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Top 7 Sunroom Ideas On A Budget

Top 7 Sunroom Ideas on a Budget

While spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun sometimes the mood calls for the great indoors. Curled up with a good book and a large cup of coffee or playing board games with family and friends. What better place than in a room filled with comfy chairs and no distractions? And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You may have found this page by searching for sunroom ideas on a budget and that’s just what we’ll be covering in the  post below. We’ve built and interior designed dozens of sunrooms over the years. Some of our favorite’s didn’t cost that much to do. With a few simple tips and tricks you can turn your sunroom or screened in porch into a really great room to hang out in.

With indoor/outdoor living on the rise it’s no surprise we’ve been seeing more and more beautiful transitional spaces. If you’re loving this trend or simply looking to give your current space a refresh, keep scrolling for a little sun-filled inspiration. A sunroom is also called a sun porch or sun lounge. Generally built onto the side of a house. It allows you to enjoy the the views while being sheltered from rain, wind and other weather conditions. The name is very suggestive actually. Since this room has large windows allowing panoramic views and tons of natural light.

Sunrooms generally don’t have a TV or other home entertainment systems other than maybe a radio. They make the perfect room to just chill out and relax in. And since they don’t need a bunch of expensive TVs, video games and other home gadgets their pretty cheap to decorate on a budget.

Basic Sunroom Designs

There are a variety of sunroom designs to choose from if your building a brand new sunroom addition. For example, you can have a brick sunroom if you prefer a more rustic look. Exposed wood makes a sunroom feel warm and cozy. Or if you want to emphasize the views, you can build it out of glass. The roof can also be made of glass so you can admire the sky and enjoy the weather to its fullest. The one design element present in almost all sunrooms is glass. Lots of large windows seams to work best. After all it’s called a sun room for a reason. Without all the sun it’s really just another living room.

Ask any designer, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Stepping into a home should be an experience. If you’re not excited when you walk into a room for the first time then it’s time to shake things up a little. Don’t be afraid to take a risk once in a while. Use a little color. Without question, the pros know how to make a stylish impression.

Here are ten of the best sunroom ideas on a budget you should use when decorating your next sunroom.

sunroom ides on a budget top sunroom design ideas from new home builder NJ Gambrick

Classic Style

This is exactly why the classics never go out of style. Easily checks the box for sunroom ideas on a budget. Wicker furniture doesn’t cost much. Keep the paint light and bright. Classic white trim with white walls and ceiling. The trim work can be expensive if your not handy but you don’t really need. This sunroom would be just as nice with sheetrocked walls and a nice 6″ base trim. You could have this same look in your sunroom look for under $500 bucks.

sunroom ideas on a budget top budget sunroom ideas for 2019 new home builder Gambrick

Be Funky

This is one of my personal favorite sunrooms. And definitely classifies as sunroom ideas on a budget. Love the natural wood floors with gray walls and white trim. All the basics here are done perfectly. But what obviously makes this room stand out are the perfect use of bold colors. Love the plants. I think every sunroom, or home for that matter, should have pants. Plants have so many benefits we can’t go into here, but for the sake of this article the most important benefit is, their cheap. You could have this entire look in your sunroom for under $400 bucks.

top sunroom ideas on a budget from new home builder Gambrick NJ Top home builder

Think Rustic

A rustic feel works perfectly in a sunroom. Even if the rest of the home doesn’t have a rustic vibe this look will still work. The brick is beautiful but if you don’t have a brick wall in your house don’t worry about it. The plants are always great, the more the better. The wood burning stove is a perfect touch that gets even better when lit on a cold winters night. But for me this look works so well because of the natural elements and color palette. You could recreate the beauty of this room for under $500 bucks without the bricks and stove and it would be just as nice. Focus on the white trim complimented by the natural colors and plants, you can’t go wrong.

sunroom design ideas on a burget 2019 from top home builder Gambrick NJ

Another Classic Sunroom

This room is fantastic. If your looking for sunroom ideas on a budget then you can have the best parts of the room without the expensive stuff you really don’t need. No way can you recreate that ceiling and inset columns, crown molding on a budget. But who cares. That’s not what makes the room so great. Tan walls against the white trim and ceiling is a perfect combination. The use of color in the room is amazing. Natural elements everywhere. Lots of plants. And my favorite thing is how they added interesting design elements throughout the room that all seamlessly flow together. With the amount of stuff in the room prices add up even if your shopping on a tight budget but you could reproduce the best parts of this room for around $650 bucks.

sunroom ideas on a budget top sunroom designs on a budget

Light and Bright

Ok, I know what your thinking. How can this sunroom be done on a budget. Well, honestly, it can’t. It’s an expensive room to build because of that ceiling. But remember we’re trying to recreate the look of a spectacular room for a heck of a lot less. What makes this room stand out is just how bright it is. The white walls and ceiling with white trim and floors along with the white chairs and chandelier. This is a really amazing room but it’s really all about the white. An all white room with lots of natural elements and plants is truly beautiful and can be recreated for less that $500 bucks. I mean think about it. This room is nothing but plants and white. Luckily white paint and plants are pretty cheap. The floors will be tough to do on a budget but get creative, you can do it.

sunroom ideas on a budget sunroom design ideas home builder NJ Gambrick

Light and Dark

This room is all about contrast. Using design elements that seam to oppose each other light white against black is a great way to make a statement. Black and whites together tends to create a more modern, contemporary, almost sterile feel. It’s a look a really love though and can definitely be done if your looking for sunroom ideas on a budget. Black wicker furniture isn’t expensive. This is a room you could recreate for under $300 bucks.

sunroom ideas on a budget sunroom designs home builder NJ

Monochromatic Sunroom

This sunroom is spectacular. No way we could build this one on a budget. Those arched windows cost a bundle. The coffered ceiling is just as expensive if not more. But do we really need those things to recreate the look of this magnificent room.  The answer is No. You really don’t. This room is all about the monochromatic color scheme. It’s all about blue. Don’t be afraid to take risks with interior design. The designer of this room took a huge risk but it paid off in an equally huge way. And most importantly for us a monochromatic color scheme can be recreated perfectly on a tight budget. This design absolutely qualifies for a sunroom ideas on a budget article. It’s all about the color. You could create this room for under $500 bucks. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be blue. I’ve seen this design done in yellow, orange and greens. And they all looked great. Here’s a tip though. Keep the overall colors on the pale, softer side. If these blues were bright, dark or really bold the room would look terrible. Keep in mind it’s not just about the color but maybe more importantly the tone.

Final Tip

Artificial lighting is not very important in a sunroom as you mostly use it during daytime and natural light plays an important role in the design. But don’t forget to add some high-hats or some other form of lighting. Just cause it’s a sunroom doesn’t mean you can’t use it at night. You can use a pendant light or wall mounted fixture for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere if you don’t like recessed lighting or a ceiling fan light works great too. Even floor lamps would be fine. But if that’s what you’ll be using think about it ahead of time when you run the electrical if it’s a new room.

Well, that’s it. Our 7 sunrooms ideas on a budget. Hopefully these will help you in designing your next sunroom. And if you need our help e-mail or give us a call any time at 732-892-1386.

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