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Mudroom Ideas

Don’t let your mudroom become a cluttered mess of coats, boots and old shoes. With proper design, styling and some great mudroom ideas it can be a beautiful entry way that’s well organized, efficient and beautifully styled.

A mudroom is a transitional space between the outdoors and indoors just like your foyer. However it’s not as formal and mainly functions as an every day entryway where you can store things you don’t want cluttering up the house. It’s a great place to come in from the rain or snow, take off your rain coat or boots, and enter the home clean and dry. There great for storing boots, shoes, coats, jackets, umbrellas, wet clothes and sports gear. And they’re even good for bringing in and out deliveries now that amazon shopping and online selling are so popular. Mudrooms have been around for decades but are becoming a standard among newly built homes that have the extra space. And since there included in just about every new home it makes sense that homeowners would want to decorate them.

In this article we’ll showcase some of our best mudroom ideas and answer some of your most commonly asked questions about mudroom design, decorating and style.

What Is A Mudroom?

What’s a Mudroom? It’s a question we get asked by clients all the time. Many people have never seen or used a mudroom. They’re so used to coming into the house through the front door or garage that they don’t realize there’s another option.

Mudrooms are a second main entrance to the home that’s a lot less formal. Think of it as more of an entrance for every day use. It’s not as fancy as a foyer and has storage for boots, coats, jackets, etc. There’s generally a bench for sitting and taking off your boots or changing your shoes. And they’re ideal for going in and out of the house in bad weather or to do yard work. You can still have the main formal entry with beautiful staircase, high ceilings and elaborate decorations even if you include a mudroom.

If your gonna go outside and get dirty then a mudroom is for you. It’s a perfect place to come in and take off your muddy boots so you can come into the house clean.

Mudrooms are also a great place to store stuff you don’t want cluttering up the house. Most of our top mudroom ideas are all about storage. And they’re the perfect room for incoming and outgoing deliveries. Some mudrooms are part of a working area of the house that includes a bathroom, laundry and access to a mechanical room or garage. It’s a great design. You can come in from the elements, get changed and drop your dirty stuff right in the wash.

Beautiful all white mudroom design. White doors, walls, trim and built in storage with bench.

Where Is A Mudroom Located?

Typically a mudroom is located in the back of the house and on the side. It’s a secondary main entrance so you’ll want your mudroom to be easily accessible and in a spot that’s convenient to walk in and out of. Generally the door is near the driveway. It wouldn’t make much sense to park your car and then walk around the house to go inside. Convenience is important. If your designing a new house, picture where you want to in and out every day. In many cases the mudroom door is more practical than using the front door.

When you look at the mudroom’s location from inside the home, we generally locate it near a hall that leads to a 1st floor laundry and a bathroom. We generally don’t want a mudroom leading right into dining or living room but going into a kitchen is o.k.

Locating the mudroom near a bathroom or laundry is a big plus and one of out top mudroom ideas. We try and do this in every new home we build if the square footage allows for it. The convenience of being able to come in, put dirty clothes in the wash and use the bathroom all before entering the living space is so great. Especially if your coming in from bad weather or doing something dirty.

Some mudrooms lead directly into the garage without having their own exterior door. It’s an o.k. design if you park your car in the garage every day but if you don’t it’s better for a mudroom to have it’s own exterior door.

The mudroom’s location has a lot to do with the layout of the home and the square footage. Do your best with what you have to work with.

Where’s A Good Place To Put Your Mudroom?

When your designing a new home it’s important to carefully consider where the mudroom will go. Ideally you’ll want a place away from the main entrance. It can be on the side of the house or in the back. The ideal location for a mudroom is really the place that works best for you. Look at the options below and compare them to your own home. Does your garage make the most sense? Is your kitchen big enough for one? Do you have a sunroom or screened back porch? Is an addition the best choice?

Here are a few great options to consider:

Next To A Kitchen

Ideally we try to put a mudroom away from any of the main living spaces, however, the kitchen is an exception. Most homes built these days have an open floor plan that uses the kitchen as a central hub leading to all the other rooms. It’s because of this home design that an adjacent mudroom can work. Many homes also include a laundry, pantry, bathroom or garage entrance right near the kitchen so adding a mudroom in that general area makes sense.

A lot of homes even use part of the kitchen as a mudroom. For whatever reason, exterior doors have been included in the kitchen for centuries. Kitchens tend to be in the back side of the house so it’s a good place to include a door. If you have a big enough kitchen to allow some space for a mudroom then it’s a smart design. Many small homes use this form of makeshift mudroom which is why it’s one of our favorite mudroom ideas.

In the Garage

A garage usually has a door leading outside and another into the house which makes it a convenient location for a mudroom. Choose an area away from the cars so you have enough room to take off your coat or shoes. Next to one of the doors would be ideal.

Some advantages with a garage mudroom are that they generally have plenty of space and don’t have a finished floor which makes them easier to clean. Include some mudroom cabinets and shelves for added storage and organization. Just because the mudroom is in your garage doesn’t mean you can’t design the space to be organized and look nice.

A Utility Room

Many homes have a utility room that’s generally used for mechanical equipment and storage. If it has an exterior door then you can transform the space into a mudroom. And if it doesn’t, it’s not that expensive to add one. As long as the room is big enough to allow for a mudroom area away from the equipment then it’ll do fine.

A Screened Porch Or Sunroom

If you’ve got a screen porch or sunroom then they’re a perfect place to include a mudroom. This is one of my favorite mudroom ideas. The mudroom won’t take up the entire room, you just need a small section for a bench with some storage. Include some hooks for hanging coats, build a small closet or install a large cabinet.

Prebuilt mudroom storage units are available that include everything you need. We’ll provide links below to a few good ones.

A Small Mudroom Home Addition

Another option is to have a small mudroom addition built. It’s the most expensive option but won’t cost a fortune as the room is generally small. Of course if you wanted to include a laundry or bathroom then things can get pricey.

We’d recommend adding a more versatile room like a sunroom that includes a mudroom area. If your spending the money on an addition you may as well use it for more than coming in and out of the home and additional storage.

beautiful mudroom organizer bench seat with hooks, cubbies and top shelf

Beautiful mudroom with built in storage and bench. Hooks for hats and coats, cubbies and a top storage shelf.

Benefits Of A Mudroom

When a mudroom is the first thing you see when you come into the house it needs to make a strong first impression. It’s main jib is to be a functional space but that doesn’t mean it can’t also look great. How do you make a room meant to store dirty shoes, a bunch of coats and pet stuff look good? Trust me, it’s not that hard. No matter what size mudroom you’ve got, we have ideas for how to make it as stylish as the rest of the house.

If you’re debating whether or not adding a mudroom is worth it, consider a few of the many benefits to having one. Many of our top mudroom ideas are all about function and additional storage which benefits just about everyone.

Shoes, coats, hats and book bags thrown around the floor are a tripping hazard and make your home look like a mess. Mudroom storage built ins with drawers, cabinets and cubbies to hold gear and backpacks are a great way to keep your home neat and organized.

Mudrooms Offer More Storage

Mudrooms are designed with storage in mind. They’re the perfect place to put stuff you don’t want cluttering up the house. Ask just about any homeowner, especially the ones with kids, and they’ll say you can never have too much storage space. A mudroom provides extra space to keep your things.

But it’s not only an extra storage space, it’s also convenient and easily accessible. Instead of opening closets and rummaging through shelves to find things, you simply hang them on hooks, place them on an open shelf or store them in cubbies and cubes. This is especially handy with small children. And since a mudroom isn’t generally seen by guests you can get a little messier with it than you would the rest of the home.

And many mudroom designs even include a small closet for hanging coats or storing more of whatever you need.

Mudrooms Give You More Privacy

Since a mudroom is your personal day to day entrance most people bring guests through the front door. Since mudrooms are an informal entrance generally used for you and the family, you can be a little messier with your things. And because it’s tucked away from the main living area, it’s a great place to stash stuff you don’t want anyone else to see.

Good Mudroom Design Is Great For Home Organization

If a mudroom is designed the right way they provide better organization. When you have a place to store your stuff away from the living space your home looks neater and more organized. If you have kids you’ll understand the benefit of having a space to stash stuff. Especially when guests come over and you want the house to look neat.

Mudrooms Are A Great Place For Pets

Mudrooms are a great place to bring dogs in and out of the house. Especially in rainy weather. If your dog comes in with muddy paws and likes to shake dry that fur then a mud room is where you’ll want him to do it.

They’re also a perfect spot to store pet supplies, food and water bowls. And if you crate your pets or want them to sleep in their own room then a mudroom is a perfect pace to do it.

Mudrooms Are Great In Bad Weather

Mudrooms are an ideal entrance in bad weather. Even if you don’t use the mudroom every day it’s great to have when it rains or snows. Especially if you have guests over. Having a second entrance to bring in guests out of the rain is a big plus.

Simple mudroom storage design. Bench seat that lifts up to reveal a storage chest and hooks.

Simple mudroom storage design. Bench seat that lifts up to reveal a storage chest and hooks.

Mudroom Storage Options

A well designed mudroom should provide plenty of storage. The options range from simple hooks to cubbies, shelves, benches, extra closets and more. We recommend including a mixture of storage design into your mudroom so you have a place for everything from heavy coats, boots, shoes, cleaning supplies, pet stuff, toys and even sports gear.

Here are a few mudroom storage ideas to consider.

Mudroom Cabinets

Mudroom cabinets are a great way to store a variety of items. They come in handy for stashing all sorts of items of varying shapes and sizes. If you have enough space, you can even assign each person in the family their own storage cabinet. Think of these like small lockers. It improves organization and keeps things neat.

Wall cabinets cabinets are great as long as they’re low enough to be accessible. Floor cabinets work really well for boots or shoes and even come with a top shelf that doubles as a bench.

The best mudroom storage designs include a mix of elements.

Mudroom Lockers

Why use regular cabinets as lockers when you can just buy actual lockers. These are similar in function to what’s found in a sports locker room only finished much nicer. Mudroom lockers can be used to store coats, jackets, hats, workout gear, or whatever else you like. With enough space everyone in the family can have their own locker. It’s a big hit with the kids because they can decorate the inside however they like.

Mudroom Bench With Storage

A built in mudroom bench is a great place to sit down and take of your shoes. But it can also be a great spot to install cabinets beneath or include a seat that swings up to reveal a hidden storage chest. Some even use part of the bench for storage or just a spot to drop some packages or bags as you enter the house.

Mudroom Shelves

Open shelves provide storage for all sorts of things. Stash whatever you like on them. A single top shelf is a pretty standard addition to just about every mudroom but you can get more creative with them.

Mudroom Hooks

Mudroom hooks are great for things like hanging key chains, leashes, coats, jackets, hats, scarves and anything else that you can hang. If you have kids, place some hooks low enough for them to use.

Cubbies And Baskets

Using cubbies and baskets in the mudroom are great for storage that you’ll be using regularly. Especially if you have kids. It’s great to have cubbies for them to fill up with toys or baskets to stash away their stuff when done playing. Without a spot to store toys and games they just end up scattered all over the house.

Beautiful Mudroom Design Ideas And Tips

Bigger families will probably benefit more from having a mudroom. With more people coming in and out of the home you’ll need more storage for all their stuff. No matter how big or small your home is, anyone can benefit from having a mudroom. Below we’ll share some of our best mudroom designs including a few small mudroom ideas that can work perfectly for smaller homes.

large mud room design with shiplap walls and built in storage

Large Mud Room Design With Shiplap Walls

Most of the mudroom designs on the page are medium to small in size but this example is quite large. It features 2 walls with builtin storage benches with lots of cubbies, shelving and bench seating. The walls are covered with shiplap painted white which matches the trim work and bench finish.

Some contrast is always a good thing in any room and here we get it from the floors. These are made from polished concrete and even include a small drain which is a big benefit in a mud room. Although in a room this white and clean I doubt it’s going to get much use.

large white mudroom with built in bench storage and wainscoting

Mudroom Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a great way to dress up a mudroom design. The mudroom is another entrance to the home after all. It’s not a grand entrance like the front door but it’s still a way guests may enter the home so it’s worth investing a little time and effort in. Wainscoting should match the design of the home and tie into the bench storage. Notice how the legs of the bench go right into the base moldings. The storage, wainscoting are all one instead of feeling like separate elements.

mudroom storage bench with ladder white and wood design with wainscoting

Mudroom Ladder

This mudroom storage unit includes a ladder for gaining access to the high cabinets. It’s great if you plan on using them all the time because they’re generally out of reach. This design ties into the wainscoting and base trim just like the previous example. Doing it this way creates a much more seamless look.

Including an interior locking door in your design is a great idea too. Mudrooms tend to get messy so you may want to close this area off to the main house when guests are over. A locking door also adds another layer of safety in case you forget to lock the exterior door.

all white built in mudroom storage with high and low cubbies, bench seating and top shelf

Built In Mudroom Storage Unit

A built in mudroom storage unit can include everything you need in one place. Low cubbies are great for storing shoes or kids toys. The bench seat is perfect when you need to sit down or put down groceries or boxes. Upper cubbies are great for storing whatever fits and the so is that wide top shelf. You can’t see it here but there’s a small closet for hanging coats and additional storage.

This simple mudroom is all you need. It’s located right next to the kitchen, a bathroom, laundry and off the garage which is how you get in and out. These mudroom designs are so great because all the working parts of the house that tend to get a little messier are all located in one place.

Large Mudroom Storage Cabinets

If you have enough space a mudroom can be it’s own room, not just a small part of a hallway. This large mudroom includes cabinets large enough for coats as well as high cabinets, bench seating and low pull out storage. It even includes a tub sink for washing off before going into the house.

These types of large mudroom designs provide everything you need including a large storage area to stash just about anything you need. And mudrooms this big have enough space for pets you don’t want running around the house when your out.

Want shelf clutter out of sight without using cabinet fronts? Consider using a drawer with a mesh front. They add a little softness to the design.

Pro Tip: A roomy sink and worktop can also allow your mudroom to double as a great room for pets, plants or other activities like gardening.

large white mudroom storage unit with base drawers high cabinets and long cabinets for coats

Large Mudroom Storage Unit With Built Ins

Large, more elaborate mudroom storage units can be purchased pre-built in pieces and assembled on site or custom built as one large built in. Low pull out drawers and high cabinets provide plenty of storage room for whatever you need while the tall cabinets are great for jackets and coats. A small bench seat big enough for two is more than enough room to sit and take off your boots and a few hooks come in handy for things you don’t want to store. Even the top shelf is far enough from the ceiling that you can use it for additional storage.

These large mudroom storage units are enough to stash away not only your coats, hats, boots and gloves but also all sorts of stuff that would otherwise be scattered around the house.

Large mudroom storage with barn door and adjacent laundry room

Mudroom Design With Adjacent Laundry

Some mudroom designs are part of working area of the home away from guests. An adjacent laundry room is a great thing to have. Anything dirty brought into the mudroom can be taken off and thrown right into the wash. This comes in handy for so many thing. Have you ever come home dirty from a workout, doing yard work, working on a car, coming home from work or some other activity. Change out of those dirty clothes and throw them right in the wash.

mudroom lockers with shoe storage, tile floors with an area rug

Mudroom Lockers

Individual storage lockers are a great idea in a mudroom with a large family. Everyone can have their own space for coats, shoes, hats and whatever other personal items they’d like to store. Lockers are especially nice when you have kids. They generally like having a spot all their own to put things.

Large Mudroom With Storage Chest Bench

A large bench with flip up seat and storage chest is a nice feature to have. Because the chest is closed you can stash all sorts of things that you don’t want exposed. Closed storage is an especially nice feature to have if you use the mudroom for guests. Everything is hidden so even the mudroom can stay completely neat and clean.

Top cabinets add even more storage space and the hooks are more than enough to hang whatever you need.

Tile floors are a great choice in a mudroom because they’re so easy to clean.

Modern Mudroom Design

Mudrooms are great in a wide variety of home designs ranging from a rustic country farmhouse to an ultra modern custom home. The versatility of the room is what makes it such a good addition just about everywhere we build one. They’re primarily a functional room meant to provide storage and an organized place to store outdoor clothing and shoes. The benefits are something just about every homeowner can use.

Best of all the design can be tailored to match any home style. The flat wood panels and minimalist lines are very modern but the function is exactly the same as mudrooms found in a traditional home. No matter the style of your home, focus on function first and then adjust the style as needed.

2 piece black mudroom storage units bench seating with cubbies and a top shelf with baskets and hooks

Two Piece Mudroom Storage

Most of the mudroom storage units you’ll see on this page have a finished back but they don’t have to be. A simple bench seat with some storage underneath paired with a top shelf or cubbies with a few hooks is more than enough. Many customers prefer the look of a sheetrocked wall compared to paneling.

Black is a nice color for a mudroom unit. We most commonly see white but black works just as well. It’s a safe choice that goes with just about anything. If your not sure what color to paint your storage unit stick with white, black, wood or gray. They’re the most popular choices by far.

gray mudroom storage units with a wood bench top

Gray Mudroom Storage Unit

Gray is another popular color for a mudroom storage unit along with white, wood and black. It’s a neutral color that goes with basically everything so you really can’t go wrong.

This design features a stained wood bench seat that matches the hardwood flooring. Matching elements found in the mudroom storage to the home gives the room a more harmonious feel. Cubbies underneath the bench are more than enough room for shoes and boots and the open top shelf adds some additional space. Hang your coats and other items conveniently on the black hooks.

These simple storage units can be put near any exterior door, turning the space into a small mudroom.

matching mudroom storage and furniture with plush tan seating

Mudroom Storage With Matching Cabinetry

If you have a mudroom next to your main entry door and want a harmonious look then consider matching the storage bench to the other furniture found throughout the room. If you have furniture already then you can build the bench to match. However if your buying or building everything new then it’s easy to find stuff that matches. Especially if it’s a custom build.

Matching hardware is a very easy thing you can do to bring furniture elements together. Even if all your pieces aren’t from the same set, matching the hardware can make them look like they are.

Gray Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are great if you have the space and gray is a nice color choice. especially with today’s trend of gray and white homes and tons of neutrals.

beautiful built in mudroom storage lockers in a hall

Hall Mudroom Storage

It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful mudroom. Even a simple hallway can be more than enough if it’s wide enough. The mudroom design idea is the hallway leading to the home from the garage. This unit includes bench seating with low and high cubbies, baskets and individual lockers with hooks.

large gray and wood mudroom storage unit

Large Gray & Wood Mudroom Bench

Some mudroom benches and storage units can be just as beautiful as the kitchen cabinets. Here we see an elaborate design featuring a solid wood bench seat with drawers and large coat cabinets and some hooks. A variety of shiplap paneling designs makes this unit really stand out. Gray paint with wood is a nice combination.

Small Mudroom Design Ideas

Large mudrooms are definitely a plus if you have the room but what if you don’t? If all you’ve got to work with is a small home with a mudroom tucked in the hall you can still create a beautiful, functional space that does everything you need it to.

simple, small white mudroom storage unit bench seat with hooks

Small Mudroom Storage Unit

A simple, small mudroom storage unit can be all you need. It provides bench seating that lifts up to reveal a large storage chest and hooks for coats, hats, jackets and whatever you need to hang. And it looks great. The addition of some throw pillows and a nice potted plant really complete the look.

Notice how the trim style matches the rest of the home. That’s because this storage unit is a built in. They’re sold as pre-built units you install just like a cabinet. They come in a variety of styles so if you like the idea of matching your existing trim find a unit that works.

simple, small, white mudroom storage unit with cubbies and bench seat

Simple Hallway Mudroom Storage Built In

A simple storage unit can be all you need in a hallway to create a beautiful mudroom. Low cubbies with bench seating, high cubbies with baskets and a top shelf. Include a small coat closet or some hooks and you’ll have plenty of additional storage.

A few throw pillows are more than enough to add some extra style to the bench.

These super simple mudroom storage units are great DIY projects. You can buy them as complete pre-made units that you install just like a cabinet or you can buy them in pieces and assemble them on site yourself. This is basically just an upper and lower set of cubbies with some base trim, crown molding, shiplap and a gallon of flat white paint. The top of the lower cubbies double as your bench seat.

small modern mudroom design idea dark wood with brushed metal

Small Modern Mudroom Design Ideas

All you really need for a simple, small mudroom is a bench seat and coat hooks. The design can be adjusted to match whatever home style you have. Here we see a modern bench with clean lines and square edges. Very minimalist. Dark wood stain with brushed metal hardware and hooks.

Small mudroom at the base of the stairs in a bi level home

Small Bi Level Mudroom

Bi level homes are perfect for a small mudroom design. Something simple at the bottom of the stairs is all you need. A bench with flip up seat for storage and some coat hooks. Wainscoting wrapped into the surrounding wall paneling is nice if you want a built in continuous look. Since the bench finish matches the surrounding trim you can paint it all the same color.

This type of mudroom design uses the main entrance as the entry which works well with a bi level. Not all mudrooms need their own door. When you’ve got a small house or a design that warrants it your main entry can be transformed into a mudroom with a simple bench and storage.

Simple Mudroom Design Idea

If you have a closet and don’t need any additional storage then maybe just a bench seat is enough. It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful mudroom.

beautiful small mudroom storage unit design idea plush bench seating cushion with drawers and cabinets white paint with black knobs and coat hooks

Small Mudroom Design Ideas

Just because you have a small mudroom area doesn’t mean you can turn it into something special. The design above is one of the most beautiful on the page and it’s in a very small space.

Bench seating with a plush striped cushion with lower drawers. Large top cabinets with coat hooks provide plenty of storage space. White paint with black metal knobs and hooks is a great look that matches nicely with the homes white trim and dark hardwood floors.

An area rug is a nice addition to a mudroom.

One of the good things about a unit like this is how easy it is to keep clean. Wood that’s been properly painted and sealed just needs to be wiper down when it gets dirty and both the hardwood floors and area rug are easy to clean. Treat your mudroom storage unit the same way you do the kitchen cabinets.

Mudroom storage units can be an impressive organization system. The hooks can be used for leashes and collars or all your human stuff. The cushioned bench seat is perfect for removing shoes. The top cabinets above the bench are great for gardening or workout supplies, pet food or whatever else you need to store. And you’ve still got lower drawers with plenty of additional space.

Mudroom Flooring Ideas

Having the right flooring in your mudroom is another important factor to consider. Select a flooring material that’s durable, easy to clean and durable. Stone, tile, vinyl, hardwood and concrete are some of the best flooring materials for a mudroom. Consider adding a rug or mat at the entry door for people to scrape dirt off their feet. Rugs throughout the room however would be a very bad idea.

large mudroom with bench, hooks, shelves, cubbies and laundry closet

Mudroom Tile Flooring

Tile is a great flooring for a mudroom. It’s super easy to clean, can get wet, doesn’t easily stain and it looks great. A mudroom is a functional room that’s meant to get a little dirty so it’s important to choose a flooring that can take it.

beautiful mudroom with wood flooring and a throw rug with built in bench seating

Mudroom Area Rugs

Rugs are generally a very bad idea in a mudroom but area rugs are an exception. They can easily be taken outside and cleaned whenever needed. If you want to dress up the flooring a little bit on your mudroom with an area rug just make sure to buy something durable. Rugs come in all different forms. A soft, thick, plush rug may work great in a bedroom but would be horrible in a mudroom.

Many of our best mudroom design ideas have to do with proper flooring. Use a rug with very short and tough knit carpeting that doesn’t absorb moisture or dirt.

When a mudroom is part of an open floor plan then consistency is key. Carry the trim style throughout the home. This ensures the rooms all complement each other and blend well. Don’t think of your mudroom as just a place to store stuff. It’s an important part of the home and should be decorated as such.

Mudroom Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring is another very popular choice for a mudroom mainly because of how easy it is to clean and how great it looks. Most homes these days use hardwood throughout so you can run your flooring continuous. It’s a big plus that gives your home a more fluid look. One of our best mudroom design ideas is to use flooring or area rugs that are easy to clean.

Floor to ceiling storage can create a superb mudroom from an empty hallway. High cabinets provide storage for odds and ends up top, while a built in nook with a bench seat and cushion becomes a spot for changing shoes.

Summary: Mudroom Ideas And Design

Mudrooms can be a beautiful addition to just about any home. They’re first and foremost a functional space that can be styled to match the look of the main home. Since they’re all custom designed and built you should be able to find something that fits whatever style home you have.

We hope the mudroom ideas and pics shown above will help you with your design.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time.

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