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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 2019

A modern bathroom design may sound a bit cold, but the results are often just the opposite. Great modern bathroom designs include bold colors, a variety of textures, and warm real wood elements. The tranquil retreat of a large soaking tub paired with oodles of natural light and a bright, airy feel are essential to creating the ultimate spot for relaxation. With a contemporary design, clients often want their bathrooms to be more than just a bathroom. They expect them to be works of art with a personality all their own. Modern bathrooms create a minimalistic, clean feeling. When designing your modern bathroom make sure to use a variety of textures, clean lines, and splashes of color. Your bathroom can easily become a modern hideaway for relaxation and comfort. Ahead we’ll talk about some of our best modern bathroom design ideas for 2019 and beyond.

Simple, clean lines mixed with modern fixtures and a focus on high quality natural materials are hallmarks of great modern bath design. Because of this, modern bathroom design ideas can be used in a variety of home styles with fantastic results.

beautiful modern master bathroom design wood ceiling marble floors

Modern Master Bath Design | Wood Ceilings

Bathrooms are spaces we use everyday and often take for granted. Their importance in the home is far greater than most people realize. Using natural “real” materials like wood and stone along with straight lines, square edges and clean metal finishes, modern bathrooms have gone far beyond being considered just a functional space. Modern details can transform a boring bathroom into a room you’ll look forward to relaxing in. Because that’s what that huge soaking tub and walk in shower are there for after all.

Choosing the right lighting is a crucial part of modern bathroom design. There are plenty of lighting choices available to you when building a standard home but with modern finishes your options will be limited. Modern bathroom design uses clean lines and sharp, square edges. Try and keep that in mind when shopping for light fixtures.

And don’t forget that the quality and amount of light is as important as the actual light fixtures. Skylights are a great idea for modern bathrooms if you have the right roof line. They add more natural light and some additional interest to your bathroom. Soaking in a Jacuzzi tub while looking up at the stars is a great feature in any master bath regardless of the design. Opt for a skylight that has powered shades and opens remotely so you can let in some fresh air once in a while.

contemporary master bath design marble and dark wood white countertop

Modern Bath Design | Simple and Minimalist

Simplicity is a general rule of thumb for just about all modern home design. Try to keep your bathroom open and free of clutter. This is also considered good Feng Shui design. Use cabinetry and built in shelving to hide personal bathroom items. Leave extra toiletries and nick knacks out of the bathroom. Think relaxation and clean design. Avoid cluttering up the bathroom with things a bunch of unnecessary things. Choose tile with clean lines and a simple look to add character without sacrificing the modern theme.

A mix of textures is always a big plus. Here we have large marble shower tiles with built in shelving and glass accents. Faux wood porcelain bathroom floor tiles. Dark wood cabinetry with a white countertop and matching wood trim. Chrome finishes. This is a beautiful example of modern bathroom design ideas implemented perfectly that would look great in just about any home.

Simple Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

  • Place a small white flower pot with a green plant to add some color and an organic feel
  • Add color with art
  • Don’t forget to get the right style frame
  • Use some natural materials
  • Working concrete into the design for an ultra modern look
  • Neutral colors work best
  • Stay away from clutter or busy patterns

modern bathroom decor wood and marble white freestanding tub

Contemporary Bathroom Style | Marble And Real Wood

Modern styles will vary a lot from room to room. Because it’s all about getting the general design concepts right. Don’t worry about copying every element in the room exactly as you see them because every room bathroom is shaped differently. Try and apply the modern design elements you see to your bathroom as best you can. Simple geometrical shapes, basic neutral colors, clutter free, and the use of natural materials are all very important.

The beautiful master bathroom shown above has all the hallmarks of a modern bath design. The use of simple square and rectangle shapes is perfect. A clean white and gray color palette with tons of marble and real wood accents is totally modern. With a minimalist, clutter free design.

The countertop flowers definitely add some much needed color here. Plants help make the bathroom less sterile. This bathroom uses a lot of white, in fact most bathrooms do, so using plants and wood is a great way to warm the space up.

contemporary master bathroom style faux wood tiles white countertops soaking tub

Modern Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are a staple in modern bathroom designs. Finding a sense of balance is key. Try to keep things symmetrical by placing your tub in a spot that enhances the Feng Shui of the bathroom. The tub shouldn’t feel out of place or in the way. And it definitely shouldn’t over power the room. Pick a size and shape that fits the design. Being that your designing a modern bathroom, give a rectangular or pedestal tub a try. There are tons of options when it comes to freestanding tubs so it won’t be hard to find one that works.

Getting into and out of the tub is important. People often overlook this when designing a bathroom. You need enough space to comfortably swing your legs over the side and then get out safely because you’ll be wet. And you may put a rug down by the tub too so make sure you have enough room for it.

Another thing to consider with freestanding tubs are the faucets. If you opt for the style that comes out of the ground then you’ll need a good place for them. Consider where all these things will go at the same time you pick the tub because everything has to work. A beautiful modern master bathroom is a great thing to have but don’t forget that it’s a a functional space.

modern master bathroom design marble with real wood pedestal sinks

Contemporary Bath Ideas | Vessel Sinks

Modern home design is generally considered to have started popping up in the early 20th century. However, it really picked up steam in the post World War II era. A small group of designers based primarily in the Nordic countries started a design movement focusing on clean, efficient, functionally aesthetic designs that combined form and function. Designs that sought to eliminate the frills present in other eras of design.

Here we see an evolution of modern design. Natural wood with real marble throughout. Straight clean lines with square edges. Gray and white color palette with splashes of black. Beautiful his and hers vessel sinks.

Living a modern lifestyle means your home will be anything but basic. These white Matte Stone Vessel Bathroom Sinks with brushed faucets reflect the best of minimalism. The sink’s construction is made from solid composite which resists stains, scratches and impact. The modern faucets, built from solid metal, feature an elegant slope which allows water to flow directly into the sink’s basin. Complementing these two elements are the matching finish pop up drain.

modern master bathroom design ideas black and white color scheme

Modern Bathroom Design | Black and White

In the 40s and 50s, mid-century modern design changed the way homes looked and felt. With their clean lines, muted palette, natural elements, and crisp, sharp edges. Suddenly, less was more, and bathroom design became about form serving function. A modern design philosophy that continues to inspire designers to this day.

If you’re designing a bathroom, there’s a great case to be made for choosing a modern design. It’s a beautiful design style that has stood the test of time. And modern home designs are getting more and more popular as time goes on, especially at the higher end of real estate values. The contemporary aesthetic can be absolutely stunning when done right. Some have even compared the best modern homes to works of art. If you think of modern bathroom design as cold and sterile, think again. Modern designs can be warm and inviting, not to mention sleek and super sexy.

And what’s a sexier color than gloss black. Modern bathrooms don’t always have to rely on natural stone, wood and flat finishes. Sometimes high gloss is also modern, as with this stunningly modern bathroom space dominated by high gloss black and white porcelain tiles and satin fixtures. Dark wood cabinets with white countertop and gloss black his and hers sinks. Gloss black toilet with white free standing soaking tub. Dark gray towels are a personal choice that totally works with the rooms color palette.

The neon light and accent pieces bring that much needed personal touch.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas | A Minimalist & Open Plan

Minimalism is a major feature of modern bathroom design. And this contemporary master bathroom is as minimal as it gets. A completely open floor plan featuring large porcelain floor tiles, an open shower, sink, vanity, mirror, toilet, tub and pretty much nothing else but exceptional ocean views. An absolute focus on function without any fluff. Taken so far as to even eliminate standard bathroom features as basic as trim.

Black and white color palette with hints of real wood. This bathroom design is quite stark but at the same time rather relaxing. A minimalist design eliminates everything but the absolute essentials which guarantees you’ll have zero distractions. All you get is what you need. The drawback of this type of style however, is that with such little to work with you have to get it all right. No room for error here. You can’t save a poor design by adding in some great trim work. A modern minimalist bathroom design has to be perfect, or the effect falls flat.

This distinctive pairing of a vessel sink and black vanity with glass top works beautifully with the modern design. The sink is made of thick, tempered glass, making it less vulnerable to damage from high temperatures. Anon-porous, polished glass surface is extremely attractive and sanitary. Naturally resistant to stains, odors, and discoloration. This model features blue tinted glass and a round shape. This setup includes a pop-up drain that springs into place with a gentle touch. Perfectly matching the chrome faucet finish.

modern master bathroom with glass tile backsplash vessel sink

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas | Glass Tile Backsplash

This modern bathroom design features an interesting mix of styles which when seen together are absolutely modern. This design uses a variety of geometric shapes, from the rectangular mirror to the round glass bowl sink and rounded chrome sink faucet. These are all contrasted by the small, dark, multi colored square glass tiles.

The dark wood wall panels and matching vanity with stone counter top adds touches of organic materials that make all the difference here. This bathroom is cool.

This works beautifully as a small modern master bathroom design but would be much tougher to pull off in a larger master bath.

The Crystallized Glass Mosaic Tiles are frost resistant with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% which will satisfy most bathroom surface demands. This beautiful tile has a dark multi colored design with a slightly metallic quality which coordinates well with a modern design. best when used for wall use, this impervious glass tile features a high sheen finish to help enhance your design.

Great lighting is also an important part of any bathroom design. The single recessed overhead LED really does the trick. The light perfectly illuminates the entire sink area while hitting those glass edges just right. From certain angles the glints and various color tones really shine through aided by the clean LED lighting.

master bathroom design ideas fireplace with soaking tub and marble

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas | Built In Fireplace

Modern bathroom design ideas can work well in any bathroom with sizes ranging from small to gigantic. Because of the relatively simple, clean, angular aspects of modern bathrooms, the style is extremely flexible. You don’t have to have a modern home to have a modern bathroom. It’s all about the big design concepts. One element of modern bathroom design that can be a great complement to any master bath is the built in fireplace and soaking tub.

Pair the tub and fireplace with a large window and beautiful view for a truly relaxing bath. Make a bold style statement while doubling as a great functional space. Throw in an open floor plan with walk in glass shower for an elegant, airy feel.

Create a luxurious centerpiece for your bathroom with a fireplace by your freestanding tub. Made for deep soaking and relaxation, a soaking tub should provide lumbar support at both ends, so you can stretch out in full comfort. Crisp, clean lines accentuate a modern bathroom design. Make sure to install a gas fireplace unit that’s remote controlled so you can make adjustments to the fire as you relax.


When it comes to making the right choices for your modern bathroom design, wood, stone, tile, glass and metal will all be in play. It’s how they’re used and paired together that defines just how modern your design can be. Combine textures and materials effectively, pairing natural wood with stainless steel, use concrete and real stone, or create a tile design from ceramic and porcelain. Use general principles of modern bathroom design ideas as a guide rather than a list of steadfast rules that you have to follow.

Color choices for modern bathroom designs are extensive, but with a particular emphasis on simple palettes with neutral colors. Many modern bathroom designs feature contrasting colors like white and black or grey paired with real wood or natural stones with fantastic results. Simple color schemes can sometimes lack interest, so add some color with wall art or better yet, a simple green plant in a white vase.

Furniture and accent pieces in modern bathroom designs generally follow an overall contemporary aesthetic. A real wood chair adds a soft, warm feel to a room that can sometimes feel cold. Square edges with straight, clean lines and the perfect lighting finish off the modern design.Good luck designing your new modern master bathroom. Send us some pics when your all done, we’d love to see what you’ve created.

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