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Three Season Sunroom

Three-season sunrooms have lots of windows and provide tons of natural sunlight, but they don’t have heat and can’t be used in Winter. Because they don’t have heat, they’re perfect for Summer, Fall, and Spring, hence the name 3 season room. Most three-season rooms start as a porch, patio, or deck, but they can also be built from the ground up.

Three-season sunrooms bring the outdoors inside while providing a stunning architectural element to your home. They bring in tons of natural light and can be well insulated, keeping them comfortable most of the year. But they do get rather cold in the Winter months.

We’re one of the few sunroom contractors in NJ that builds on a solid foundation with extremely well-insulated walls, floor, and ceiling. This means that your three-season room can be kept warm in Winter by adding a portable space heater, even though the room technically isn’t heated.

Since a three seasons room isn’t heated, it can’t be integrated into the home unless the existing home’s heating can warm the space. This draws heat from the rest of the house, so it must be carefully calculated by doing a heat loss. But don’t worry, we can do these calculations for you.

Because of all the added sunlight, your sunroom may get warm in the summer, so blinds are always a nice touch. To add coziness in the winter, add a fireplace. Want even more natural light? Add some skylights or a full glass roof. But to truly bring the outdoors in, decorate the room with plants and add sliding glass walls for a true indoor/outdoor experience.

Our Work

A Gambrick sunroom can be designed to match the look of your home, or it can be something unique that stands out. Each of our sunrooms is 100% custom-built and tailor-fit to the client’s style, needs, and budget.

Browse through our gallery to find out why we’re the top-rated sunroom contractors in NJ.

What Is a Three Season Sunroom?

A three-season sunroom is an addition that isn’t heated, so it’s most comfortable in Summer, Spring, and Fall. Hence the name, 3 seasons. However, we still insulate our three-season rooms, so you can connect a portable space heater and use them in the Winter months. This saves money on the cost of the build.

Our three-season sunroom designs provide lots of open space for fresh air and natural light and the comfort to be used almost year-round.

The insulation R-value of our floors, walls, ceilings, and glass exceeds the minimum R-value required by the state, so your three-season room can easily be converted to a four-season room simply by adding heat. However, the heating must be permanent, not a portable unit that can be easily disconnected.

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Why Add a Three Season Sunroom?

You’ll truly appreciate the advantages of a three-season sunroom in Summer, Spring, and Fall months. Our designs provide lots of fresh air and natural light, making them a great place to lounge, read, relax, watch TV, or grow plants.

Building a three-season room can increase your home’s resale value, but they’re not considered living space and don’t count towards the square footage of the house. However, because we insulate our three-season rooms, you can make them living space simply by adding heat.

Once the room is heated, it becomes an all-season sunroom, which counts as square footage and increases your home value even more.

Here are four of the biggest benefits of building a three-season sunroom:

1. Insulation

Gambrick uses high-quality materials and a full concrete foundation to build all of our sunrooms, including our three-season rooms. This allows us to build a floor, ceiling, and walls that can accommodate R-values high enough to pass state code for living space. Typically that’s R-19 to R-23 in walls, R-30 in floors, and R-38 in ceilings.

Insulating a three-season room is a huge benefit when compared to non-insulated sunrooms because they’re versatile. Bring in a portable space heater and use it in Winter, or add heating and turn it into a four-season sunroom at any time.

2. Aesthetics

Sunrooms have an air of elegance and sophistication when they’re designed and built properly. The glass allows for more brightness and adds character to the home. Sunrooms also bring new design options into play like exposed beams, a wood ceiling, vaulted ceilings, walls of glass, glass roofs, or more skylights.

The exterior of your sunroom can be integrated into the look of your home, or you can do something different to make the room truly stand out.

3. Natural Light

As a top sunroom contractor in NJ, we’ll design a dream space for enjoying all four seasons with the benefit of being indoors. You’ll appreciate sunny days and cold nights with lots of natural light at just the right temperature.

Natural light can provide both mental and physical health benefits for you and your family. You might notice that you have more energy, improved sleep, and reduced seasonal depression when you spend more time in the sun. It can even reduce the health risks associated with exposure to fluorescent lighting and it’s better for your eyes.

A sunroom is also an excellent place for growing and maintaining beautiful and healthy plants. You can plant species native to hot and humid climates and enjoy gorgeous blooms throughout the year.

4. Increased Home Resale Value

A sunroom built by Gambrick can significantly increase your home’s resale value because it adds more space to the home. Since sunrooms tend to be on the pricey side, it’s easy to recoup more of the construction expenses, making sunrooms a great financial investment for homeowners in terms of ROI.

Three Season Sunroom Contractors NJ

A beautiful new three-season sunroom offers more space while you comfortably enjoy nature, in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

At Gambrick, we design and build beautiful naturally lit sunroom additions for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. With our one-of-a-kind designs and high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your sunroom will last for decades.

As a top sunroom contractor and home builder in NJ, we’ll design and build a sunroom tailored to your home’s design and style. With Gambrick, you can enjoy a stress-free design and construction process that includes:

  1. Free on-site consultation and an accurate estimate of what we’ll need to create your dream space.
  2. Trained and experienced experts to help you customize your ideal cathedral sunroom.
  3. Thermal efficiency designs so you can enjoy warm temperatures in the colder seasons.
  4. Complete construction of your sunroom to seamlessly blend your new year-round sunroom addition into the existing architecture.
  5. We’re a full-service construction company that can do other projects while building your sunroom.

We believe a NJ sunroom contractor should provide excellent customer care and quality construction. Our values shine in every step of the construction process to ensure your satisfaction.

No matter the size of your project, our experienced designers and craftsmen provide a smooth process to create a beautiful and relaxing respite for you and your family.

three season sunroom porch, white wicker chairs, blue cushions

The Difference Is in Our Sunrooms and Customer Service

What sets Gambrick apart from other sunroom contractors in the area is the expertise and experience of our crews. We build Custom Luxury Homes, ADU Buildings, Tiny Homes, Decks, Custom Concrete products, Hand Made Wood Furniture, and a lot more. There’s no other construction company in NJ that has the skill we have to build just about anything you need.

It’s very rare to only build a sunroom. Most clients typically want a deck, patio, or other work done along with their new sunroom. That’s where Gambrick can help. We’re a full-service construction company that can take care of all your needs while we build your new sunroom.

  • Modern and thermally efficient materials.
  • Unique design options tailored to each client.
  • In-home free estimates as well as online.
  • We use the best windows and doors.
  • Professional installation services.
  • Fast project completion timelines.
  • A fantastic Warranty.
  • We also build decks, do landscaping, and hardscaping.

We want you to be satisfied with your sunroom for years to come. We’re a full-service construction company in New Jersey and can also take care of repairs, maintenance, and other projects while building your sunroom. No other sunroom contractor in NJ can offer that level of service.

Sunroom Additions in New Jersey

At Gambrick, we go above and beyond to ensure that your sunroom meets the needs of your home and family. Unlike other sunroom contractors that offer the cheapest additions possible, we focus on providing the highest quality and value for your budget. All of our sunrooms are highly energy-efficient, modern, extremely well insulated, and use the finest windows and doors. This provides the maximum insulation possible, saving you money on long-term energy costs.

From traditional designs to modern architecture, our New Jersey sunrooms are designed to enhance the look of any style home. We build a variety of sunroom types that can fit just about any home.

Here’s an overview of the basic sunroom designs we offer.

  • All-Season Rooms: Our all-season rooms are fully enclosed, heated and cooled, and designed to be used all year long.
  • Cathedral Sunrooms: A cathedral sunroom can take your home to the next level of luxurious living with vaulted ceilings, skylights, and tons of natural light.
  • Gabled Sunrooms: Our gabled New Jersey sunrooms will maximize the light and living space of your family’s home.
  • Integrated Sunrooms: Integrated sunrooms are designed to seamlessly blend into the unique architecture of your home by removing the wall connecting the main home to the sunroom. This creates a seamless flow from the house into the sunroom.
  • Patio Enclosures: Turn your existing patio into a more livable space with a custom-built patio enclosure.
  • Three Season Rooms: Our three-season sunrooms are designed to withstand the elements but aren’t full heated and cooled.
  • Solariums: There’s no better sunroom design than the stunning, full-glass construction of an energy-efficient solarium.
  • Custom: We’ll design and build you a one-of-a-kind sunroom to meet any aesthetic.

With top-notch service and the highest-quality sunroom additions in the industry, you can’t go wrong with Gambrick.

Raising Expectations

Because Gambrick is raising local expectations of what a New Jersey business can and should be. Specializing in sunrooms, ADU buildings, custom homes, Green building practices, Energy Star, and ultra-energy-efficient homes like Passive House and LEED.

Service Areas

We primarily build in Ocean County & Monmouth County New Jersey, but also offer select services in the following NJ Counties: Gloucester | Warren | Middlesex | Cape May | Hunterdon | Burlington | Passaic | Atlantic | Mercer | Hudson | Essex | Sussex | Cumberland | Salem | Union | Somerset | Morris | Camden | Bergen | Sussex | Essex |

We deliver Tiny Homes, sheds, concrete countertops, fire pits, fire tables, concrete planters, furniture, and other custom-built products anywhere in the continental United States. For delivery to other areas contact us for information.

I want to build a Custom Sunroom in NJ – what’s first?

Because building a new sunroom can be an overwhelming process. At Gambrick, one of our fundamental objectives is achieving the highest standards of architectural design and construction. Give us a call or email and we’ll help you design and build your brand new sunroom.

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