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white room ideas for 2019 top white room ideas white living room Gambrick Custom Builders NJ

White Room Ideas for 2019

Who ever said a white themed home had to be boring. There’s something appealing about the feel of an all white space. White walls will always be a clean and classic look. But, without the right style they can get monotonous fast. Whether your design aesthetic is beachy, modern, country, or minimalist, an all white themed room can be an exciting place to call home. And all white room ideas aren’t that hard to come by, do a google search and you’ll find hundreds of beautiful all white room ideas to gain inspiration from. In this article we’ll discuss our top all white room ideas for 2019 as seen in this magnificent all white custom luxury home.

Whether it’s an eat in kitchen, luxurious bathroom, or a relaxing sunroom an all white room gives off a simple yet elegant vibe to the entire home.

What is an all White Room?

All white room ideas aren’t hard to find. The crisp, clean look of an all white room is not only bold but can be totally unique depending on what types of furniture, art and accent pieces you choose. A splash of color to stand out through the white will add dramatic effect without taking away from the overall feel of the space.

An all white room isn’t actually all white. The main color is white with a secondary color used throughout the room, in this case gray. Then add in splashes of secondary and accent color from a variety of sources such as artwork, pillows, rugs, drapes, furniture or blankets. Finally add in natural elements like plants or wood and metallic pieces. Black can always be used wherever you like because it sort of defies most decorating rules since it kinda goes with everything.

What truly makes an all white themed home so special is that it provides an opportunity to express yourself with a variety of eye catching pieces like colorful furniture, pillows, artwork, drapery, rugs, the list goes on and on. Whatever colors you choose really pop against the crisp, clean look of white. Or don’t use any colors at all. There are over 100 different shades and materials to choose from if you want to strictly stay within the theme of all white.

If you’ve been thinking about experimenting with the concept of an all white room or a white themed home, we’ve got the perfect list of exciting ways to execute your plan. These are our top all white room ideas for 2019. Good Luck.

Spectacular All White Custom Home

all white house with a blue front door white vinyl siding Gambrick Custom Home Builder

all white room ideas all white themed house white entry Gambrick home bulder NJ

White Entry Way

In the entry of this magnificent custom built all white themed home are extra large light gray tiles with matching stair treads and risers. Custom white and glass railings with a black cap and hand rail are what really stand out in this all white themed room. Light gray rug goes perfectly with the theme. White entry door with side lights. White walls, trim and ceiling. Clean and modern recessed LED lighting are are a great touch.

This home has an open floor plan so these over sized gray porcelain tiles run throughout.

One of the great all white room ideas is adding dark wood or black furniture with colorful flower arrangements. As you’ll see later in the home black wood furniture is used in other rooms as well as a variety of grays.

all white kitchen white room ideas 2019 Gambrick custom home builder NJ

All white kitchen white room ideas for 2019 white themed kitchen Gambrick

white room ideas for 2019 All white kitchen design Gambrick custom home builder

white kitchen cabinets all white kitchen white room ideas white countertops Gambrick home builder NJ

Cool Minimalist All White Kitchen

Great all white room ideas are easy to come by when your decorating a kitchen. White is the perfect way to make your kitchen feel modern and sophisticated. The white and gray marble backsplash is the perfect stone in a white themed house. Carrera marble countertop set atop a gray wood island. Matching gray kitchen chairs. Gray sink rug. Gray and white are an awesome combination and very trendy at the moment among high end luxury homes.

Don’t forget to coordinate your metals for both color and finish. In this case stainless steel with a brushed finish. This is carried throughout the kitchen including the pendant lights, knobs, handles, sink, faucet and appliances.

Large light gray floor tiles. A great tip is to play with shades. There are so many grays and white you can use. They don’t all have to match but they do have to flow together perfectly to pull off an all white room. 

Another great white room idea is the use of natural materials. Wood or stone works great. You can’t go wrong adding them as an accent here and there. Also plants are always welcome. The green plants are the only real color in the room and really pop against the white and gray tones.

all white kitchen stainless steel appliances white room ideas 2019 Gambrick Construction

all white room ideas for 2019 all white kitchen stainless steel appliances Gambrick Home Builders

All White Room Ideas | Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel looks so great in an all white room. Not that it doesn’t look good in other kitchen designs but something about the steel against all white really makes it stand out.

Here the gray of the steel picks up the gray tones of the marble backsplash perfectly. Matched nicely by the stainless pulls and matching hood. Marble pepper and salt shaker. Gray knife set and white sugar bowl. Even the book and coffee pot match the all white room design flawlessly.

Here’s a great builder tip not every homeowner knows. Not all stainless steel appliances look the same. From brand to brand the color of the steel and sheen can be different. It’s a slight difference you may not notice at the showroom. But in your kitchen, especially an all white one like this, any change will stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure you get matching brand appliances whenever possible. And if you can’t do like above. Pair the stove and hood but go with a white refrigerator that matches the cabinets.

Another great builder tip is consider the small touches if you really want to design an incredible all white kitchen. Details like the trim around the LED lighting. It’s a small thing but try and match it to the rest of the metals as close as possible unless you purposely want it to be different. And don’t forget about the pendant lights and recessed lighting trim.

When it comes to white room ideas, white is easy, since it’s your main starting color. The secondary and accent colors, textures and materials are harder. Stainless steel is a great option you should consider not only in your kitchen but throughout the house where appropriate.

all white room ideas for 2019 all white kitchen design ideas Gambrick home builders

top all white room ideas 2019 all white kitchen white kitchen countertops Gambrick Custom Home Builder

Small Details Make a Big Difference

In any monochromatic themed room any variation will stand out. In an all white room that’s amplified even more because even small hints of color really pops against the white. Choose your accent pieces carefully. Small details really do make a big difference in how great a room like this ultimately turns out.

The white sugar bowls match the white perfectly. The chrome and black coffee pot is a nice, clean touch. And you can’t go wrong with natural materials like wood so this cutting board is a perfect addition to the countertop. Even the book and stand stick with the overall white room theme of the room and home.

The countertops are marble which is a spectacular look. Pro tip. Be careful when cooking or cutting on marble. Or when doing just about anything for that matter. It’s an extremely soft stone and has to be handled with a crazy amount of care. Marble stains and scratches easily so while it looks fantastic it’s not the best surface for a cooking area. 

Also the finish is honed so you won’t have as good a protective finish as other types of stone countertops. We’re not saying don’t use it. In fact we use it all the time on custom homes we build. Just be extra careful. Always use a cutting board, coasters and don’t put food or oils directly on it. Always clean up right away immediately after cooking or eating on it. Marble is soft and porous so it absorbs and stains fast.

Oh and here’s another great pro tip: Magnolia Table’s a great cook book you should pick it up if you havn’t already.

all white room ideas for 2019 white cabinets and countertop

All White Room Ideas | Stainless Steel, White & Gray

We’ve already talked about using stainless steel. Matching metal colors and sheen. And taking care of the small details. This pic showcases how beautiful it looks when you do all those things and get it exactly right. If your into this type of look then this all white kitchen is done perfectly. Even the window trim is nicely coordinated with the white and gray tones of the room. The stainless paper towel holder matches the other metals.

The soap container is even white and black. See what we mean, small details go such a long way. Imagine if this was a big pink bottle of palmolive soap. That would completely break the mood of the room. Everything has to be perfect for it to really work.

The small plant is a perfect touch of much needed color, without it the room wouldn’t look nearly as good. And to top it all off the 3 small glass candle holders are an awesome touch. Trust me this room looks beautiful at night. Lit up by the candles soft glow and LED accent lighting.

all white room ideas for 2019 top white room ideas white dining room Gambrick custom home builder NJ

best all white room ideas white dining room Gambrick luxury home builder

All White Dining Room with Natural Materials

All white room ideas go perfectly with natural materials and colors. A superb addition to an all white dining room is a real wood dining room table.

As a general rule of thumb natural materials like wood, stone, brick and tile work great with white. Just make sure to keep them natural looking. It’s easy to mess this one up if you use the wrong color wood stain, paint or tile color.

This wood tone works perfectly in a white dining room because it has a grayish hue to it. The black rubbed chairs really stand out and match the black furniture in the next room. I love the plush gray end dining room chairs. Even though this is an all white room there’s a lot of different tones here so make sure they all flow together when picking your furniture at the showroom.

Here’s another great pro tip. Open floor plans are great and definitely the current trend in new home design that’s here to stay. But it can make it challenging when thinking about interior design. Even with an all white color scheme you still have plenty of color tones playing against one another. So here’s the tip. Take 4 or 5 color swatches from any paint store with you when picking out your furniture. The main white, the darkest gray or black, and 3 mid tones. Compare the showroom furniture to these 5 swatches to make sure what you buy at the store will work when you get it home.

all white room ideas 2019 white built in cabinets with glass doors

White Dining Room Cabinets

When you’ve got cabinets in a room adjacent to the kitchen in an open floor plan design make sure they go together. In this case they’re the same cabinets and countertop with matching stainless appliances and marble backsplash. But they don’t have to be.

Since this is a different room you could go vary the colors and materials if you wanted to. I like how they carried the kitchen design into this room but just keep in mind you have the option of changing it up a little. 

Glass front cabinets look great in a dining room or kitchen. Here they mimic the classic design of a dining room hutch. Since you can see inside this gives you a great opportunity to add some color into the room. Wine bottles are always a great eye catching feature as is this under counter wine cooler.

The candle holders and bucket are a really nice touch. If you’ll notice the sheen on these matches the sheen on the wine cooler which is different than whats in the kitchen. Here it’s chrome, the kitchen is brushed stainless steel. Always remember to match your metals.

all white room ideas 2019 top white room ideas white living room Gambrick custom home builders

all white room design ideas top white room ideas Gambrick home builders

All White Living Room

In this all white living room the white built in cabinets exactly match the kitchen and dining room cabinets. Matching cabinets is a great idea when decorating an open floor plan since you can see the other cabinets from almost wherever you are in the home. Mixing styles and colors would end up looking a bit messy.

The gray secondary color is brought out here in multiple tones starting with the medium dark sofa, lighter throw pillows and black coffee table. Plush light gray chair with dark frame sits opposite the sofa, both atop a patterned gray rug.

White fireplace surround with a black gas insert. Shelf decor matches the kitchen nicely sticking with white and gray frames, white porcelain, glass and metals. The only color in the room coming from the coffee table plant which sits nicely in the center of the room.

all white room ideas 2019 white fireplace surround with white built ins

White Fireplace Surround & Built Ins

The white cast concrete fireplace surround is a perfect choice to finish off this black gas insert. White stone mantle. White built ins match the kitchen and dining room cabinets. As stated earlier, this is a great idea when decorating an open floor plan. One of the best features of this home is how each room flows into the other so seamlessly.

Sticking to a theme even with accessories will add to the overall unity of the home. Everything has such a beautiful, clean, elegant feel to it. The pictures and decor creates the feeling of warmth that’s hard to get from an all white house. They tend to feel sterile and a but cold without the personal touches which is what makes them all so important.

These glass front cabinets are always a great look however make sure you take your time selecting what’s inside since you’ll be able to see the contents.

all white room ideas white living room all white room themes Gambrick Custom Builders NJ

all white room ideas white living room design Gambrick Home Builder NJ

White Living Room Ideas

It’s so important to keep the theme consistent from room to room in an open floor plan design. Especially if your theme is monochromatic. And even more so if the color you’ve chosen is white. Everything stands out against the white so every deviation, every color you choose, will be noticed. White living room ideas are basically the same as with any other room except in a white living room you have a sofa to consider.

Sofa’s are a large piece of furniture that quickly becomes a focal point in any white living room no matter what you do. The color, texture and style all matter even more than usual when in a white living room. Everything tends to stand out more than normal against white so you have to be extra critical of every piece you add to the room.

Take a look at the two pics above. Notice how from room to room the color scheme always stays consistent. The decor has rules and those rules are always followed to a tee. This home is all white with gray as a secondary color. Varying the tones is fine, just make sure they go together.

Notice the couch matches the dining room chairs who match the kitchen chairs and island. Black and white go with just about anything and fit perfectly with the theme. Even as the living space moves outside the color scheme stays consistent.

Coordinate accessories as well. Cluttered shelves would ruin the look. The color comes from organic sources like wood and plants. Art is the one place you can add color since most art is intended to draw the eye by creating a focal point.

And as always coordinate metal colors and sheen.

all white room ideas white covered porch Gambrick NJ Home Builder

Top white room ideas 2019 white covered porch Gambrick NJ Top Custom Builder

All White Covered Patio

All white room ideas can be applied to a covered patio as well. Although technically not a room of the house, the theme can still be carried outside creating a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. White siding, bead board soffit, Azek trim and window / door finish. Dark gray outdoor furniture with lighter gray cushions and gray and white striped throw pillows.

The glass topped fire pit is a great feature when lounging at night. The quad bi-fold doors are my favorite part of this design and really complete this exquisite indoor / outdoor living space.

Notice the small details. The metals, glass, door hardware, gray tones, it all flows perfectly with the inside decor. Even the gray concrete slab is perfect for the design. This is how to execute a theme perfectly. Go all the way with it. Carry it to the patio, the fence, down the driveway all the way to the mailbox. The vibe of your home should start at the curb, prepping visitors for when they open that front door and see the beauty you’ve created.

all white room ideas white home office Gambrick

all white room ideas all white home office design Gambrick top home builder NJ

White Home Office

A small home office which continues the all white room theme. Dark coffee stained wood desk with metal hardware. The metal chandelier matching the chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room is a really nice touch and adds to the congruity of the home.

Huge windows with arched tops add to the aesthetic and let in tons of natural light.

An antique piece is so nice as long as it fits within your theme as this one does so perfectly. Gray with gray metal hardware, black shade lamps and simple black porcelain bowl.

The custom trim work behind the desk adds a really nice touch to the design. Trim work is the perfect way to break up a monochromatic design like this. Drawing attention by creating a focal point in a elegant, understated way. Don’t overuse trim however or you lose the eye drawing effect of creating a focal point.

white room ideas all white laundry room theme Gambrick Home Builder NJ

all white room ideas 2019 all white laundry room theme Gambrick Home Builders NJ

All White Laundry Room

Even though the laundry room is closed off from the rest of the home the cabinets here match the kitchen, dining room and living room which is a really nice touch. Sometimes people get lazy in small outer rooms like this one but not here. The all white room design is executed flawlessly in this well designed laundry room.

Notice the built ins bench seat is a gray stone matching the other grays. Gray metal door and cabinet hardware. I like that they went with chrome for the tub sink, it adds a bit of sparkle to the room.

As always the plant is the focal point of color which fits with the theme. Even the hanger bar is gray metal to match the other metals in the room.

And in case you missed it they even went with gray food and water bowls for the kitten with a gray and white matte. Now that’s commitment.

white room ideas all white guest bathroom Gambrick home builder NJ

All White Guest Bathroom

One of the easiest white room ideas to pull off is the all white guest bathroom.

White shaker cabinets are in style and always a nice addition to pretty much any bathroom. White bowl sink atop a white stone counter.

Notice the metals are different from the rest of the home but they’re all consistent within the room. Here we see a shinier look. Chrome. Crystal and the use of mirrored edges. The sculpture is a nice touch.

In this room we see a slightly darker wall pant. In a small room like this it’s better to go away from white walls, just don’t go too far away. Slightly darker will do.

Here’s a pro tip when building a new home. Check the layout of each window once you start framing and pick out your trim sizes early. The bath window should have been placed a few inches to the left centering it better on the toilet and allowing more room for the trim. Sometimes architects or builders don’t catch these small details so make sure to take a look as the home is being built.

all white room ideas white stairs Gambrick Home Builders NJ

top all white room ideas 2019 all white stair design top NJ home Builder Gambrick

White & Glass Staircase

White posts and trim with glass and black caps, top rail. Steps and risers to match the light grey tile faux wood flooring. Opening the stairs at the bottom on both sides makes the stairs seem larger and is a nice touch to an open floor plan design.

The glass is great if your looking for a minimalist look. Square balusters would have worked nicely as well but a round or colonial baluster would have looked out of place. The square caps and top rail look great and notice the small gray trim under the glass.

Even the black metal hand rail supports match the theme. If your looking for white room ideas always keep this staple of interior design in mind, never forget the small details.

white room ideas all white family room gray couch Gambrick custoom home builders NJ

best white room ideas all white family room from Gambrick Top Custom Home Builder NJ

White Family Room

Have some fun with colorful accent pillows and blanket. A splash of color with an interesting pattern or texture can really tie a room together, especially when adhering to the all white theme. Any color stand out against the white and gray decor but be careful to pick the right tone. Color gives the room a focal point and helps make the room more personal. Matching the color of the pillows to some more subdued accents like the blanket can also add interest.

Remember these are accents. Your main colors are still white and gray with natural elements like the real wood, white coffee table and wicker basket.

best white room ideas for 2019 all white master bedroom from Gambrick top luxury home builder NJ

White Master Bedroom

If your looking for white room ideas this rooms one of the easier rooms to decorate. White bedding should be a staple. Add your color with some pattern throw pillows and maybe a blanket or two. The best part of this room, in my opinion is the use of dark wood furniture. Stained coffee bean. Dark wood against the light gray and white is a really classy, sophisticated look.

I also love the sliding bathroom doors. A really nice, inexpensive touch. As always coordinate your metals. And don’t forget to add something natural like a flower arrangement or two.

These walls deviate from the all white room theme a little by adding light gray to the mix. It’s a nice soothing color and works perfectly in a bedroom.

best all white room ideas for 2019 all white master bedroom closet Gambrick custom builder NJ

Top white room ideas for 2019 All white walk in closet Gambrick Luxury Home Builder New Jersey

White Walk In Closet

A white walk in closet is probably the easiest room in the house to decorate. No one’s going in it but you anyway but to stay within the theme of the home use white cabinetry. White hanger bars. If you remember the guest bathroom mirror from before, the same style was used here. It’s a nice touch to carry the all white style into your closets as well.

While not as important as the rest of the home, if you do it and plan on selling the home it’ll make an impact when the potential buyer sees it. You don’t want to take them out of the experience with a room that looks undone or out of place.

As a custom builder we try to decorate our spec homes so that every inch of it flows together seamlessly. Once you establish an all white home theme with a gray secondary color you want to carry that throughout the home. Showing you have attention to detail and even take the time to decorate the closets will go a long way in making a sale. It shows you care. And a builder who cares enough to take the time to even decorate closets can be trusted not to have cut corners or made compromises while building the home. Which we never do.

white room ideas 2019 white master bathroom with white vanity

white room ideas 2019 white master bathroom with white double sink vanity

White Master Bathroom

When it comes to master bathrooms, white room ideas are not hard to come by. White has always been a classic, elegant bathroom color which is made even easier today since the majority of sinks, toilets and tubs come in white.

Make an all white master bathroom really pop with the use of marble. Marble is perfect for an all white theme since it’s mainly white with beautiful grayish swirls. Just about everything looks great with marble so don’t worry if your secondary color isn’t gray, marble will most likely still work.

A white shaker style vanity with his and hers white sinks and marble or white stone counter is the perfect choice. Chrome is great in a bathroom as it adds just the right amount of sparkle. Natural elements work perfectly here, as is the case with the rest of the house. Throw in a flower arrangement or two. You really can’t go wrong no matter what you choose so don’t over think it too much.

As a custom home builder we always take material samples with us whenever we pick a finishing material like grout. It’s a great idea if you want the finished work to look it’s absolute best. The order we choose materials for a bathroom is as follows:

  1. Marble or the main natural stone. We select the natural stone first since the colors vary so much and are so random.
  2. Floor and wall tile. Coordinate with the colors in the natural stone.
  3. Vanities or other cabinetry.
  4. Tub, sink, toilet.
  5. Paint.
  6. Grout.
  7. Custom glass.
  8. Metals and accessories.
  9. Final Decorations.

Things like trim style or the type of door are selected when we design the overall home. Unless you want something different stick with what you’ve used everywhere else so the master bathroom doesn’t feel disconnected.

white room ideas white master bathroom with white soaking tub

white room ideas custom glass shower marble shower tile

White Tub | Marble Shower

If your looking for all white room ideas and the room your finishing is a master bathroom then your in luck. It’s like bathroom materials were designed just to fit an all white theme. Not much looks as beautiful in a bathroom than a white soaking tub with a custom marble shower.

Bathrooms materials are super easy to select for an all white room design. Luckily almost everything already comes in white. Carrara marble goes with anything, especially an all white room. Tubs all come in white. Free standing soaking tubs are best and really in style at the moment. Custom glass showers are the standard in master baths these days, especially in higher end luxury homes.

Throw in his and hers white shaker style cabinets with a marble or white stone counter and white sinks. Chrome looks perfect in a bathroom, the added sparkle is a nice touch.

If your going with marble select your grout carefully. In our opinion white works best but you could also find a nice shade of gray. They make quite a few shades of gray grout and white for that matter so take a sample of the marble you’ve chosen with you when you select the grout. The gray in marble varies quite a bit since it’s a natural stone so try to match the grout as best as possible.

More Beautiful All White Room Ideas

Here are a few pics of rooms that successfully brought together the timeless beauty of an all white design.

all white room ideas all white master bathroom white soaking tub custom glass shower Gambrick Luxury Home Builder NJ

A rustic master bath that masterfully sticks to the all white room theme.

all white room ideas living room with all white theme light blue secondary color arched windows Gambrick Luxury Home Builder NJ


All white living room with a light blue/grey secondary color. Arched windows and doors. Rustic decor.

all white room ideas cathedral ceilings Gambrick top Luxury home builder NJ

White room theme with vaulted ceilings and custom stone fireplace.

white room ideas all white kitchen white cabinets and countertop Gambrick Luxury Home Builder NJ

All white kitchen theme. White cabinets and countertop. White subway tile backsplash wall. White kitchen table and island chairs. Light stained oak hardwood floors.

white room ideas all white living room white leather sofas Gambrick Luxury home builder NJ

White living room with natural oak hardwood floors. White leather sofas and matching area rug. Huge windows let in tons of natural light. White built in shelves.


All white room ideas are not hard to come by. There are so many great options and styles to choose from when creating an all white house or even a few all white rooms. Whether you want to make it classy, modern, fun, country or quirky, an all white room gives off a clean, crisp, elegant feel. These are just a few ideas we’ve compiled for you to look over based on this magnificently designed and built all white custom luxury home. Check out our pics, tips and suggestions and then try it out for yourself. Let us know how it all turns out when your done, we’d love to see the pics.

And remember, whatever your style, it’s hard to go wrong with an all white canvas.


If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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