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Why Are Wolf Ovens So Expensive?

One of the most common question we’re asked whenever we build a new home or remodel a kitchen is why are Wolf ovens so expensive? What do you get for all that money? What’s the depreciation like? How long do they last? And are they really worth it? Just like any stove, a Wolf range can boil water, bake a turkey or fry some eggs. It’s true, Wolf stoves do everything a less expensive oven does, but they do it better. Plus a bunch of other stuff cheaper appliances don’t. At the high end of real estate, a luxury kitchen with a Wolf or similarly priced stove is the standard. You simply have to have it. But at a low to mid price point are they worth it?

Why choose Wolf? The iconic Wolf range with their signature red knobs is the gold standard for DIY chefs that want to cook at a professional level. With a growing interest in home cooking, aspiring chefs just like you seek precision, power, durability, and performance with high end cooking options and great looks to outfit their dream kitchens.

Ahead we’ll take an in depth look at everything a Wolf stove does, how they’re made, what they cost, and hopefully figure out why Wolf stoves are so expensive? And if they’re worth the money.

why are wolf stoves so expensive beautiful luxury kitchen with wolf range

Beautiful custom kitchen with Wolf range.

Why Is A Wolf Range So Expensive?

Customers are always trying to figure out why Wolf professional ranges are so much more expensive than regular ranges that seem to share similar specs. And what they really want to know is if Wolf Professional Ranges are worth the price. In order to answer those questions, it’s important to look at the different types of ranges Wolf makes, how they’re made and all their sizes and features.

You may not realize this but Wolf makes three different types of range. A gas, a duel fuel and induction. When you compare prices between Wolf and a more standard range, make sure your comparing the same fuel type.

Wolf Professional Ranges come in 30″, 36″, 48″, and 60″. This is another important thing to keep in mind when comparison shopping. Make sure your comparing 2 ranges of the same size. You may see a Wolf range for sale somewhere online for 15 grand and not realize that it’s 60″. That may seem like a fortune but when compare it to other professional grade 60″ ranges it’s an average price.

The size of the range makes a big difference in determining the price.

Wolf Ranges Are Very Popular

One of the reasons Wolf ovens are so expensive is their extreme popularity. When a product is in demand the price stays high. It’s a simple fact that applies to just about anything we buy and ranges are no different. They’re among the best on the market and being in such high demand is one of the reasons the price is so high and why they rarely go on sale.

  1. A great looking range with iconic red knobs everyone wants
  2. Good depreciation rates for a luxury item
  3. Extremely well made and very durable
  4. High precision burners that range from high temperatures to a super low simmer thanks to dual stacked burners
  5. Consistent temperature inside the oven

Wolf Stoves come in 3 designs. All Gas, Dual Fuel and Induction. They all look more or less the same but there are some subtle style differences among the three designs and they all come with red knobs if you want them. Black and silver are also available. Wolf stove tops feature a bunch of great options like all burners, griddle, charbroil grill, French top and glass electric induction. These ranges come in standard sizes including 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches.

Wolf Ranges Have Amazing Build Quality

Generally speaking, Wolf ranges have amazing build quality. In the building industry they’re known for being a real work horse. We’ve installed, tested and used them ourselves more times than I can count and have never had an issue with one. It’s easy to go into an appliance store and compare stats like BTUs, oven size, number of burners and of course the price. But build quality is an intangible that’s not so easy to see. It more something you have to feel. You really have to evaluate a Wolf range in person to get a sense of why they’re built so well. Feel the knobs, pick up those giant burners or just open the oven door. You’ll instantly see the difference between a Wolf range and a standard oven.

It’s not all about the BTUs. It’s great to have a high BTU range just in case you need one but you’ll rarely cook at max heat. Quality is more important. With Wolf you have both. Any manufacturer can stick a high BTU burner on a poor quality range to impress you with numbers but that doesn’t mean it’s built well. And more importantly built to last. How long do you think you can push a $500 range at max BTUs, a year or two? I doubt it. But a Wolf range can cook at max heat all day long and continue doing it for years without any serious problems. They’re professional quality and built to last.

Of course any range can break but in that case Wolf has a great warranty which we’ll get into below.

wolf oven in a custom kitchen are wolf stoves worth the money

Wolf oven in a beautiful custom kitchen. You know it’s Wolf just by seeing those iconic red knobs.

Wolf Ovens Are Worth The Money

More important than BTUs is the quality of construction and durability of the range’s materials. Poor quality thin steel will rust, bend, or deteriorate faster than its tougher, better quality competition. You can test this out by the weight of the oven. A Wolf range is made with a thicker metal and is therefore much sturdier. That $7,500 Wolf range weighs over 400 pounds while a similar sized, $700 stove sold at Home Depot weighs just 150 pounds. The weight of the oven is definitely something to consider. It’s not the only thing but it’s on my list. At a price point like this I don’t want anything cheap used in or on the range which includes what the ovens actually made of.

Every $5,000 and up stove will be built well, insulated, and capable of very high BTUs. But not every stove has the small touches that elevate it from good to great. The engineering and precision of a stove matters more than you may realize.

Lesser quality ovens, where the calibration is off even slightly, can’t heat up as quickly or hold heat as steadily. You can tell the difference if you like to cook.

The doors are also made extremely well and strong. You can rest a 20 lb. turkey on the open door and not worry about the hinges bending.

And while high BTUs are great, being able to simmer at low temperatures is something I use more often. Wolf stoves have a double burner that can simmer at under 600 BTUs. Simmering with gas at that level has to be precisely engineered. Most high BTU gas stoves simply can’t do it.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Superior build quality and engineering.

Wolf Range Ovens

Beautiful Design With Great Power
You probably know Wolf ranges have those iconic red knobs but did you know their ovens also feature a cobalt blue porcelain coating that creates a beautiful backdrop inside the oven. Just take a look inside any Wolf oven and see for yourself, it’s second to none. But it’s not all about the looks. Wolf ovens have some of the fastest preheat times in the industry which really comes in handy when your in a hurry. Their oven line boasts a 30,000 BTU bake and 18,000 BTU infrared broil feature. That’s a whole lot of cooking power.

Large Oven Cavity
Even on Wolf’s smallest 30” range, a large oven capacity is a standard feature. You can easily handle any sized Thanksgiving turkey inside any of Wolf’s ovens. Their 36” range has a huge 5.5 cubic ft. oven which should be more than enough to cook just about anything. You won’t have issues with oven space if you opt for a Wolf oven.

A Steady Oven Temperature
Wolf ovens have an independent temperature sensor which allows the motor to kick on whenever need. This helps regulate an even oven temperature for much better baking. Some competitors have dual fans, but few offer independent temperature controls.

Soft Motion Door
Wolf’s spring and damper door system prevents the door from snapping closed or opening abruptly. It’s a great safety feature to have when your working with a super hot oven.

So why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because they lead their competition in so many important ways.

How Long Do Wolf Ovens Last?

Wolf says their ranges are designed to last about 20 years on average. Due to varying levels of use, ambient temperatures, maintenance, repair history and uncontrolled variables such as mechanical failure of part components, the life of any appliance will vary widely. Built by hand and individually tested, Wolf products are designed to give you the ultimate control and confidence in your cooking.

In the industry Wolf ranges are regarded as a real work horse that’s built to last. And we’ve seen then last over 20 years. It all depends on who’s using them and for what. The most important is how they’re maintained. A range is like anything else, you have to care for it, keep it clean and fix some small things here and there. But if you care for them they’ll last a long time. They’ll last a heck of a lot longer than your average range that’s for sure.

It’s an important thing to consider. The long term value of luxury goods. When you ask why is a Wolf oven so expensive or are Wolf ovens worth the money? You have to consider that you should have it for over 2 decades. Even if you buy the starter all gas oven which costs around $5000 that’s only around $250 bucks a year. Not too bad when you think about it as a long term investment.

do high end appliances depreciate wolf range value chart | Gambrick

Wolf Ovens Have Great Long Term Value

Depreciation is a real thing even among kitchen appliances. You probably wouldn’t consider it as an issue with your average $500 range from Home Depot. But if your buying a $10,000 oven and asking yourself why it’s so expensive and if it’s really worth it, you should consider how much that range will be worth in a few years if you want to sell it. The good news is Wolf ranges don’t depreciate that much and there’s a great second hand market for them.

Tons of people want a Wolf range but only a few can afford a brand new one so the demand keeps prices high. That equates to a great value and a luxury appliance that’s worth the money. They’re super easy to sell locally or even by listing them on eBay. Buyers are willing to pay the high freight costs.

wolf ovens are they worth the money closeup of the grates why are wolf stoves so expensive

Wolf range with cast iron grates.

Wolf Ovens Have The Best Grates

A good quality grate above the burners is super important. You’ll rarely cook at maximum heat so a high BTU range isn’t as important as good quality parts. The grates will be used every time you cook and have to be made well. A heavy metal grate to support pots and pans vs. a standard flimsy one makes a huge difference from day to day in terms of the longevity of the range.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because of the build quality. Once you hold one of these grates in your hand you’ll immediately understand the difference. They’re commercial kitchen quality. That’s how you determine the overall quality of an oven and figure out if they’re worth the money.

Each Wolf range includes porcelain coated cast iron grates that sit on small silicon feet which help prevent scratches. Grates are arranged in a continuous formation to allow you to easily slide pots and pans off and onto heat while cooking without the annoying large gaps in between the grates that lower quality ranges have.

Good BTU numbers are nice to have but great quality is more important. And with Wolf you get both.

Next time your shopping for a new range pick up and feel the grates and other parts inside the oven. Feel the difference between Wolf and cheaper ovens. Superior build quality is expensive and worth the money.

picture of wolf knobs red black and silver side by side comparison

Wolf Ovens Have The Best Knobs. And They’re Red.

Wolfs red knobs have become iconic. I can’t tell you how many customers ask me about the stove with red knobs they see in pictures. They don’t know anything about them but they know they want it. Wolf stoves are featured in so many luxury kitchens that many clients just consider them a standard.

And best of all if you don’t want red they come in black and silver. Each set costs around $175 depending on how many you need.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive and are they worth the money? It’s all about the quality of what your buying. The best parts cost more money and Wolf has some of the best range parts in the industry. They look and feel great and the build quality is superb.

The build quality, look and feel of all Wolf’s knobs are top notch and fit a professional range at this price point.

  • Available in 3 colors. Red, Black and Silver.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Great feel.
  • Digital control knobs are available on some ranges.
  • Iconic red knobs.
  • Extremely durable.

wolf digital control knob

Wolf Digital Control Knob For Dual Fuel Ovens

wolf range top burner closeup are wolf ranges worth the money

Wolf Has The Best Burners

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? They have the best burners and oven. And isn’t that what really matters.

Wolf Dual Stacked Sealed Burners with Precise Flame Control

Wolf range top burners have legendary performance. The sealed burner system makes cleaning areas super easy while providing a super strong, even flame.

All Wolf ranges feature a 9,200 BTU burner for smaller sized pots. Depending on the model range you choose, they also feature 15,000 to 20,000 BTU burners. All Wolf burners are dual stacked and come with a super low simmer level, as little as 300 BTUs. That level of precision, from a low simmer all the way to a 20,000 BTU flame, is truly what sets Wolf ranges apart from the competition.

Again, Wolf’s build quality is top notch. Their burners are fantastic and do things that other ranges can’t. And best of all Wolf’s parts are all built to last and come warrantied. Wolf ranges are truly top of the line professional grade kitchen appliances.

What exactly is a dual stacked burner?

Wolf’s patented dual stacked burner design means that you essentially get two burners in one. The upper tier of the burner produces up to 20,000 BTU power for faster boils or for searing multiple steaks at once. Meanwhile, the lower tier allows for a gentle flame mode as low as 300 BTUs for simmering and melting.

Are all burners the same on Wolf ranges?

A variety of burners on a cooking surface to match pot/pan size is a good idea and Wolf offers just that. All Wolf ranges have super powerful burners but they also include a smaller burner for small pots and pans. And all their burners have a dual fuel design so simmering at low heat isn’t a problem.

In addition, all gas ranges have 15K BTU burners. However, dual fuel ranges feature a combination of 15K, 18K and 20K BTU burners.

Wolf oven charbroil grill why are wolf ranges so expensive

Wolf Charbroil Grill

Are Wolf stoves worth the money? Have you ever wanted a grill inside the house that’s as good as what you’ve got outside?

The Wolf charbroil grill features a 16,000 BTU infrared burner designed to put out some intense heat that’s perfect for grilling. Sear the outer edges of your food and seal in all those tasty juices just like professional chefs do.

Wolf recommends that you cook food directly on the charbroil grate without cookware. It’s what gives you that authentic outdoor grill experience. The charbroil grate really does get hot enough to sear meat which isn’t an easy thing to do. The majority of home ovens don’t get hot enough to seer which is why cooking a really good steak at home is so hard to do. 

It takes about 10 minutes for the charbroil grill to heat up to full which is about the same as most outdoor grills.

This charbroil grill design is another way Wolf sets itself apart from the other high end ranges on the market, as every other brand but Miele uses a standard electric grill which can be found in oven broilers. And it’s another high end feature that helps Wolf ovens justify their high price tag.

wolf oven with range top griddle why are wolf ovens so expensive

Wolf Range Top Griddle

A wide range of high end options are one of the reason Wolf professional ovens are worth the money. Some Wolf ranges offer an optional griddle design featuring 15,000 BTU of infrared power. The griddle is thermostatically controlled to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire surface.

Want double griddle power like a commercial kitchen? Wolf can do that too. They offer double griddle options which allow you to reach 30,000 BTUs of maximum cooking power. And once you season your griddle, it’ll be good to go for years to come just like your favorite restaurant.

wolf french top range option are wolf ovens worth the money

Wolf French Top

Wolf’s french top is a circular cooking surface with 15,000 BTUs of power featuring multiple heat zones from low to high. The highest temperature is found under the center plate, while the areas closer to the edge are lower. Many customers think the French top is meant to be used as a griddle because it’s flat like one, but it’s not. A french top is actually designed to be used with cookware. You can vary the heat your pots getting by where you position it on the stove. Simply use the circles as a guide.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because they look the best, work the best, are built the best and offer the most options.

Wolf dual oven 48" range with silver knobs why are wolf ovens so expensive

Wolf 48″ dual oven design with silver knobs. Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because they’re the best.

Dual Ovens

Wolf ranges are offered with a dual oven design on larger models. The 48″ Wolf range features an 18″ side oven with a 30″ main. The 60″ oven features to full size ovens.


Another factor you may not generally consider is the stoves ignition system. It’s the part that sparks when you turn the burners on to ignite the gas.

Wolf’s spark ignition system controls each burner individually. This means that only the burner you want to ignite will spark. Some stoves have a common igniter that turns on all the burners that have gas flow but Wolf’s design is better. Their spark ignition system re-ignites any individual burner if the flame goes out, ensuring safety and convenience.

Wolf’s ignition parts are of great quality and built to last. An igniter can go bad on any stove and Wolf is no different. But overall they hold up really well and replacement parts are available if one should even go bad. Luckily they’re easy to fix.

wolf range gas igniter

Wolf Range Gas Igniter

3 Types Of Wolf Ranges

There are 3 types of Wolf ranges. The gas range, dual fuel range and an induction range which is a fancy way of saying all electric. As you can see they all look basically the same with a few subtle style differences and they all come with red knobs if you want them. Black and silver are also available. Wolf stove tops feature a bunch of great options like all burners, griddle, charbroil grill, French top and glass electric induction. These ranges come in standard sizes including 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches.

Below we’ll discuss each range in depth along with all they’re standard features.

wolf 36" gas range

Wolf Gas Range

  • Gas Oven
  • Gas Cook top
  • 9,200 – 15,000 BTU
  • Sizes 30″ – 60″
  • Single Fan Convection

wolf dual fuel range 36"

Wolf Dual Fuel Range

  • Electric Oven
  • Gas Cook top
  • 9,200 – 20,000 BTU
  • Sizes 30″ – 60″
  • Dual Fan Convection

wolf 36" induction range

Wolf Induction Range

  • Electric Oven
  • Electric Cook top
  • 9,200 – 15,000 BTU
  • Sizes 30″ & 36″
  • Dual Fan Convection

Wolf Gas Ranges

All Wolf gas ranges come with dual stacked sealed burners which let you crank the gas up for super high heat or you can set it really low to just a simmer and a gas oven.

Wolf 30 inch gas ranges come with 4 burners. 36 inch gas ranges have 6 burners or can be configured as 4 burners plus an infrared charbroil top or griddle. 48 inch gas ranges have a myriad of configurations 8 burners, 6 burners with grill or griddle, 4 burners with double griddle or grill and griddle. 60 inch gas ranges come with 6 burners, grill and griddle, dual griddle or with a French top.

The starting price for a Wolf gas range is around $4800.

Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges

All Wolf dual fuel ranges come with dual stacked sealed burners with a self cleaning electric oven.

Wolf 30 inch dual fuel ranges come with 4 burners. 36 inch dual fuel ranges have 6 burners or can be configured as 4 burners plus an infrared charbroil top or griddle. 48 inch dual fuel ranges feature 6 burners with grill or griddle, 4 burners with double griddle, double charbroil top or grill and griddle or with a French top. 60 inch ranges come with 6 burners, grill and griddle, dual griddle, charbroil top or with a French top.

The starting price for a Wolf dual fuel range is around $6500

What Do Dual Fuel Ranges Have That Gas Ranges Don’t?

Powerful 20K BTU Burners
Dual Fuel ranges feature 33% more power on the burners. Where the max BTU on the all gas ranges is 15,000 Dual Fuel ranges present a 20,000 BTU burner.

Coaxial Oven Knob
The oven knob itself displays temperature, which is a useful feature.

Pivoting Control Panel
Set your temperature or cooking mode using a touchscreen, then rotate the control panel out of sight when not in use. Wolf’s control panel features 10 program modes which include: bake, roast, broil, convection, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, proof, bake stone and dehydration.

Temperature Probe
No need to open the oven to check temperatures. The temperature probe built into Wolf’s dual fuel ranges alerts you when your dish has reached the desired internal temperature.

Luxury Racking
Each dual fuel range offers three racks. One full extension easy glide rack featuring ball bearing design, one full extension door glide, and one standard rack.

Ovens in Dual Fuel Ranges
Wolf dual fuel ranges feature an electric oven. Electric ovens present more cooking options and help maintain extremely consistent heat inside the oven for better baking. Self Clean is standard on Dual Fuel Ranges.

What’s The Difference Between A Dual Fuel And All Gas Wolf Range?

The main difference is the oven and burner BTU output. Dual fuel ranges go all the way up to 20K BTU while an all gas range tops out at 15K. Will you ever use the extra 5K BTU? Probably not, but it’s there if you need it. Both have the double stacked burner which is great for a low simmer. This is the feature you’ll most likely get more use out of.

Dual fuel ranges have an electric oven vs all gas ranges that have a gas oven. Electric ovens have a more consistent temperature and are generally regarded as better for baking.

Dual fuel ranges have some additional gadgets like the control panel and fancy knob with built in temperature display. They’re cool and come in handy once in a while but the significant changes are all in the oven and additional BTU power.

Most cooks prefer a gas stove top but say electric ovens are better for baking. So a Wolf dual fuel oven was designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Wolf Induction Range

Induction technology for faster cooking and consistent results. Wolf induction ranges are available in 30 inches with four induction zones and 2 way bridging option or in 36 inches with five induction zones and multiple bridging options.

Induction ranges are a fancy way of saying an electric stove. They’re known for heating up faster and having a consistent oven temperature. Wolf induction ranges don’t have nearly as many options and sizes as their gas and dual fuel ovens do but if your in a home without gas they’re a great option to consider.

The starting price for a Wolf induction range is around $6500.

What’s Good About A Wolf Induction Range

Induction ranges are becoming more and more popular in the USA as they provide a few key benefits over their gas counterparts and are perfect for homes that don’t have access to gas. They’re also great for off grid homes that only run on solar electric.

  • Precise heat control
  • Induction heats faster than other methods resulting in a faster boil
  • Super low simmer temperature which is great for sauces and chocolate
  • Technology that senses pan/pot size so no heat is wasted and energy is transferred to the cooking vessel exactly at the touch points
  • Safety
  • Easy to clean, durable glass surface
  • Ability to combine heating elements in a bridge format to handle larger pots and pans

Wolf introduced induction ranges in 2016 and their the only manufacturer offering a 36″ option.

Wolf induction ranges come in two different handle styles. Thin round handles or thicker professional handles which match the other style ranges.

Wolf induction range ovens are electric and share the same features as that of Wolf Dual Fuel ranges.

60" wolf range with double oven in a luxury kitchen why are wolf ovens so expensive?

Wolf 60″ range with 2 full size ovens and the iconic red knobs.

The Beauty of Wolf Design

All Wolf ranges feature matching pro handles that come in black, silver or the iconic red. The sides are finished with high quality stainless steel with decorative front legs and casters in the back that offer ease of service and placement.

Wolf ranges also come standard with flush trims along the backside. This helps you expose your decorative backsplash along your kitchen wall. You can also mount restaurant style stainless steel back guards on your Wolf range with 5”, 10” or 20” risers.

Inside the oven is finished with a beautiful blue and all the racks are stainless.

All the parts are super well made, durable and look great. Even the logo placard looks really good. It’s just an all around fantastically looking, well made oven.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because they’re the best.

Wolf Quality And Service

Each and every Wolf appliance is rigorously tested in their U.S. manufacturing facilities to withstand decades of use. And if you do have any issues Wolf’s 24/7 support team in Madison, WI is just steps from the factory floor and just a phone call away, so you’ll always have the expert information you need, any time of the day or night.

Wolf is also respected for its fast turnaround on support and customer service requests, so you won’t wait weeks for an answer to your question.

Replacement parts are also available online so if your range has an issue it’s generally easy to fix.

Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? Because you not only get the best quality in the industry but also the service.


Aside from the super high end quality found throughout every aspect of each Wolf range, their performance is top notch when compared with other ranges even at the same high price point. A high end range is no small purchase so for all that money you should buy the best. Wolf is a company with a true passion for cooking that’ll be backed up by a lifetime of premium service for your new luxury cooking machine.

Wolf is dedicated to its customers satisfaction which means you’ll enjoy not only owning one of the best ranges in the world, but having access to the best customer service in the world as well.

Let’s refer back to the original question. Why are Wolf ovens so expensive? And are Wolf ranges worth the money? Whether it’s Gas, Dual Fuel or an Induction Range, Wolf professional ranges are worth every penny because simply put, Wolf ranges are among the very best in the industry and truly are home cooking at a professional level.

If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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