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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Many people love to visit model homes or furniture showrooms to get some great master bedroom design ideas. It’s nice to see a perfectly designed bedroom that you dream of having one day. We all want a beautiful master bedroom like something out of a magazine.

Is your bedroom in desperate need of a change? A master bedroom you look forward to spending time in isn’t just a dream. With smart style choices and a well thought out design you can have a beautiful master bedroom without spending a fortune. I can totally relate to this myself. My master bedroom has been the same for over 5 years and I’m so ready to make a change. But I’m not really sure what I want yet which makes it hard to get started. And that’s exactly why I wrote this article. If you are in the same boat as I am then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve filled this page with some of the finest master bedroom design ideas. Some are cheap and easy to do while some will take a little more work and a higher budget. But in the end, you can have a fantastic master bedroom too.

Just because we’re in the business of designing and building luxury custom homes doesn’t mean we don’t have the same style problems as you in our own homes. I’ll be updating this page as I work out my own master bedroom design so check back.

Master Bedroom Design Tips:

There is no one size fits all answer to what the right master bedroom design is. But we do use a lot of general guidelines as we work and I think you should too.

  • Stick with timeless master bedroom designs that won’t go out of style
  • Beware of anything that’s too trendy
  • Choose classic finishes and colors for anything permanent (i.e. flooring, wall paneling, tile, cabinets)
  • Make a statement with furnishings, art, and accessories
  • Add some architectural detail if you can with trim work

Regardless of your home’s overall design,your master bedroom is a more personal space that should reflect your style. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches that you may not include in a living room or kitchen. The  common rooms are styled a lot different than your own personal spaces. Kids, pets, toys, stacks of books, art projects, and the TV. Everything winds up somewhere at some point. But your bedroom should be filled with your stuff. That’s one of the things missing from most model homes or bedroom magazine photos. Even most of the pictures on this page lack a personal lived in quality.

Make sure you think about that as you design your room. Do you read at night? Watch TV. Play on your tablet? What you like to do in your room every day should be a part of the design.

And keep in mind that most bedrooms end up getting a little messy. I try and keep my room clean but always seam to end up with a pile of clothes somewhere. So include somewhere to put or pile stuff because you’ll probably end up needing it.

Include more pillows that you think you’ll need. Maybe it’s just me but I like to sit up at night and surf the web or watch a move propped up by some comfy pillows. I don’t actually use them all to sleep on but bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. That hour or so a night when I get to just relax and unwind is important for me to get a good night sleep.

Master Bedroom Designs

Here’s a few more tips and important things you should consider when designing your master bedroom.

  • Focus on the basics. A good quality mattress, comfortable pillows and quality bedding are essential. I once heard Brad Pitt say the most important thing he ever bought was a comfortable bed. That’s saying something from a man who can buy just about anything in the world.
  • Color theory. The colors you use throughout the room matter. And we’re not talking about just the walls. The best bedroom designs have an overall color scheme.
  • Accessorize. Once you’ve got a color scheme for the room picked out and all your basics taken care of start accessorizing. Good lighting is important, and for me, so is a TV. I like bedside tables with a lamp. I also make sure to include a chair or two and I like some art or posters on my walls. And I always include some photographs of the family and places I’ve been.
  • Personalize the space. It’s your personal space so include some personal stuff. The master bedrooms you typically see in a showroom or magazine always lack that one of a kind personal touch because they’re trying to appeal to a wider audience. And it’s those little touches that make the best bedroom designs.
  • Be Organized. No matter what I do I always end up with a pile of clothes somewhere in the bedroom. Make sure to include enough storage and organization for all your stuff.

Master Bedrooms Are A Personal Space

Throughout this article you’ll see some beautiful master bedroom design ideas. We’ve assembled some of our all time favorites and nicest pictures for you. But remember to use them as a guide. The best master bedroom designs are special because of the people who live in them. Have you ever stopped and took notice of a kids bedroom. They’re so alive. All their things are scattered about, their favorite toys, books, video games and equipment. Their lives are there on display which really brings the room to life. As adults we lose some of that when we design our rooms. For some reason designers create these fantastic bedrooms but forget to include the people who live there.

Bring parts of you and your life into the room. Most of the designs on this page are a bit cold because they lack all that great stuff that’s unique to you. So include all that. Bring in some photographs. Your favorite blanket. A poster or piece of art that’s meaningful to you. Or some other thing that makes the room a truly special, more personal space. Because that’s what the all time best master bedroom designs are.

Our Top Master Bedroom Design Ideas

master bedroom design idea with personal touchesand photographs plush headboard

Make Your Master Bedroom Design Personal

All those beautifully furnished model home’s or magazines full of master bedroom design ideas generally lack one big thing, personality. And because of that they feel sterile and almost robotic. They’re designed for mass market appeal so they lack the small finishing touches. Things like photographs, collectibles, books, magazines and your other stuff. All that stuff they leave out is what makes your bedroom special. My all time favorite master bedroom designs are always actual people’s because they personalize the room.

Those one of a kind personal touches are what makes a bedroom unique. Once you find a design you love in a picture or showroom, use it as a guide. Take elements from it like the color scheme, bed frame or furniture and model your room after it. But they don’t forget to personalize the bedroom with your things.

I great design with your personal touches is what makes a master bedroom design really special.

neutral colored master bedroom design cream and white dark hardwood floors area rug

Neutral Colored Master Bedroom Design

If your one of those people who loves neutral warm colors then this master bedroom design idea may be for you. Check out that beautiful king size bed with cream plush headrest, white comforter and a variety of light tan, brown and white pillows. Light tan sofa with pillows that smartly match the bed. Dark hardwood floors with matching wood furniture. Gray walls with white trim. Nice artwork and mirror adorn the walls. Dropped ceiling beams with recessed lighting and a center fan. Tan area rug. This master bedroom design has it all. 

It’s warm, inviting and that bed looks super comfortable.

It’s a fantastic design but I think it needs that personal touch only you can give it. And in my case a bit more storage space. I’d love to see a fireplace or some built ins. But even though I’d add a couple things there’s nothing I’d change or take out. It’s a super clean design that really nails the warm neutral color scheme right on the head.

cool master bedroom design idea framed posters with a funky chandelier transitional design

Make Your Master Bedroom Cool

Add some cool finishing touched like this funky chandelier or some framed posters. Don’t underestimate the effect of a poster or two vs artwork. Some movie or gig posters are as beautiful as a painting and just as memorable. Especially if they have some significance or personal meaning behind them. It’s the little things that make some master bedroom designs stand out.

Take the example above. If you take away a few of these cool, personal touches then the room becomes just an average gray and white master bedroom with a semi modern flair. It’s still a very nice design, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

We’re not saying use these exact finishing touches in your room. Rather it’s an example of how a few personal things can totally change the look and vibe of the bedroom.

beautiful master bedroom design salmon pink decor with cream and tan

Beautiful Salmon Pink And Cream Master Bedroom Decor

Salmon is a beautiful shade of pale pink that gives this master bedroom a soft, happy feel. I really like how it’s used here with white and cream. The whole color scheme inside the room feels very fresh and modern but warm. It’s refreshing to see since most bedrooms these days have been using some much gray and cool colors. I’m so glad to see new design trends emerging that are more colorful with a lot more warmth.

With colors like salmon keep things as pale as you can. Very muted colors work best. Salmon can be a very bold, in your face color when it’s bright. A bit too much for your average bedroom but a shade like this can work almost anywhere.

Using it with cream and tan is a very nice combination. This is one of my favorite master bedroom design ideas on the page and I’m seriously considering using a few elements myself.

Master bedroom With Modern Glass Fireplace

Another view of that beautiful salmon, cream and white master bedroom from above. From this angle you can see why I like it so much. It’s clean, fresh and modern. The glass fireplace set in stone is beautiful. I like a light and bright bedroom which this bedroom definitely is.

What I really like is using two area rugs stacked on one another. The first is thin while the 2nd is a thick faux fur. Because of how totally different they are it works and I plan on doing something like this myself.

I like the plush white sofas. If your master bedroom is large enough to fit seating then I highly recommend doing it. otherwise you just have a a bunch of wasted space. This bedroom sections off the room nicely with it’s sofa placement. Creating areas that feel individual and unique in the same room isn’t easy to do but these designers have done it nicely.

plush gray headboard with gray pillows and comforter black end tables white lamps

Plush Headboards

I just love a thick, plush headrest. The thicker the better. A chic focal point for a master bedroom. These upholstered headboards are the perfect finishing touch that meets the multiple needs of many great master bedroom designs. They look beautiful while having functional benefits. If your like me and like to sit up at night watching a movie, reading a book or surfing the web then you’ll appreciate owning one. And they’re not that expensive. You can buy one like this brand new for under $200.

gray and cream master bedroom plush gray headboard area rug dropped wood beams hardwood floors

Plush Master Bedroom headboard With Matching Frame

Here’s another view of that beautiful master bedroom design with plush gray headboard and matching bed frame.

The wide plank hardwood floors are natural with just a flat sealer. Black bedside tables with mirror finish give the room a modern touch but overall the style is quite traditional. light gray walls with white trim. A cream and gray area rub with cream sofa. Lots of windows let in tons of natural light.

High ceilings with dropped real wood naturally finished beams.

With everything going on in the room the real star of the show is the king sized bed. When you have a large master bedroom and lots of space the bed design can really shine. Gray, cream and patterned pillows complete the look.

Be Colorful

Although the current master bedroom design trends use lots of neutral colors and grays, some of the best are using color. Don’t be afraid of using a brighter palette if that’s your style. Here we see a nice closeup of the bedside table featuring large gold handles, bright pink flowers with silver vase and a blue candle light. Baby blue plush headboard and dark blue pull down soundproof curtains. it’s just such a nice light and bright color scheme.

White walls, bedding and pillows are great choices. You don’t want too much color or the room could be a bit overwhelming. A white base with colorful splashes looks best. It’s a clean, crisp design that makes you feel good.

Colorful rooms aren’t for everyone these days but if it’s your thing then you should go for it.

small master bedroom with all white coffered ceiling dropped beams with beadboard coffers

Small Bedroom With A Coffered Ceiling

A small master bedroom design looks so great when you add in a coffered ceiling. I like the look of smaller coffered ceilings that are contained to a special room of the house, like a dining room for example, much better than if they’re used all over the house or in a huge room. When the rooms is smaller the ceiling design seams more special. More impactful. They really make a bedroom feel special and on a whole other level when compared to a room without one.

This design features dropped beams with bead board coffers, a center chandelier, recessed lighting and a whole lot of white paint

I really like all white coffered ceilings, especially in a smaller room. Light colors make a small bedroom feel a lot larger.

A would also recommend a design like you see above. Larger coffers makes a room feel bigger. When you see a coffered ceiling with lots of small coffers it’s generally in a much bigger room.

antique white washed bed frame and table master bedroom design

Master Bedroom With Antique White Washed Bed Frame

White washed wood can give a master bedroom an antique feel even if the furniture isn’t actually an antique. It’s just a very nice look. And it’s one of the rare styles that looks great with darker walls. As you’ll see from the majority of picture throughout the article, lighter walls are definitely more popular. But with whitewash you can go darker. These warm gray walls provide a nice backdrop for the light furniture.

The matching bed side table with pattern inlay and a green gray paint scheme is a nice addition.

Light purple comforter with matching purple pillows and a light pink lamp shade give the room a soft, relaxing feel. Other elements around the room have the same antique feel including the picture of a vintage blue pickup truck. If your into the antique look then this is a design you should definitely consider. 

transitional modern master bedroom design idea with black framed corner window

Transitional Modern master Bedroom Design Ideas

Transitional homes have a great mix of modern and traditional styles. Those black frame corner windows are ultra modern, you don’t see them used on any other home. However the rest of the rooms decor is vert traditional. Light cream walls with white trim and a white ceiling. Recessed lighting with a center ceiling fan. It’s all pretty standard stuff. What stands out to e is the bed.

I really like having a plush headrest not only because it’s great for when you want to sit and relax in bed but they also look great too. And I really like the sheen on those gold and silver throw pillows. There’s a very nice mix of earthy colors here.

Overall I like the feel and look of the room although I would prefer hardwood floors over the tile. But if you’ve got a Florida house or live on the beach then tile floors may be the better choice.

large master bedroom design with 2 tone coffered ceiling color scheme tan and white cream colored bedroom

Large Master Bedroom Design With 2 Tone Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings look great in a larger master bedroom too. They’re only way to truly have a floor to ceiling design. Here we see a 2 tone color scheme. White dropped beams with light tan coffers. Matching light tan walls with white trim.

What you get when you put this color tan with all that white is a beautiful cream colored room. And I love that cream is finally coming back in style. It’s actually one of the hotter kitchen cabinet trends at the moment and a long time staple of luxury kitchen design. The warmth and timeless beauty of cream colors is just as nice in a bedroom as it is in the kitchen. Warm rooms feel more soothing and that’s exactly what you want in the bedroom.

Throw in some custom wood work and wall paneling, a fireplace with wood and stone mantle, and a beautiful stained wood king size bed with cream bedding and you end up with one fantastic master bedroom design.

Of all the pictures throughout the article this is one of my favorite master bedroom design ideas. Although I would definitely need a bit more storage.

rustic master bedroom design idea with dark wood trim and real stone wood burning fireplace

Rustic Master Bedroom Design

A rustic master bedroom is a beautiful thing if you’ve got the right house for it. A of options open up with a country house that you wouldn’t use in many others. Dark wood trims become the norm. Knotty hardwood floors and real stone. The colors tend to be warmer with more browns and tans.

Check out this fantastic rustic master bedroom above featuring a large wood burning fireplace with natural brown real stone veneer and cast surround with matching mantle. Gray cream walls with cream bedding. The plush brown headboard is a nice addition to this king size bed.

The accent designs change a bit to carry the rustic theme. Center chandelier with scrolled iron work and bed pillows with a southwestern pattern aren’t things you’d find in your typical master bedroom.

If you have the right home then consider this rustic style. It’s one of our favorite master bedroom design ideas.

light master bedroom design with vaulted ceiling and a chalky gray color scheme

Chalky Gray Master Bedroom Design With Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceiling is another great addition to your master bedroom design. Some vaulted ceilings are the roof itself but some are just for show and are framed into the attic. Most homeowners don’t realize how easy these are to build. Assuming you have an attic to build them into.

This design features dropped beams with a shiplap ceiling, center fan and recessed lighting. The finish was kept very light to match the overall light color scheme in the room. Building this out of real wood is more expensive but there are cheaper options. Faux beams made out of composite molded material or from slivers of real wood can be bought for quite a bit less than real wood.

The color scheme is a chalky cream color with matching cast fireplace surround and mantle. Cream colored bedding and trim with very light gray walls. The colors have very subtle differences and a flat finish.

closeup master bedroom pillows cream colored different patterns plish brown headrest

Decorate Your Master Bedroom With Cool Bed Pillows

Decorate your master bedroom with a bunch of patterned pillows. A lot of people these days are sticking with solid colors but I really like using patterns. And they don’t have all to match. Use a variety of patterns and fabrics. Just make sure they don’t clash. The colors can be different but should still all look good together.

I especially like when all the pillows are variations of the same color that all work with the color scheme. Here we see cream and white pillows. 3 Pillows all with the same warm undertones, slightly darker and lighter than one another. And they all look great against the plush brown headboard and matching wood furniture.

White and gray bedding completes the bed design.

As you can see from the master bathroom cabinets this bedroom has a modern flair.

blue master bedroom walls with matching darker blue drapes white bedding

Colorful Walls With Matching Drapes

If you like the color blue, then this master bedroom design may be for you. This traditional bedroom features blue walls with matching darker blue drapes. There are tons of different shades of blue to choose from but what these designers did is use the same shade. They just darkened it a bit to create some contrast between the walls and drapes.

White trim with crown molding creates a nice separation between the walls, floor and ceiling.

Medium dark hardwood floors with a light patterned area rug helps brighten up the room along with the white bedding.

Black wood bedside tables with lamps provide plenty of light for reading with help from the center chandelier and recessed lighting.

Some small, simple plants bring just the right amount of green to the bedroom.

master bedroom design with built in shelving cream color palette

Include Lots Of Storage

Storage in a master bedroom design is important to think about. No matter what I do I always end up with piles of clothes somewhere in the room and something stacked upon the floor. I work a lot from home and do a lot in the bedroom so having places to put stuff really helps.

This built in shelving is a great idea and few people include them in a master bedroom. Most people think of built in as a living room thing but bedrooms have just as much stuff to stash away as any other room in the house. And in my case a lot more. Having a bookcase built in my room would be such a nice feature. And they look great too.

This one is painted off white to match the walls. I like when the built in is seamless with the walls and some type of white. It’s a clean look and they’re are tons of variations of white for you to pick from. Even a very light cream would be nice.

The rest of the room features a neutral cream color scheme. Light beige area rug over a medium stained hardwood floor. Beige plush headboard with white bedding. Plush cream chairs. Tan trim. Black bedside tables adds some much needed contrast to the room. In a light bedroom I really like adding in a few dark elements.

small master bedroom design black bed r=frame with cream and white bedding cream walls checkered drapers

Small Master Bedroom Design

Not all master bedrooms are enormous. Although most people nowadays think of the master bedroom as being huge. Often times two or three times as large as the other bedrooms and sometimes even including an additional sitting room. In the past a master bedroom was about the same size as the other bedrooms except it included a bathroom. Older homes were smaller and had a lot less wasted space. I mean, why does anyone need a 1500 sq. ft. master bedroom anyway.

Many new homes are slimming down and using a smaller master bedroom design. And they can be just as beautifully styled as their larger cousins.

Here we see neutral cream colored walls with white trim and crown molding. Checkered drapes with wall art and a plush white chair. Black bed frame with matching bed side tables. White and cream bedding with plenty of throw pillows. Hardwood floors with a light beige area rug. What a fantastic master bedroom design.

small gray master bedroom design idea gray walls with gray bedding black frame and dresser

Small Gray Master Bedroom Design

Another fantastic small master bedroom design only this time with a gray color scheme. You really don’t need a ton of space to style a beautiful bedroom. Pale gray walls with white trim and light cream drapes. Black wood bed frame with gray and white bedding and lots of throw pillows. Matching black wood dresser. Hardwood floors with a white and gray area rug. Custom ceiling with inlay and crown molding. Bed side tables and wall sconces. Tan chair with small glass and iron table with a few tiny plants.

Another example of a fantastic small master bedroom design. Because grays go with just about anything this design is sure to work well in the majority of homes.

master bedroom design with two accent walls stone veneer and reclaimed wood paneling

Stone & Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Creating an accent wall in the master bedroom is a great way to dress it up. But have you ever considered adding two? Here we see a cultured stone accent wall behind the bed and another adjacent to the bed finished with reclaimed wood paneling. The side walls are both sheetrocked and finished with white paint. This is a transitional modern home with black frame windows and doors so the inside has been styled to match.

if your like the idea of two accent walls then do what these designers did and make them harmonious. Even though the materials are different, the colors are very close and create a warm atmosphere inside the room. They also match nicely with the hardwood floors, plush tan headboard and bedding. Even the throw pillows and plush chairs flow with the color scheme.

Black is used throughout the room which matches the window and door frames. Your goal should be for your master bedroom to have a single cohesive design where each elements feels a part of the overall style.

Try to avoid clashes or disjointed elements that feel out of place. The exception to this is with personal touches that you want to stand out. Those items often end up being the best part of the room. 

master bedroom with sitting room white wall paneling chandelier dark hardwood floors fireplace surround

Custom Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is a great way to finish off the walls in a master bedroom. If you like white it’s a great way to create a light and bright bedroom. And wall paneling has a sophisticated, rich look. It works really well in larger master bedroom designs like this one which has an additional sitting room attached. Wall paneling is a great way to differentiate two adjoining rooms. The wall paneling in the bedroom area contrasts the tan walls of the sitting room.

However the white trim style is carried into the sitting room via built ins and a very nice fireplace surround.

The tans sitting rooms walls match nicely with the tan bedding and light cream furniture.

Notice how the two adjoining rooms each have their own style yet compliment each other so it feels like one cohesive bedroom design.

modern master bedroom design green plush bed frame gray walls wallpaper

Modern Master Bedroom Design

Conventional master bedroom design ideas tend to stay on the serene and soothing side, but if that approach leaves you feeling bored, buck the trend and go for a modern bedroom design instead. Large vertical wall panels with horizontal wood instantly pep up this modern gray bedroom design. Coordinating your headboard and bedding makes for a cohesive look. Gray furniture with a gray area rug stick with the theme. The plush green bed frame also works perfectly as it’s a grayish, neutral shade. Black and white pendant lights are a nice touch and provide plenty of light along side the tract lighting above.

Wood grain porcelain tiles and gray drapes with floor to ceiling glass doors complete this contemporary bedroom design.

master bedroom modern design floorto ceiling windows wood floors wood bed frame

Master Bedroom With A View

If your lucky enough to have them then leave the bedroom open to nature with large panoramic windows. A fur blanket warms up the room, balancing the soft floors with plush comfort. “Mornings we can sit here and stare out for hours,” says homeowner Jack Forstadt. If you have a master bedroom with a view then use it. Don’t hide away behind shades or a thick curtain.

A beautiful view is a terrible thing to waste so design around it. Make it a focal point of the room. Position the bed so you can look out over the landscape, trees or waterfront. Of course include shades and or curtains for when you want privacy but when the shades are open makes sure you can see the view from wherever your relaxing.

It’s also a great idea to include a nice sitting area. You may just want to sit comfortably and enjoy the view from time to time. A sitting area is a great place to relax in the morning with a cup of coffee away from the main areas of the home.

Always think comfortable. If you’ve got a great you’ll want to relax and enjoy it.

Pro Tip: Clients often choose furniture that looks great but isn’t always the most comfortable. When it comes to a bedroom that’s a big mistake. The chairs you choose for your sitting area will be sat in. The bed will be laid in. Make sure to try the furniture out before you buy it and be 100% sure it’s right for you.

master bedroom with modern design dark color scheme white plush bed frame gray and white colors

Monochromatic Master Bedroom Design

One of bedroom design’s biggest trends is the upholstered headboard. One part cozy, many parts chic, a headboard is super comfortable when you’re up late reading, surfing the web or watching a movie. It also breaks up the design and makes the bed the focal point of the room. Shop for one in a durable, neutral fabric, or put the project on your DIY list. And going big here can have a huge payoff like the example shown above.

Another trend worthy of the master bedroom is wall paneling in big, bold patterns. It gives walls an opulence that paint can’t match. Pick an elegant design with a textured look. To keep the look upscale, balance your wall paneling and plush headboard with neutral furnishings. A dramatic take: Do only the wall that your bed rests against with paneling and paint the rest. This is a great way to really make a design pop in just the places you want.

The addition of simple, green plants is always a nice finishing touch to any room and so is the minimalist furniture and gold pendant lighting. Splashes of metallic finishes go far in a monochromatic design.

master bedroom with tan colors caulted wood ceilings huge windows mirror wall sitting area

Vaulted Ceiling Master Bedroom Design Idea

Vaulted ceilings in a master bedroom design really open up the space and make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. If you’ve got an attic you can frame into then this isn’t a difficult or terribly expensive bedroom design to build.

Textured wall paper with the wood ceiling and exposed beams all work together nicely along with the area rug and wood floors. A window seating area and some chairs are also great additions to any master bedroom design. The best master bedroom designs create a comfortable place to relax, not just a room to sleep in.

master bedroom gray monochromatic design sitting area plush bed frame

Master Bedroom Ideas: Enjoy the finer things

The master bedroom should be two things: luxurious and comfortable. Fulfill both with a pale color palette and plush furnishings. The brown sued chairs with table add an earthy element, while the bed side light fixtures and velvet headboard contribute a finer elegance.

Proper wall art is vital to every space, but it may be even more important in bedrooms since you’ll generally have fewer design options available. Whenever possible, use wall décor to anchor each of the distinct areas in your space, such as above the bed or beside some seating. Then, add artwork or a mirror to any walls that feel too blank.

When choosing the art work that will decorate your walls, try to keep variety in mind. Most people tend to go with a neutral, soft pallet in a bedroom as they’re thought to be relaxing colors. Art is where you can go bold and bright. With art you can pretty much choose anything you want and it’ll work. Play with colors, textures and artistic materials. And don’t be afraid to mix different sizes and shapes.

Pro Tip: Give some thought to the frames. Frames are often overlooked but a nice frame says a lot. Will you choose wood or metal. Black, brown, white, metal. Glossy or a flat finish. A thick ornate frame or something slim and modern. When picking frames choose the style that best suites the style of the room, not the artwork.

master bedroom design wall paneling gray style

Box Molding Master Bedroom Trim Style

Adding some architectural detail to a master bedroom is a fantastic design choice.

How do you make a HUGE design impact with wall paneling? You guessed it, by adding trim work called box molding, a form of wall paneling. You know what I love about decorative wall molding? There’s almost no limit to the designs. It makes a great DIY project. And if you have the skill and tools, it’s not that expensive to do by yourself. Because of how flexible the designs are you can add wall paneling to just about any style home and it’ll always look great.

Box molding is one of the simplest and easiest trim styles to design and install. It consists of adding strips of wood to your already existing walls (either with glue, nails or preferably both), and then painting the entire wall to match. You can customize not only the size of the boxes, to be squares, rectangles, or a combination of each, but also the thickness of the boards to achieve just about any look.

You can also add crown molding, base board, or built ins to the box molding for additional detail. Box molding can totally transform the entire look and feel of a master bedroom for very little cost or effort.

Pro Tip: We recommend that you paint the walls and moldings, especially the box molding, all the same color.

master bedroom design gray and white monochromatic design wall paneling coffered ceiling chandelier

Master Bedroom Design Ideas: Moldings

Up next we have applied moldings and a coffered ceiling. Both generally lean a bit more formal than other trim options but can be designed to fit a variety of styles. Again, you have the option to customize the size and style of the moldings as well as the shapes so applied molding, A.K.A. applique, and coffered ceilings, are both quite versatile.

The Applique is a decorative Wall Treatment achieved by trimming the wall with shapes using trim pieces like chair rail. Applied molding isn’t limited to any one section of the wall, far from it, many homes have them all over the walls and even the ceilings and doors. The most common Applique shape is the rectangle. The perfect Applique occurs when all four sides are the same distance apart from the Chair Rail, Baseboard and the next applique or wall. Symmetry is a classic component of applied molding design.

With different size walls in a room you will have to get creative with the shape of each individual applique, ideally you would like all of them to be approximately the same size but in reality it is nearly impossible. Using different combinations of widths and shapes you can achieve a beautiful design. Try to keep symmetry in mind when designing.

The coffered ceiling is a beautiful master bedroom trim choice if you have the ceiling height for it. Generally we need at least 8 1/2′ but you could design a simple version for an 8′. Add in recessed lighting and a center chandelier or ceiling fan.

Pro Tip: When designing complicated moldings for a master bedroom look at tons of reference photos. Find something you really love and use that as a guide. In design we call this a look book.

master bedroom with custom vaulted ceiling and chandelier

Master Bedroom Vaulted Ceiling Design

A vaulted ceiling in a great design for a master bedroom. It makes the room feel much larger than it really is which opens up some interesting design options. A crystal chandelier is one of those options that wouldn’t be possible with a standard 8 or 9 ft. ceiling.

The custom ceiling trim also looks great and works well with the trim design in the room. Black doors creates a nice contrast against the white walls, trim and furniture as will as the light stained wood floors. Blue is the accent color of choice here with gold metallic finishes.

ultra modern master bedroom design with polished concrete floors gray walls floor to ceiling windows and doors

Master Bedroom Ideas: Focus On The Bed

Make your bedroom an escape from the stress of everyday life by focusing your attention on the bed. A simple way to do this is using a headboard that’s multi-use. Something big enough to conveniently lean against for reading or relaxing in bed. Add some throw pillows to make it look comfy and give the room a design boost. Streamline your room by using a consistent color palette that ties the furnishings together. Add some flair with a thick fur comforter and area rug.

Most importantly think comfort. Choose a bed that’s big enough and has the right level of firmness. Choosing the right bed is possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. You’ll buy a bed and maybe won’t replace it for a decade or more. It’s a huge decision you’ll have to live with every night of your life. It effects not only your comfort but overall health. Getting good sleep is so important. Don’t go cheap when it comes to a quality mattress. How you dress it up with blankets and pillows is a different discussion, decorating the room matters but not as much as your health.

Pro Tip: Try the actual bed out before you buy it. Don’t order online based on a bed being labeled firm or soft. Actually lay in it before you buy. Better yet, sleep in it. If your ever in a hotel and love the bed, check out the label. Keep in mind hotels buy a special edition mattress for commercial use, so if you order one for your home let the dealer know exactly which model you want. Most manufacturers make the same model mattress for homeowners which is generally cheaper and not as good as the hotel one.

Pro Tip: Once you have the perfect bed make sure to buy the perfect pillow too.

master bedroom with shiplap walls white vaulted ceiling exposed beams dark gray furniture

Master Bedroom Horizontal Wall Paneling A.K.A. Shiplap

Next up we take a wood wall paneling design and turn it horizontal. There are different types of horizontal wall paneling, which is the technical term used in construction for wall paneling installed horizontally on the wall, most commonly known as shiplap. However, even though people refer to all horizontal paneling as shiplap, it isn’t, shiplap just happens to be the most well known kind because you see it used all the time on TV. In this article we’ll be discussing actual shiplap.

What makes shiplap so incredibly popular is how great it looks and how versatile it is, which makes it a perfect material to use in a master bedroom. Shiplap can be used on feature walls like the example wall, on all the walls, or only one. With shiplap you have a ton of flexibility, it looks great pretty much wherever you use it although we do prefer to use it sparingly as an accent rather than on every wall.

Many homeowners are willing to spend a small fortune for a feature wall made of authentic, reclaimed shiplap. For some people, the more weathered, the better. But in most cases it’s painted white which means you can use new material that comes primed from the factory.

Many of the shiplap clad interiors you see on TV, online or in magazines are shiplap inspired and not the real thing. Whether a wall is covered with new or old wood, if the boards don’t have that groove for overlapping, it’s technically not shiplap. But at the end of the day, who really cares as long as your walls look great?

modern master bedroom design with wood walls matching bed frame area rug floor to ceiling windows

Contemporary Master Bedroom Design

More often than not, modern master bedrooms tend to be neutral spaces. After all, who doesn’t want to create a calming environment when a good night’s rest is on the line? But when you have neutral walls and bedding, accent pieces and the overall style become that much more critical for creating a balanced design.

Don’t be afraid to go big with your accents for a contemporary master bedroom but always remember to be tasteful and stick to your style. Often with contemporary design, understated, clean lines can have a bigger impact than bold colors and decorative patterns. Find pieces that stick to shades within your color scheme. Don’t shy away from patterns or prints but keep them within your palette. Choose items that you love; just be sure that they bring your personality into the room.

Bring colors into the room through artwork. A colorful painting looks fantastic in a contemporary space, make sure to keep the frame modern however. Always remember to match the frame to the style of the room.

The wooden wall paneling used here perfectly matches the tone of the floors and bed frame.

Floor to ceiling windows and doors accentuate an incredible view while allowing in tons of natural light.

clean master bedroom with marble fireplace gray walls and thick whitetrim crown molding

Master Bedroom Marble Fireplace

Nothing makes a home feel homier than a roaring fireplace. If you’re lucky enough to have one in the master bedroom, try beautifying the surround with marble. The clean marble against the black fireplace is a fantastic look. Surround that with trim work and cast concrete mantle.

Cream colored walls and trim with custom built columns.

Check out that super thick, multi layered crown molding. Try it out if your going for a traditional look.

As with other bedroom styles a comfortable bed is a must and seating area is a huge plus. Wood floors with an area rug is pretty much the standard in new luxury homes built for a reason.

Add colors through artwork and plants. This entire room just works. Notice how all the colors flow together perfectly including the gold finishes and sheen of the metals.

The marble is just the perfect touch. Imagine if the surround were brick, it would completely change the rooms feel. The marble creates a focal point that draws the room together.

feng shui master bedroom design gray style black bed frame with posts

Feng Shui Master Bedroom: Clear the clutter

The master suite should be a clutter-free zone.

Imagine how you’d behave in the crowded streets of New York City at rush hour. You might walk cautiously, almost agitated, rushed, feeling guarded, your body a bit tense, responding to the others with a sharper tone. The hustle and bustle of a mid town afternoon may be exciting to some, but it’s anything but a relaxed environment.

Contrast that with a day at the beach. You feel relaxed, you go with the flow, feeling happier, thinking clearer, free. Open and friendly to the world with a easy smile and care free attitude.

How would you feel if you lived in a dark, dingy, bug-infested home? What would your attitude be like? How would you interact with others? Conversely, how would you act and feel if you lived in a luxury home with all the amenities you could even dream of?

These are all examples that get at the heart of the Feng Shui philosophy. Your presence and overall well being varies depending on what your environment looks and feels like. There’s little doubt you’d be better off living a life at the beach than in that dark, dingy, bug infested home.

That’s what a Feng Shui is all about. Creating the ultimate Feng Shui master bedroom helps create a positive energy that penetrates all aspects of your life and it starts by eliminating the clutter.

master suite design gray and white monochromatic design

Master Bedroom Ideas: Be Classic

Use furniture to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom environment. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to furnishings, but having a theme can make decorating easier. For example, a classic look for your bedroom means adding a headboard to your bed and some bedside tables. Install a table lamp on each side of the bed for light while reading. Make sure that the height of the lamps are 26” or 30” so they are low enough to provide adequate lighting. Pale furniture paired with bold colors complete this beautiful, classic look.

A neutral, gray, pale color palette with small splashes of darker colors. Fitting the classic design is applied molding walls and custom columns. Thick crown molding caps off the walls beautifully.

Everything in this room follows the theme perfectly. When you sit down to design your master bedroom the first thing you should do is come up with an overall theme. The theme for this room is classic style with a gray palette and pale tone. As you look through the room you’ll see that everything fits those 3 design decisions.

Pro Tip: Pick a theme and stick to it. Pick a style, a color and a tone. Everything you put in the room should reference your choices.

ultra modern contemporary master bedroom design with dark hardwood floors light wood ceiling black walls

Dark Contemporary Master Bedroom Design

A staple of the greatest modern home designs is the use of natural building materials. Real wood is a fantastic building material for floors, walls, ceilings as well as other accent pieces. Wood almost always works as well as long as it is good quality and has a natural grain, good feel and color. Stay away from fake wood that has a solid color as it tends to look plastic.

Install your wood with clips or some other hidden fastening system to avoid seeing nails and screws. And get the longest boards they sell to avoid seams wherever possible. If your picking materials for your contemporary master bedroom think about incorporating more organic, natural elements into the design.

Don’t be afraid of dark colors. The black walls, dark floors and black furniture looks amazing against the lighter wood ceiling.

Huge walls of glass are what really makes this design something special. The colors from the outside landscape contrast the dark moody interior feel.

Smart use of accent lighting and use of muted colors are both a great touch.

The choice of lighting is also very nice. They could have gone with recessed lighting but the choice of drop down black lighting draws the eye to that beautiful wood ceiling. This room is filled with some bold master bedroom design ideas that when pulled off, like the example above, create a truly superb design.

gray master bedroom design light hardwood floors modern bedroom design

Add Personality

A contemporary bedroom provides plenty of opportunity to spice up the decor with touches of personality. Case in point: this gray, cream and brown master bedroom. While it would still be a gorgeous room without them, the artwork and colorful furniture really raise the decorating bar to an exciting new high.

master bedroom design rich dark wood bed frame with matching dresser hardwood floors cream area rug

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Traditional

There’s nothing stodgy about traditional decor when it combines color, pattern, textures and shapes as skillfully as this beautiful master bedroom. Perfect and timeless.

Designing with classic style elements is one of the easiest master bedroom design ideas you can use for a reason. Traditional designs never go out of style.

master bedroom with fireplace blue bedding plush blue chair

Contemporary Beach Style

Here’s a contemporary take on the ever-popular beach bedroom. The blue and white palette, clean lines, and lack of fuss keep the space fresh and airy. Combining two classic complimentary colors like blue and white is one of the simplest and least expensive master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a beautiful master suite in 2019.

master bedroom design ideas black furniture hardwood floors gray walls tan drapes

Glamorous Black & Gray Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom design, Bold colors like Black and cream paired with gray can be every bit as glamorous as more vibrant hues when combined with luxurious materials, straight lines and interesting accents, as in the bedroom shown here

master bedroom design shiplap walls wuth dark wood furniture set exposed real wood

Bold Accents

Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of well chosen accent pieces with bright, bold colors to transform a room from ho-hum to stunning. Using some bold accent pieces is one of the simplest and least expensive master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a stunning master suite.

master bedroom design ideas wood furniture bed set brown traditional style

Wood Furniture

Another way to achieve a classic look for your master bedroom is to add wooden furniture. Liven up the space by adding a vintage wooden dresser. A timeless wooden piece acts as a focal point as well as storage. Pair it with wooden side tables on either side of your queen bed, and choose clean lines to fit perfectly with your classic themed bedroom. Using wood furniture is one of the simplest master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a beautiful master suite in 2019.

gray master bedroom design with wallpaper accent wall

Master Bedroom Design Ideas: Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in modern bedroom design. Most designers recommend playing with natural light, but it helps to create a warm environment at night as well. Recessed lighting installed in the ceiling creates the illusion of a spacious room. Hanging lamps such as glass globes can reflect the natural light and lessen the necessity of lights during the day. Remember that lamps double as decorative pieces in your modern bedroom. Coordinate with the design that you have in mind, and enjoy your well-lit and beautiful space.

Summary: Master Bedroom Design Ideas

A beautiful bedroom isn’t that hard to design. We’ve included dozens of fantastic master bedroom design ideas throughout this page that will hopefully inspire you to create something great. But use them as a guide. To truly design something special it needs that personal touch only you can give it. The best master bedrooms are one of a kind. No two and really alike because they won’t have things like your photos, favorite poster, painting, award, or some other piece of decor that’s unique to you.  Master bedrooms are a personal space that should designed around the people who live in them.

I hope the info and pictures through the page do inspire and help you design a wonderful new bedroom you’ll love to sleep and hang out in.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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