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What Color Siding Goes With Stone?

I recently bought a home with stone veneer and want to change the siding color but I’m not sure what color siding goes with stone?

Homes with stone veneer can be hard to match with siding color for a variety of reasons. Stone color ranges in value from muted and earthy to bold and bright. Textures ranging from smooth with sharp edges to weathered with an uneven tumbled look. In this post, we’ll cover some basic guidelines that we use when picking the perfect vinyl siding colors with stone, including lots of example pics, tips and home designs.

A Bit About Stone Veneer

When clients ask the question, what color siding goes with stone, the type of stone they’re asking about is stone veneer.

Stone veneer is simply stone, either natural or cultured, attached to the side of a house just like siding. In this case with cement rather than with nails. Stone, whether natural or cultured, is a fantastic way to add texture, color and interest to a home’s exterior. Since stone has a natural aesthetic, matching stone with vinyl siding colors is easy. Whether neutral or colorful, bold or muted, stone and vinyl siding color combinations work beautifully on just about any style home.

Cultured stone veneer is often as striking and beautiful as the natural stone it emulates. Also known as faux stone, manufactured stone veneer is a man made material designed to replicate the look of natural stone in a variety of architectural applications. Stone veneer products offer an array of shapes, sizes, and color gradations that even a trained eye can find it hard to determine the difference between faux and natural stone without close inspection.

Natural stone veneer is real stone which has been cut into thin slivers making it easy to install as veneer. Nothing matches the beauty and sophistication of real stone. Cultured stone is a cheaper option made to mimic the look of real stone, which is does very well, but real stone is still the best option by far.

Both real stone and cultured stone look great with a wide variety of vinyl siding colors.

what color siding goes with stone. white siding with stone. black roofing shingles.

Beautiful custom home with cedar shake vinyl siding and real stone. Cream siding with multi colored stone. Black roof with black metal accent roofing.

Color Theory

Color theory plays a big role when choosing vinyl siding colors, stone and just about any other color used in or on the home. Before we start talking about specific vinyl siding colors that go best with stone, there are a few things you should know about house color pairing in general.

For starters, the best way to pick house colors is to pair colors that have a relationship to one another on the color wheel.

  • Complimentary colors: High contrast colors positioned opposite from one another on the color wheel. Sometimes referred to as opposite colors. The best example of this is white and black.
  • Analogous colors: Found side by side on the color wheel. These colors are similar to one another. Like yellow and orange. Analogous colors can also be different shades of the same colors like dark green paired with a light green.
  • Neutral colors: Sometimes occupy a position in the center of the color wheel and are generally considered to be black, white, gray, cream and brown. Neutrals can be safely paired with basically anything. Earthy colors are generally considered to be neutral. Neutral colors are by far the safest and most popular colors used on homes both inside and out.

Other Things To Consider

Here are some other things to consider when picking a vinyl siding color that goes with stone veneer:

  • Roof color: Stick with a neutral roof color like black or grey.
  • You can pick more than one color: Your home’s trim, shutters and doors all need to have a color. There’s more to finishing a house than just picking good vinyl siding colors and a nice stone. Having a range of color creates a complex, interesting color scheme.
  • Mail box: The mail box is another thing you’ll need to consider. Also what the mail box will be made of. A simple mail box on a pole or an elaborate one made of more stone.
  • Gutters: Generally speaking gutters are white, but they don’t have to be. Gutters come in a variety of colors and materials so depending on the style of the home this may be something you’ll want to consider. Brown, black or Bronze are the current trendy choices and just so happen to go nicely with vinyl siding color and a stone house.
  • Driveway: The driveway color and material are a factor. Concrete or asphalt go with pretty much everything but if you’ve got a paver driveway then take those colors into consideration when picking a siding color and your stone.
  • Retaining walls: Similar to the driveway, if you have retaining walls then take those colors into consideration when selecting your siding and stone. Everything matters when it comes to curb appeal.
  • Railings and/or columns: Like trim, if these are painted then coordinate your paint colors with the stone and siding colors. Luckily in NJ almost all columns, trim and railings are white, so we don’t have this problem. But if you do then don’t forget that it all has to flow together.

Colors That Work

So, all that considered, let’s dive in and come up with some beautiful color combinations.

  • Sage: Sage green is a complement of stone. Selecting a good color accent to help balance the drama of this earth inspired house color combo is your only challenge here. We’d stick with neutral colors. Green siding with stone is a classic house color scheme.
  • Black and/or white: You really can’t go wrong with these two colors. When combined, black and white trim on a home with stone is stately and elegant. Black trim seems formal and bold, while a white trim is striking and dramatic. Black and white are classic house colors that have been around since colonial times. They’re both a safe choice that will never go out of style.
  • Brown and tan: Neutral colors flow perfectly with stone veneer because they more or less match everything. These earthy neutrals will help keep your stone veneer understated but attractive. However, because they’re all so close on the color wheel you lose the effect of contrasting colors. In other words, nothing will stand out if all your colors are so closely related.
  • Blue: Blue is related to less stones on the color wheel than brown so you’ll be limited in terms of stone selections if you want an analogous color scheme. However if you want contrast then the possibilities open up quite a bit. Blue siding with stone is a nice color scheme.
  • Gray: Gray is a beautiful, stunning color when combined with red brick. Especially if the brick is paired with a gray that leans blue.

what color siding goes with stone. grey siding with stone veneer. dark brown wood doors. white trim.

Stunning custom home. Gray siding with multi colored gray real stone veneer. Azek trim. Grey color scheme with dark wood doors.

Does My Siding Color Need To Match The Stone?

This is a question we get asked all the time whenever we build a custom new home that has vinyl siding with stone veneer. The stone is meant to be different. Ideally, they’re supposed to pop out, to stand out against the home and make a statement. They act as focal points and in some cases they create a strong the base for the home.

Pick a siding color that showcases your stone and lets it shine. Even if you go with analogous colors, pick colors that aren’t too close to the stone or it’ll all just blend together and look muddy. It’s tough, but not impossible, to pull off a completely analogous color scheme without some contrast or spots of interest.

Try to remember two builder tips when selecting a siding color to go with stone veneer.

  • Colors tend to look 3 shades lighter when outdoors. Take samples home with you, put them against the house at different times to see what they’ll really look like in the outdoors, or better yet, find a house with the same color siding or stone and see what you think.
  • Look at example pics and local homes with stone and siding. Go to affluent areas and copy what they do. Here in Spring Lake we combine stone with siding all the time. Richer areas hire the best architects and designers to come up with color schemes for them. If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional and your unsure what looks best then take inspiration from the best and do what they do.

Exteriors Look Best With a 3 Color Combination

As a general design rule of thumb remember that homes look best with a combination of 3 colors. This gives a good balance between, the main overall color, the secondary color and an accent color. The goal is for it all to be cohesive and flow together with that all important wow factor.

Main Color

The main color is your most predominant color. Sometimes referred to as a field color. Generally this is the first thing you say when describing your home. For example would you say you have a white house with brown stone.

The main color tends to be the biggest financial investment. Siding can always be changed but it’s expensive so get it right the first time.

You can dramatically change the look of the main color by changing up the quick and easy accent colors in places like the front door or shutters. Keep this mind if your thinking of changing your main color. Maybe what you actually don’t like are the accent colors and the main color is fine. Try making small changes first that are quick, easy and cheap.

Consider the architecture of your home and of your neighborhood. Do you want your home color be cohesive with the rest of the neighborhood or do you want it to stand out from the crowd.

Secondary Color

The secondary color is often seen as the stone veneer. Here in NJ homes are predominately vinyl or cedar shake siding with stone as a secondary color. We don’t build many new homes with all stone.

The secondary colors can also be things like shutters, doors, trim, rails, columns, etc.

Secondary colors shouldn’t take up a huge amount of the facade because you don’t want your stone overpowering the main siding color. The secondary colors are great at breaking up the overall look of the home by highlighting architecture like windows, gables or porches. Add some depth or balance to what can sometimes otherwise be a large, flat rectangle. In most cases the main and secondary colors have some contrast.

Stone is great to use as the base or bottom layer of the home.

The Accent Color

A vibrant color might work perfectly on the front door but would look a bit nuts on the entire house. Which is where the accent color comes in.

This is the place to go a bit bolder and choose something that’ll really make a statement. Show some personality and use color to evoke some feeling. The accent color can be a bright red door announcing your style to all who pass by, a dark paint on the shutters or a soft mellow tone covering the porch floor.

Accent colors are great because they’re cheap and easy to change. It’s incredible how a seemingly small difference can have such a huge impact. A simple thing like painting the front door can dramatically alter the look and feel of the entire home.

what color siding goes with stone brown siding with stone and white trim

Custom luxury home. Brown siding with neutral stone. White Azek. Metal accent roofing. Black tar driveway with paver trim.

How To Coordinate House Exteriors With Stone And Siding

The most beautiful homes use more than one material on the outside of the home. However, using more than one material, particularly ones that are very different, like vinyl siding and stone, creates some interesting challenges. One of these is trying to match the two materials while coordinate their colors with all the other colors on the home. There are several strategies we use when trying to coordinate siding and stone colors which makes decisions a little bit easier.

Using Monochromatic House Colors

One of the easiest methods to use when coordinating colors, and the trendiest, is using matching colors or a monochromatic color scheme. For instance, if your stone is gray, you can use gray tones for the siding and accents. Playing with lighter or darker shades of gray as well as adding hints of muted colors into the grey is what makes a monochromatic color scheme instead of a single color scheme. This works best if your stones are all similar in color and there isn’t a lot of variation. Siding is very consistent in its color, so it’s generally easier to adjust the siding color to match the stone than the stone to match the siding.

Contrasting House Colors

Rather than use similar colors with a monochromatic color scheme, try using colors that have a lot of contrast. For instance, use a dark stone with a pale siding to make the difference between the two and their contrasting textures more prominent, or use a vivid color against a muted one. In addition, choosing colors that are opposite from one another on a color wheel, like orange and blue or yellow and purple, adds a lot of interest and energy because the colors play against one another in interesting ways.

This is a very strong and distinct look, and should be used with caution.

One of the most often examples of contrasting house colors is the classic white and black. Pair white lap siding with a black roof, black framed windows and a bold front door for a magnificent transitional look that’s red hot at the moment.

Analogous House Colors

Analogous colors are ones that are next to one another on a color wheel, like red, yellow, and orange. This is a safe and subtle way to add multiple colors to your home without straying too far from your main color. For instance, if you had stones that were brownish in color, a tan or natural stained siding could go well. This is a good strategy to use if your stones have multiple colors and aren’t very consistent. As long as the siding color is analogous to the overall color of the stone you’ll be fine.

The overall color is how the stone looks from a distance. Even though up close it may have a wide range of colors from far away the colors blend together. The farther away you step the more consistent the color becomes. Match your siding to this far away color.

Determine The Tone Of Your Stone Veneer

Always take your stone veneer’s tone into consideration before starting to look at siding colors. There are often variations in color within each stone that varies from the overall stone color when seen from afar. Both natural and cultured stone are a natural material so unlike vinyl siding stone veneer is rarely one solid color.

Issues with the color of any natural material vary depending on how far away you are from it. Close, medium or far away.

When matching a color to stone veneer consider the following.

  • The various colors in each piece of stone. Often times stone has spots of other colors in it like grays, deep reds or even blue tones. Some real stones even sparkle. These are up close issues.
  • How the color changes from stone to stone. Are the stones primarily the same color or do they vary a lot from stone to stone or even within the same stone. This is a medium range issue.
  • What is the overall color of the stone. In other words if you stand at the curb and see it as one big block of color, what color do you see? This is a far away issue. This is generally the color tone you’ll match with the vinyl siding color.

tan siding with stone veneer metal accent roofing neutral brown color scheme

Tan siding with multi colored brown stone and stucco. Black metal accent roofing. Dark brown entry door. Black metal framed windows.

Siding With Stone Accents And Landscaping

Landscaping plays an important role in answering the question, what color siding goes with stone? The various colors of nature are ever present. Shrubs, flowers, planters, and trees near the house and in the background should also be considered. And landscaping often includes stone in the design which should be coordinated with your vinyl siding and stone veneer colors.

Landscaping is one of the most overlooked items when building a new home for our clients. If you consider how you’ll be landscaping the property during the design phase then the final product will look much better than if it’s left as an afterthought.

Will you be planting bushes or shrubs, large trees, colorful flowers, and where will they be? Will you need planters or retaining walls and if so where, what will they be made out of and what color will they be? Everything you see has an effect on the overall look and feel of the home. There are no details too small to be considered when designing your dream home.

So when thinking about what color siding goes with stone, don’t forget to consider the landscaping.

How To Mix And Match Siding With Stone In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Great Siding and Stone Colors

Many designers recommend choosing the stone color first and some say the first thing you should do is pick your siding. But when we design a custom home we pick our siding colors and stone at the same time.

I generally start a look book first. A collection of photos taken of homes I really love which I base my selections on. I don’t always follow the look book to a tee but use it more as a guide. You don’t have to take actual photos, pics you find online, like the example pics shown below, are just as good. Once I have the look I want narrowed down to within 2 or 3 I start looking at material samples.

With my example pictures in front of me and a pic of the home I’m designing, I lay out actual siding and stone samples together with samples for trim, accents and secondary colors making a collage. I tweak the collage until I come up with the perfect color combination for the house.

Once the office work is done I take the samples outside to see what they look like in real sunlight.

Pro Tip: Don’t go overboard trying to match stone and siding too closely. It may result in a bad outcome. From the street you don’t want analogous colors blending together so much so that you can’t tell where the stone starts and the siding ends. Because stone is typically closest to the ground, I like the stone to be the darkest color which helps anchor the composition.

Step 2: Choose Styles And Sizes

There’s more to figuring out what siding color goes with stone than just choosing great colors. You also have to pick the size and style siding and the size and style stone.

Cedar shake, dutch lap, lap, wide plank, narrow plank, etc. You’ll also have to choose a manufacturer and a texture. Not to mention other things like what the siding is made out of, fiber cement, real wood or vinyl. And if your going with vinyl cement or vinyl, it’s texture pattern.

With stone you have even more choices. The size and texture of the stone is important. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll be installing your stone, with gaps or without, which is often called a dry stack. And if you decide on gaps how wide and what color grout will you be using? Color can be added to the grout, or you can leave it white or grey.

Step 3: Choose Your Stone Pattern

Selecting your stone’s pattern is next. Do you like something random with different size stones placed on the wall with seemingly no pattern? Or something more uniform with a horizontal design similar to tile? Round stones or square?

How does your siding and stone go with the architectural style of the home? For instance, dry stacked horizontal stones work well with more modern style while round stones with super wide gaps look better on a country home.

Step 4: Secondary And Accent Colors

Homes look best with variety of colors, I use the secondary colors in the stone as inspiration for a second siding color, trim, or accent colors. This is a great way to really take your home’s exterior to the next level.

Try playing with accent colors that are daring or slightly out of your comfort zone. Before you know it, you’ll find just the right balance of siding and stone colors that are nothing short of inspiring.

In Short

Don’t worry if you start with the siding and then select the stone or vise versa. You’re not alone. Designers approach the problem of selecting vinyl siding and stone colors in different ways. The bottom line is have fun with it. It sounds like a daunting task, but the end result is well worth your trouble. What an exciting opportunity to bring character, color and texture to the exterior of your home.

Siding And Stone Done Right

The following are 11 inspiration pics of stunning homes that expertly answer the question, what color siding goes with stone?

white lap siding with stone veneer base metal roofing arched front door

White Siding With Stone

White lap siding with stone. Azek. Arched entry. Dark wood front door with glass sidelights. Black metal accent roofing. Black shutters. Classic white and black contrasting color design. Black tar driveway. Blue stone walkway. Vertical siding accents.

cedar shake siding with stone accents beautiful custom home

Cedar Shake Siding And Stone

Real cedar shake siding with stone pillars. Azek trim. White columns and railings. Multi level decks. Beautiful custom shingle style home.

Gray Siding With Stone

Gray vinyl siding with stone. Black framed windows with white Azek trim. Custom curved deck with white fascia and dark brown railings. White posts. Tons of architectural details. Real stone retaining walls.

Cream Siding With Stone

Cream colored siding with stone. Browns and tans. Neutral, earthy color palette. Paver patio around a rectangular in ground pool. White Azek fascia and trim.  2nd Story deck.A mix of round and tapered columns. Transoms with custom grills.

Tan Siding With Stone

Tan siding with stone. Cedar shake vinyl paired with a square stone and medium grout thickness. Multi colored natural palette. Brown shingle roofing. White trim. Dark brown wood entry door. Stunning custom home design. Beautiful landscaping.

Light Grey Siding With Stone

Light grey siding with stone veneer. Grey ledge stone dry stacked. Neutral grey monochromatic home design. White trim with black framed windows and doors. Black metal roofing. Black railings with a wood top rail. Impeccable landscaping. Rectangular in ground pool with Jacuzzi and fire feature. Multi level decks.

Brown Cedar Shake With Stone Base

Real cedar shake siding stained dark brown with a real stone base. Rustic stone design with. White trim and round columns. Red brick chimney. Gray shingled roof. Neutral color palette. Black tar driveway. Huge covered porch. Round architectural features.

Modern Home Design With Stone

Modern home design. Blue grey lap siding with ledge stone base, dry stacked.  Cream doors and accent colors. Concrete driveway and walk. Dark grey trim work. Stone pillars. Beautiful landscaping.

Aged Shake Siding With Stone

Aged shake siding until it turns black. Light grey real stone base. Tight joints. White window and door trim with square white columns. Red brick chimneys. Black metal railings. 2nd Story fiberglass deck. Black tar driveway. Beautiful shingle style home.

Cream Siding With Stone

Cream siding with real stone veneer. Gray rectangular stones with very small grout lines. Limestone caps. Stone retaining walls. Beautiful landscaping. Medium stained real wood doors. Arched entry door with glass transoms. Arched front porch design with round columns and stone bases. Wood shingle roofing. Paver driveway with border. Architectural details.

Brown siding with Stone

Brown siding with real stone. Irregular brown stones installed with medium grout lines. Cedar shake vinyl siding. White trim and round columns. Medium stained wood front door. Glass transoms. Brown roof shingles with brown gutters. Stone chimney. Earth tones and neutral colors. Beautiful custom home with impeccable landscaping. Borderless paver walkway.

Natural House Colors With Stone

Natural house colors with stone base. Brown color tones. Round stones stacked with a medium grout thickness. Limestone caps. Round columns. Medium stained brown front door with glass transoms. Brown shingled roof. White trim. Windows with custom grills. Beautiful landscaping. Architectural details. Limestone treads with blue stone patio.

Brown Siding With Stone

Brown siding with brown stone pillars. Round stones with medium thick grout. Square white columns. Vertical siding accents. White garage doors with a mahogany front door. Glass transoms. White Azek trim.

Light Grey Siding With Brown Stone

Light grey siding with brown stone veneer. Multi colored stone with medium thick grout. White square columns Azek trim. Metal accent roofing. 2nd Story decks. Limestone steps. Beautiful architectural features. White picket fence.

Grey Siding With Stone

Grey siding with stone base. Irregular shaped stones with medium size grout lines. Dark brown wood doors with glass transoms. White Azek trim with round columns Dark brown gutters. White garage doors with glass. Gambrel roof construction. Metal accent roofing. Custom grills. Impeccable landscaping. Paver driveway with border and walk.

Natural Siding With Stone

Natural color palette. Monochromatic home design. Natural siding with stone. Light browns and tans. Stained wood doors. White Azek trim. Dark brown gutters. Round architectural features. Beautiful beachy design. Dry stacked stone base and chimney. Dark grey roof shingles.


With so many great options and styles to choose from when matching vinyl siding colors with stone I hope these tips and inspirational pics will help you design your ultimate dream home.

Whether you want a home that’s classy, modern, fun, country or quirky, adding stone provides an elegant feel to just about any home design.

And remember, whatever your style, stone is a versatile material well worth considering.



If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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