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Best Front Door Color For A Gray House

I have gray siding but I’m not sure what the best front door color for a gray house is?

This is a super common question we get asked all the time. Especially now a days with gray siding being such a popular choice. The good news is that gray goes with almost anything so it’s hard to make a huge mistake. However some front door colors definitely look better than others and that’s what we’ll be looking at here. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just freshen it up a bit, a polished exterior with great curb appeal are both super important. While the overall color of the house may be gray, the front door is where you can have some fun.

Choosing the perfect front door color for a gray house is essential to making a good first impression. It’s not an easy decision and to make considering paint comes in hundreds of different colors. But we’ll try to make it a little easier by sharing with you our all time best front door colors for a gray house.

A Bit About Gray Siding And Front Door Colors

When clients ask the question, what color front door goes best with gray, it’s a hard question to answer without actually seeing the exact color gray they’ve chosen.

Just saying you have gray siding isn’t enough information. There are literally hundreds of different shades of gray and that’s not including all the possible undertones. For example blue gray, green gray, brown gray, etc. Undertones are a gray base with a splash of another color. You not only have to take into consideration the gray but also the undertone of your siding.

If you have gray vinyl siding it’s a little bit easier to find the perfect front door color since vinyl only comes in a limited number of colors. You may only have a few dozen siding colors to pick from so it won’t be that hard. However if you’ve got wood, metal or fiber cement siding, the color options are almost unlimited since they all can be painted.

We’ll be taking a look at our favorite gray siding and front door color combos ahead but if your looking for inspiration then you may have to make some slight adjustments based on the actual color gray you’ve got.

Gray Is A Neutral Color

In the context of home design, neutral means without color or with less color. Less pigment is added to a base color, which is generally white or gray, to create a neutral. In this case we’re talking about shades of gray. However in many applications these hues often have undertones. For example, your gray siding might have an undertone of pink, blue, green or even gold.

The vast majority of homes today use neutral colors for their exterior color palette and gray is by far the most current. It’s primarily because gray looks great and goes with pretty much everything. If you stick with gray siding and a bold front door you really can’t go wrong. Unless you pick a really ugly color it’s hard to mess this color scheme up.

When designing a home, looking for the best front door color for a gray house, you have to consider the siding’s undertone. Even though it’s slight, it’s till there. Colors that clash will still look bad next to one another even if there’s just a small hint of pigment in the siding.

best front door color for a gray house light gray cedar shake siding with a mahogany front door

Light gray cedar shake siding with a mahogany front door, real stone veneer and beautiful landscaping.

Some Other Things Worth Considering

Here are some other small things to consider when picking the perfect front door color for a gray house:

  • Roof color: The color of your roof shingles is often overlooked, this is a mistake. Make sure you take this into account when coordinating your front door color with your siding.
  • Mail box: The mail box is another thing you’ll need to consider which is often overlooked. And also think about what your mail box is made of.  Do you have a simple mail box mounted on a wood post or an elaborate one made of brick or stone.
  • Gutters: Generally speaking gutters are white, but they don’t have to be. Gutters come in a variety of colors and materials so take this into consideration as well.
  • Driveway: The color and driveway material is also a factor. Concrete or asphalt goes with pretty much everything but if you’ve got a paver or brick driveway it complicates things. You’ll have to take those colors into account.
  • Retaining walls: Similar to the driveway, if you have retaining walls then they have to work with the rest of the home including the front door.
  • Railings and/or columns: Like trim, if these are painted then coordinate your paint colors with the red brick and siding.

These things are small matters compared with your siding color and the color of your front door but they still matter. Choosing the perfect front door color isn’t easy. The very best designers strive to bring all these elements together in one harmonious design.

light gray siding with stained real wood front door

Light Gray Siding With Stained Wood Front Door

Classic light gray cedar shake siding with white trim and red brick. It’s a beautiful color combination that’s been around for centuries and won’t be going out of style any time soon. It’s due to how real cedar shake turns gray over time. These new vinyl cedar shake impressions to a great job of recreating the classic look with a maintenance free material.

Blue stone is a super sophisticated look with gray siding and red brick, we see it a lot on high end custom homes but you can use it too. Blue stone can get pricey but there are cheaper concrete paver options that look just as good.

The real wood front door with medium stain is what really caps off the look. Wood tones and gray just look so sharp next to one another that it’s hard to go wrong with the color combo. We’d recommend staying on the mid to dark side of stains. Go too light and you lose that beautifully rich contrast.

Granite Gray Siding With Dark Brown Front Door

You gonna see a trend throughout this page and it’s gray siding with a brown front door. It’s such a wonderful color combination that works well with almost any shade or tone of gray siding. The exact color of the siding and shade of stain will vary but the theme will remain the same.

Throw in all that stunning white trim, a dark roof shingle, impeccable landscaping, stone work and those beautiful white garage doors and you’ve got a home run in terms of a color combination that maximizes your curb appeal.

Wondering what the best front door color for a gray house is? Consider a dark shade of brown like “coffee bean”, which is what you see here.

black front door with gray cedar shake siding

Black Front Door With Gray Siding

If you plan on decorating your front porch with lots of color then consider going with a black door. It’s a great backdrop that helps showcase all the additional colors. They really pop against the black. It doesn’t matter that the plants aren’t right in front of the door. Just having that big black shape in the background creates a ton a depth and makes the colors look more colorful.

Gray siding with white trim is great for this too because they’re both so neutral. This color combo looks fantastic if your someone that loves to decorate seasonally.

Wreaths against the black door really shine because they’re right up against the black but keep the colors light and bright. If you use darker shades they fade back and look muddy, especially from a distance.

On our best front door color for a gray house list, black is right at the top.

light gray house with dark brown front door rich home beautiful custom

Light Gray House With Dark Brown Front Door

Another beautiful gray house with a dark brown front door. The great thing about staining your door a dark brown color is that it looks good no matter how dark or light the gray is and even with most undertones. It’s such a versatile color that’s it’s always worth considering.

Using real wood is a rich look. It’s definitely traditional but it’s also very modern. Even the most ultra contemporary homes use natural materials like real wood, stone, brick and metal.

This particular tone of brown is on the darker side but it’s still light enough to allow the wood grains to shine through. Low gloss finishes look best with a stain color like this because the idea is to create a natural look.

orange front door with dark gray siding and stone

Dark Gray House With Orange Front Door

A dark gray house with gray stone and burnt orange front door with white trim.

With gray tones you can use bolder colors for the entry door and it’ll generally work because the grays and whites are so neutral. Take some chances with colors you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Changing the front door color is a cheap fix if you don’t like it.

Light Gray House With Wood Front Door

Light gray house using real wood cedar shake siding and a brown shingled roof. White trim with front porch and round columns. Real wood door stained a natural tone with just a touch of red with a matte finish. Real stone veneer with shades of brown that play off the brown roof and entry door.

real wood front door with gray shake siding and white trim

Light Gray Siding With Real Wood Front Door

Light gray cedar shake siding with white trim and a beautiful real wood front door. This is a simple brown stain with matte finish.

It’s hard to match the richness of a perfectly stained real wood door. When natural colors are executed properly they’re dramatic and full of life. Nothing beats the look of real wood and earthy materials when paired with gray. So many homes rely on composite materials it’s easy to forget how beautiful real materials can be. Composites may some day go out of style, but natural materials like wood never will.

When using a real wood front door with gray siding, it’s important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. That’s one of the main reasons why it works so well. Wood is full of warmth while gray can feel a bit cold. Use a darker wood if you have light gray siding because it creates even more contrast. It’s not all about colors but also values of color.

Natural tones make for some of the best front door colors for gray houses.

Light Gray House With White Front Door

Looking for the best front door color for a gray house? Consider white.

A white front door on a gray house is a classy, clean look that never goes out of style. Here in NJ it’s very popular near the beach because of it’s light and bright feel. Lighter, neutral shades always look great on a beautiful summer day. Just look at that house above, who wouldn’t want to live there.

White is an inviting color that makes house feel like a home.

Every designer understands that color has the power to transform a house, and choosing the perfect front door is a must. Out of every area of the home, you absolutely have to nail the entrance. Curb appeal is super important not only for resale value but also for your own enjoyment of the home. Choosing the right color palette for our front door and gray siding can make or break that first impression.

This house color combo is great for a sophisticated or simply designed home which makes it extremely versatile. The beauty of white is timeless.

purple hue front door with gray siding

Gray House With Brick, Stone And Purple Real Wood Front Door

Gray real wood siding with red brick, a wood front door and stone is a beautiful combination of natural materials we hope more clients would consider using on their homes. The current trend of all white trim creates some fantastic looking homes, but we need more that embrace darker colors with less composite materials.

This shade of stain has a purple undertone to it which works with both the gray siding and purplish brick. Purple in general looks good with gray but here we see it subtly used as an undertone rather than a main color. I know it’s a stretch to call this door purple like the heading says but it’s definitely purplish. It’s a great example of color being used as an undertone. If you like a subtle use of color rather than bright and bold then consider adding just a touch to your wood stains.

All the colors on this house are a bit dark and moody so this front door fits right in and it’s nice to add some hints of color here and there even if your going for an overall muted palette.

Gray House With Real Stone Veneer And Espresso Doors

Dark Colors look great with gray siding but even better when you throw in lots of white. It’s hard to tell from far away but these doors aren’t black. They’re actually a super dark wood stain called espresso. It’s a beautiful stain if you want a super dark front door like black but want wood grain to come through. You can really only see the grain when closeup to the doors so it’s a subtle look but really nice in person.

A lot of clients we have get a little scared by black or colors that are almost as dark like espresso. The current trend of a bright, bold front door is so popular that it’s hard to get away from. The front door color should create an inviting atmosphere which dark colors certainly do when used in the right way. Surrounding the door with white softens the look and creates a much warmer feel. Espresso draws attention because of the stark contrast with all the white and gray.

What’s also so great about dark colors is their versatility. They go with pretty much anything and that’s why they’re on our list of top front door colors for gray houses each and every year.

gray house with red front door

Gray Siding With Red Front Door

A red front door means “welcome” in Feng Shui. It’s a Chinese philosophy in which the arrangement and color of objects in a room relates to the flow of energy. The front door is known as the “Mouth of Chi” where energy enters the house. If you believe in or follow Feng Shui, painting your front door red would create welcoming energy.

A red door means “welcome” in an old early American tradition. If a family had a red front door travelers tired from traveling by horse and buggy would know that a home was a welcoming place to rest. They would be able to spend the night there.

Today, a red front is and has been a red hot trend we associate with passion, drive, intensity and expression. Red doors beautify properties and draw the eye toward the home’s entrance, welcoming visitors.

Another super hot trend at the moment is gray siding. So it just makes sense to put the two looks together for a fantastic result. There are literally hundreds of shades of gray siding and red doors to choose from but luckily for you most of them go together so it’s hard to mess this combo up. But as with any two main colors some variations look better together than others so get samples and compare. Don’t forget to keep in mind all your accessories too. Red’s a pretty bold color so be mindful of all the colors that surround it.

Dark Gray House With White Doors

The white entry door on a dark gray house is a classic look that works nicely on just about any style or size home. If the thought of choosing a paint color for your front door pains you, picking out the perfect shade of white is a nightmare come to life. Pure white? Off white? Simply white? Egg shell? Snow? Choosing the right shade of white makes more of a difference than you’d think.

Every designer understands that color has the power to transform a home, and the perfect front door is always a must. Out of every area of your home, you absolutely have to nail the entrance. We like to stick with a really pure white that matches the trim, columns, railings, etc. Other shades of white that have small amounts of yellow or blue mixed in just don’t make the same impact as pure white does. Which is what you see in the example pick above. This is one truly beautiful home and it’s super basic. A dark gray house with pure white doors.

This house color combo is a sophisticated look. The beauty of white is timeless so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style any time soon.

Medium Gray Siding With A Purple Door

Luxurious, happy, regal, and power are just a few words commonly associated with the color purple. So are you surprised that it’s a favorite of top designers.

Purple shades have been associated with royalty since the beginning of time. On a home, it has positive effects on the mind and body, creating a positive energy that immediately puts guests in the right frame of mind. Best of all, purple is incredibly versatile, which means you can tailor the shade to work with almost any shade of gray you’ve got.

However we’d stay away from using purple if your gray house has a colored undertone. A gray green house may look a little weird with a bright purple front door.

When it comes to the shade of purple you select we’d recommend something that’s still in the grayish, neutral family like the example shown above. It’s purple but with a good amount of gray in it which tamps down the boldness a bit.

Metals are easy to match with purple but we really like gold or silver hardware.

gray home with mahogany front door

Mahogany Front Door With Gray Siding

What is it about brown? Every designer we know loves to use it lately. Could it be its depth and richness? Its elegance? That natural, smooth quality that few other colors can equal, like a piece of succulent chocolate?

It’s impossible to deny the serenity and simple beauty when confronted with the perfect shades of brown.

Mahogany is a rich color that works well with almost any home design and just so happens to go beautifully with gray siding. Check out the stunning example of design and architecture shown above. The mahogany front door works perfectly with the gray siding, white trim, dark roof, impeccable landscaping and stunning architecture. This is a flawlessly designed home that’s sure to stand out wherever it’s built.

Mahogany comes in a variety of tones and temperatures so as with any other color, make sure to get samples and coordinate your main color with your secondary color, accent pieces, trim, landscaping, masonry, etc.

gray front door with light gray siding and brass hanging porch light

Gray Front Door With Light Gray Siding

Gray paint is an easy choice when pairing with light gray siding because it goes with just about anything. Including gray. Make sure to vary the shades a bit though unless your going for a monochromatic look.

It’s a classic color that’s versatile enough to not only flow with the gray house but will make a statement all it’s own. Grays and other mid toned neutrals with white trim is a red hot trend and just so happens to be one of the best colors combinations for resale.

A big fear to overcome when using gray for your front door color is that it’ll make your home feel gloomy. But it’s not true. The medium gray door shown above has just the right tone to not only go with the light gray house but also the landscaping and metal finishes. That bronze hanging porch light is a very nice touch.

A gray front door surrounded by bright white trim, some colorful plants and just the right metals is anything but gloomy. It’s hard to resist the trend of bright front doors and bold colors, but sometimes a shade of gray is the best choice.

What’s great about gray is it’s versatility. Add just a tiny splash of any color to create a subtle tint that can go with almost any other house color scheme. This one has just a splash of blue.

gray siding with mahogany front door black metal accent roof real stone veneer

Gray House With Mahogany Front Door

Another stunning example of a gray house with mahogany front door. It’s a beautiful color combination that really shines with all the white trim and Azek work that’s so popular here at the Jersey Shore.

Small touches like the black metal accent roof and wooden top rail on the lower porch really make this design shine. So does that real stone. It perfectly blends with the tone of gray siding and mahogany.

Impeccable landscaping is always a great finishing touch.

gray siding with a canary yellow front door and white trim

Gray Siding With A Canary Yellow Front Door

Any good designer will tell you that color has power and effects your mood. There are happy colors and sad colors. Some colors can amplify relaxation and other can even make you feel hungry. So deciding on the color palette for your front door can be fairly tricky. Before you begin choosing paint colors it’s important to consider how colors make you feel and what mood you want to set with the front door of your house.

Canary yellow is a vibrant color that gives off a happy, care free vibe. It promotes a sense of wellness and can have both calming and energizing effects, making it the perfect color for a front door.

Yellow is a joyful color that looks great on a gray house. As most bright colors do. It represents health and happiness, and is known to promote general wellness and emotional energy.

And best of all it’s not a super popular color. White, black, red, and brown stains are by far the most popular. But this article is about the best front door color for a gray house. Not the most popular. So take a chance and consider canary yellow or some other happy shade.

white front door on a gray house with red brick and bronze gutters

White Front Door On A Gray House With Red Brick

Another stunning example of a white front door with gray siding only this time with red brick and bronze gutters. I wanted to show multiple examples of white doors with gray siding to highlight just how versatile this color combo can be. And both look great when paired with red brick or other masonry products. This house would look just as good with stone or even a stucco finish.

Th bronze gutters are another nice touch. A little extra detail that adds some dimension to all that white trim.

best front door color for a gray house custom home coffee bean front door stain

Blue Gray Siding With “Coffee Bean” Brown Front Door

It’s hard to match the richness of a perfectly stained real wood door. When natural colors are executed properly they’re dramatic and full of life. Nothing beats the look of real wood when paired with earthy materials like the stone and brick walkway. And all that beautiful white trim really makes the home pop. So many homes rely on composite materials it’s easy to forget how beautiful a classic styled home can be. Composites materials may go out of style some day but natural materials like wood never will.

When using a real wood front door on a gray home, it’s important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. Elements should stand out without the use of bright, bold colors. It isn’t easy but when you pull it off the result is fantastic. Just look at that home shown above. Who wouldn’t want to buy it.

Super dark colors look really good with gray siding which is why coffee bean makes our list of the best front door color for a gray house.

stunning gray house with black front door

Gray House With Black Front Door

What else can we say about a black front door on a gray house. It’s a superb color combination you should consider if you have gray siding.

Gray House With White Door

And here’s another example of a grey house with white front door. It’s a stunning color combo you really can’t go wrong with especially if you throw in some red brick.

real wood front door with gray siding

Real Wood Front Door With Gray Siding

Natural color tones and other real wood elements look great on a home with gray siding. Wood and gray look good together pretty much any time. You really can’t go wrong if you stick with a theme using natural materials with gray. This is some time referred to as leaving the wood “nude.” Because you don’t put anything on it except a seal.

It’s the most basic of all the front door colors to pick because you just buy a wood door and seal it. No need to even pick any colors. But if your going with a “nude” front door make sure to buy a wood that looks good when sealed and has the color wood you want. Some bare wood is more yellow like pine and some can be more reddish like cherry. Oak is a nice in between.

custom home with gray siding and white front door

White Front Door With Gray Siding

Another beautiful gray house with white front door. It’s such a fantastic color combination. The red brick and blue stone are nice additions to the look as is the wood top rail, double columns and arched porch roof.

natural wood doors with gray siding

Natural Wood Doors With Gray Siding

Another beautiful example of natural real wood front door with gray siding. This time with white trim around the sidelights and transom. Talk about maximizing curb appeal, what a spectacular custom home. You’d have no problem selling this home for a good price in any real estate market.


With so many great options and styles to choose from when picking the best front door color for a gray house I hope these tips and inspirational pics will help you design your ultimate dream home.

Whether you want a home that’s classy, modern, fun, country or quirky, the right front door provides the focal point of almost any home design. Choose wisely.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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