingle. Absolutely perfect landscaping with touches of real stone carried onto the chimney and driveway.
This is one of our favorite green house color schemes. Subtle yet undeniably elegant.

green house colors exterior vertical siding ith white trim dark brown door

Beautiful Green House Colors: Dark Green

When it comes to green vinyl siding colors you’ve got plenty of options. Even more so if you choose fiber cement or some other painted siding product. Green shades go far beyond what you’d find in a box of crayons. Green house colors are timeless and work on virtually any size or style home. The key is to add a variety of textures, colors and materials all working together to create one flawless design.

Here we see cedar shake paired with vertical siding in dark green. Dark brown entry door with white trim, white columns and railings. The real stone  chimney and hardscaping colors go perfectly with the forest color scheme. This is an absolutely beautiful, crisp home design that’s sure to make you the envy of everyone on your block.

There’s just something about a muted color palette that adds a sophisticated beauty to a home. And while many assume “neutral” has to mean beige, there are actually a lot of options that work really well. You don’t have to choose bold bright colors to make a lasting impression.

Green house siding colors will always be in style and provide the perfect backdrop for creative accents and architectural features.

green house color ideas blue green vinyl siding black frame windows white garage doors

Green House Color Ideas | Ivy Green

Ivy Green will wrap your home in natural warmth while giving you a feeling of calm stability. This lovely down-to-earth green has a vibrant undertone that will make your home stand out from the rest. This is the perfect shade if you want to play it safe and yet make your mark in the neighborhood.

The curb appeal of a home plays a huge part in drawing the interest of potential buyers. The exterior is usually the first thing potential buyers see, and the siding color can play a big part in a buyers opinion of the home. Some buyers look online when shopping for a new home and never even bother to come and see the inside if they don’t like what they see on the outside. A great color scheme is a must.

So, how does the siding or exterior color of your home affect its resale value? What types of colors offer the best resale value and make buyers more likely to buy your home? What colors should you stay away from?

Considering green house color ideas is a good idea when designing a home with resale value in mind. Green is considered a safe choice that won’t turn potential buyers off. It’s a color, which is refreshing considering the current house color trend of white or gray. It’s not boring. And if a green house color scheme is done right, it can help create a truly beautiful home. Just like the example shown above.

forest green color ideas cape style green NJ custom home with red brick

Green House Color Schemes: Forest Green

Dark green is a traditional color for siding on a red brick house. Red and green are complementary colors, opposite on the color wheel.

A brick house has to be careful with accessories as some colors clash with red. A wise choice is white trim as it goes perfectly with both the green and red as well just about every other color used on the house. A brown roof is the appropriate choice for this earthy palette. White columns and railings with dark brown copper gutters and matching accent roof.

The simple, green landscaping is a perfect finishing touch.

green house color schemes - forest green house with brick and white trim blue stone patio

Gray Green With Red Brick

Why isn’t green more prevalent in the housing industry? Picking exterior colors is a challenge that many homeowners struggle with. When it comes to non neutral house colors, many homeowners are simply scared to make a bolder choice. The same principle applies to cars, this is why the number one selling car color is white followed by silver and black.People are generally scared to choose a color for fear of getting something wrong, so they play it safe.

Muted hues go far beyond tan and beige, with plenty of ways to stand out while blending in. Gray green is gray with just a touch of green, making it technically a neutral with just a splash of color. Match it with red brick for a timeless combination that works on virtually any size or style home.

You can choose a neutral siding color like gray green and be bold at the exact same time. Neutral siding colors tend to sit back allowing other features to come forward. Features like landscaping, decks or patios, stone work, interesting architectural features or house textures become the star of the show. That’s where the red brick comes into play.

Reference the above photo. A muted gray green siding color allows a variety of other features to shine. Like the real stone patio, red brick, landscaping and impeccable custom white trim work as well the architectural design of the house itself. By not drawing attention to the home with vibrant color you let other things stand out instead.

green house siding ideas - dark green siding with white trim and brick

Ripe Olive Green

Ripe Olive Green isn’t a color seen often on a homes exterior but when done right it’s a beautiful look. Dark colors add drama and depth, sending a message that you’re not afraid to be noticed. There’s no denying the drama a dark house creates. Making a strong visual statement and, like a black dress, needs minimal accessorizing to complete the look. A real conversation starter, hard to miss and even harder to forget.

In a garden or against natural surroundings, the facade of a dark house will recede and focus attention instead on green foliage and other elements like brick, trim or stone work. This enables the eye to draw better distinctions among different shades of color. Making dark homes in a rural environment that much more appealing.

We wouldn’t recommend siding your house this dark if a part of a suburban community with tight spacing and crowded spacing. But if your somewhere rural with enough privacy and a landscaped location, ripe olive green is definitely a color worth considering.

Ripe olive green is a neutral color and contrasts well with many other materials, textures, and hues. It goes perfectly with natural elements like stone, concrete, wood or brick. Like with most darker colors white trim really stands out.

green house color ideas - green siding with brick dark green shutters

Green House Color Combos: Oyster Bay Green

What is it about green? Every designer we know is infatuated with it. Especially when paired with red brick. The two go together so well, creating one of the classiest green house color schemes available. Looking so good it’s hard not to include some sort of masonry product into your design once you decide to go green. Could it be because of its depth and richness? Its elegance? That natural, sensuous quality few other colors can equal.

Committing to a paint color for the exterior of your home is a big decision. Especially when you factor in the subtle nuance of color—how shades can be so different depending on light, texture, and the colors around them. As well as the style of the home and local environment it’s in. .

Green is the perfect siding color for a classy home design, especially one that’s on the larger side. Check out the perfect marriage of design and architecture shown above.

Green comes in a large variety of mid tones and temperatures so as with any other color, make sure to get samples and coordinate your main color with your secondary color, accent pieces, trim, landscaping, etc.

When looking for the top green house color combinations, oyster bay green with red brick is definitely one you should consider.

green house color ideas - green siding with stone veneer white trim and columns real wood soffit

Austere Gray Green

If you like the idea of gray, but want a little more personality for your home, consider Austere Gray Green. Another subtle green shade that works well as a main siding color. By far one of the top green house color schemes available to home designers. Close enough to gray to have a more universal appeal while colorful enough to stand out as not just another gray house. It’s because of this universal appeal that makes it a safe choice for homeowners that want a stunning yet simply styled home with small splashes of color.

Perfect when paired with other earth tones like the dark brown entry door and beautiful bead board wrap around porch ceiling. White trim is always a gorgeous addition to any home and a staple here at the Jersey Shore.

The pale, natural, real stone veneer works nicely with the siding, concrete and limestone, allowing the darker browns and landscape colors to really shine.

There is an undeniable sophistication with green. Paired best with other earthy tones, grayish green siding provides a home with balance. Consider a combination of light and dark colors for a slick design theme that doesn’t overwhelm the home.

green house siding color ideas - green siding with brick white scalloping white railings and columns

Green House Colors Combinations: Artichoke Green

There’s a reason why top designers view green siding as a top design choice. Artichoke green is a perfect mix of gray with a bit more color than austere or oyster. A bit on the cooler side, like other green it goes nicely when paired with red brick. Versatile enough to make any home feel calm and inviting. Shades of green gray have a soothing nature. Grayish green tones might seem a bit dull to some, but you’ll be surprised at just how stunning they can be when paired with the right trim and additional design elements.

If you want to stand out from block after block of neutral colored houses, consider giving your exterior a makeover with artichoke green siding. The gray and white trend of the past few years has made it outside and it turns out that artichoke green, which is basically gray with a touch of green, looks as good on the outside as it does on the living room wall.

Like some other greens, artichoke green is anything but dull, exuding elegance while making a bold statement. Gray greens also looks amazing on a number of architectural styles making it quite a versatile choice.

Always consider the surrounding landscape and nearby architecture. Gray green is the little black dress for your home. Modern and edgy yet timeless and classic. The perfect chameleon as it suits just about every home no matter the size or style. Definitely consider a greyish green tone if your looking for the very best green house color schemes.

green house color ideas - green with dark brown siding white trim stone veneer

Oak Moss Green

Green and brown will work wonders for just about any house. White trim brightens the home and makes that green really pop. Stark white looks fantastic on the trim and fascia with a mix of dark brown and natural wood used to complete the look.

Green tones are said to evoke calm, peace, and serenity.

Earth tones like those found in the real stone columns are the real secret weapon here. You should definitely consider using stone or some other natural element as a design option. Green is the color of nature and other natural colors and textures go perfectly with it. You really can’t go wrong here. Real wood, browns, reds, oranges and other greens all play together nicely. As long as you choose other earthy tones you don’t have to worry about things clashing or not looking good together.

By far one of the safest color palettes, gray green mixed with other natural colors is one of our favorite green house color schemes to work with.

green house siding color ideas - green siding with tan trim and green garage door dark green front door

Top Green House Colors: Contented Green

Green homes are a classic look but you have to get the shade just right. They’re are dozens of greens to choose from so take your time and coordinate with all the other elements you’ll be using on and around the home. Here we see a contented green siding with brown roof, a dark green door and tan trim. These colors are carried throughout the real stone pillars, steps and hardscaping. Immaculate landscaping with textured concrete driveway and walk. Real wood soffits are a nice touch and highlight the natural theme. With a home design like this, simple, classic, traditional choices are generally best.

Having an almost monochromatic feel. A green house color scheme like this one only makes an impact if each individual element is done perfectly. The beauty is in it’s simplicity and is sure to stand out amongst the neighbors. This home would be easy to sell in almost any real estate market.

green house color ideas - victorian styled green house idea with light tan trim

Coastal Plane Green

When it comes to green house color combinations, the options are seemingly endless. Green hues provide plenty of ways to stand out while at the same time blending in. Plus, greens are timeless and work on virtually any size or style homes. The key is to add a variety of textures, colors and materials all work together to create one flawless design. And choosing the right shade, not all greens are created equal as far as house siding goes.

Here we see a muted gray green paired with a light cream trim, matching columns and rails. Muted gray green siding is a nice choice here because it fades back, allowing the intricate trim work and other design elements to come forward. Notice the dark wood window frames and matching front door. If you have the right style home this is a fantastic design. And notice again, the use of red brick is a perfect choice for just about any shade of green.

There’s just something about a muted paint color palette that adds such sophisticated beauty to a home. And while many assume “neutral” has to mean beige, there are actually a lot of options for neutral colors in the green family. Whether you love bright white trim or dark colored accents, a muted green siding color is a great choice. Providing the perfect backdrop for creative accents and architectural features to shine.

green house color combinations - green house with brick and dark green trim

Green House Color Combinations: Clay Sage Green

What makes this such a fantastic green house color scheme is it’s wide palette of complimentary colors. Green siding with darker green trim, red brick, mustard door, wood frames, concrete, stone caps and hardscaping. Architectural details with a purple hue and an immaculate landscape providing splashes of reds, yellows and greens. Even the siding styles are varied creating that extra bit of visual interest.

This is a wonderful look with perfect use of balance and color selection sure to work on just about any style home. Green house color combinations look fantastic when used with complimentary colors. They all work so nicely together with other earth tones that there’s no reason to stray much from the green family when looking for accent colors.

green house color schemes - beautiful NJ ocean front beach house with green siding and wood boardwalk

Green House Color Schemes: Moody Blue Green

There’s an assumption out there that waterfront homes sided in dark colors are gloomy and depressing. Some people even say that dark homes feel small and claustrophobic. But nothing could be further from the truth. When dark palettes are executed properly they are cozy, dramatic and full of life.

Despite what many people believe, dark colors work well on just about any home. True, you do have to be extra careful when selecting shades. It’s risky when you start choosing bold colors. Everything goes with grays and other neutrals, that’s not the case with color. The darker and more colorful the home the more things can clash or look out of place.

Dark colors can be dramatic, thus giving a home a much bigger presence than it might otherwise have. It’s important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. A mix of materials is essential – use different textures in your siding, roofing and accent pieces. Some items should pop against a dark background, so use some light and/or even darker colors on occasion and make use of interesting shapes. Use plants and other landscaping to add tasteful splashes of bright colors you won’t find on the house.

It’s always great to add some accessories to every home, but with a dark home, it’s good to limit it to only one or two. Dark homes are inherently dramatic so you don’t want to overdo it. Focus on adding single bold elements to draw the eye rather than lots of individual items. The number of elements appropriate for a home will always vary so trust your eye and your instincts.


If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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