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NJ Modern Home Builder, luxury new home

NJ Modern Home Builder

Gambrick is the only custom home builder in NJ that specializes in Modern designs, energy efficiency, green building, and Passive House, the most energy efficient building standard in the world. We’re a full service Design and Build firm at the Jersey Shore that can work with you from the initial concept stage to the finished landscaping.

A Gambrick home is a collaboration with talented architects, designers, landscape architects and our clients. Each of our modern homes projects design ideas and balanced lines with high end amenities and functionality. Whether they’re by the beach or near the city, we design and build some of the finest custom homes New Jersey has to offer.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners at the Jersey Shore have put their trust in Gambrick to professionally design, manage, and build everything from sun rooms and decks to new million dollar custom contemporary homes.

Gambrick is a design firm and custom home builder dedicated to creating authentic and sustainable architectural styles. Following the German design principles of unifying art, craft, and technology, we build with integrity and design intelligent homes to complement lifestyles and establish comfortable, and sophisticated environments for our clients. 


Unifying the function and flow of your life with intelligent aesthetics is the art of a modern home. Profound contemporary home designs and distinguished architectural styles are developed from a thorough understanding of every clients’ and family’s needs.


Forward thinking partnered with traditional practices that have stood the test of time are the backbone of our craft. Gambrick designs and builds with sustainability and integrity at its core. Creating one of a kind modern homes that implement the latest advances in building science such as Passive House. 


Offering real-time notifications on job-sites, our projects are streamlined to optimize client engagement. We integrate the latest in home technology, energy efficient standards and modern home design and construction methodology.

Modern Custom Home

We collaborate with our clients to create luxurious, comfortable homes to enjoy for a lifetime. Modern styles to timeless estates, we are dedicated to producing intelligent environments that suit our clients’ families and lifestyles. From modestly priced homes homes to Multi Million dollar estates, Gambrick designs and builds in many of New Jerseys’ most luxurious communities.

4800 sq ft Custom new home featuring 5 bedrooms, 5 bath with walkout basement. Beautiful stucco and cultured stone veneer exterior finish. Flat roof. Marvin windows and doors. Custom built coffered ceilings and built in shelving. Hardwood flooring throughout. Covered patio and decks overlooking a custom in ground pool with outdoor fireplace. Elevator. Full eat in kitchen with dining room and pantry. Glass railings with fiberglass decks. Modern designed interior.

Contemporary Home Builder New Jersey

Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, don’t lose sight of what you want out of your home. Or how your custom home builder can get you there. A great custom builder will customize your home around your lifestyle. Because our unique integrated architect-led design-build process helps our clients enjoy the journey of building their dream home without the uncertainty of not knowing final costs or making their own material selections. Whether you have a lot or land to build on in NJ, or you’re looking for one in a specific neighborhood, we can help. We like to be involved as early as possible in the process so our clients can benefit from our Custom Home Builder expertise and experience.

Your Dream Home Features

The list of possible features seems endless when designing your dream custom home. As Custom Home Builders in New Jersey, we provide a detailed list of the most popular options and how they can make you feel like you’re on vacation, all year-round. When building your dream custom home project, consider these options:

  • Open Concept Floor Plan
  • Oversized Kitchen Space with Island
  • Custom Home Cabinetry for Excess Storage
  • Energy Efficient Appliances & Fixtures
  • Master Suite W/Master Bath & Walk-In Closets
  • Lots of Windows and Doors
  • Net Zero Construction
  • Seamless flow from the inside to the outside of the home
  • Natural Materials & Central Entertaining
  • Modern Home Designs
  • Energy Efficient design including Passive House
  • Latest Technologies
  • Flat Roof Designs
  • Passive House Standards

Benefits of a Modern Home Design

When considering 21st century home construction there are quite a few reasons to choose the benefits of a modern home design. Space is hard to come by and expensive so maximizing every inch is of vital importance. Smart usage of space while minimizing waste while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections are at the heart of contemporary home design.

Good Modern Home Design is supposed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. New construction methods and materials such as better insulated windows and doors, energy efficient appliances and renewable energy sources all add up to a dollar for dollar superior home than a more traditional home design.

Modern = An Eco Friendly Home

Perhaps the most important benefits of a modern home design is that they’re eco friendly. Contemporary “Green” home designs place a large emphasis on energy and environmental efficiency. Not being wasteful with materials, better insulation, using renewable energy, maximizing air flow to save on heating and cooling, smart home electrical systems and using more efficient appliances are just a few of the benefits of building modern. Maximizing and recycling energy while cutting waste wherever possible is always a goal. This includes water-saving indoor plumbing, energy efficient lighting and the use of building materials that are sustainable and recycled. These, combined with good natural light levels and efficient airflow, are major aspects of a home design that can save you money and help the environment.

Up To:
  • 30% less material waste
  • 50% less water usage
  • 50% less electricity usage
  • 90% lower heating and cooling costs with Passive House
  • Possible Net Zero Construction

Maximizing Space

Modern home floor plans do not utilize space haphazardly. Using space as efficiently as possible while minimizing waste is at the heart of modern home design and construction. Contemporary home plans seek a perfect harmony between space and overall home size. One comment we always get from clients after living in a modern designed home is that it feels much bigger than it actually is. That’s because in a typical home 30% – 40% of the square footage is wasted in rooms that don’t flow, rooms that aren’t used or are too big and hallways that make a home hard to navigate.

Within the many benefits of a modern home design is living space that’s never limited to indoor rooms. In Modern homes’ living space is designed specifically to extend and become a part of the surrounding environment. This means taking into account nearby homes, nature and city zoning laws. A good contemporary home design will consider space both in and around the house and the local environment. The ideal home would flow harmoniously from indoor to outdoor living.

Modern Home Designs = Lots of Natural Light

Contemporary home design gives a great deal of attention to natural light. Including not only large windows facing the south side of the house, but also smaller windows on multiple sides of a room to bring in a natural light level that provides enough light to see without compromising privacy or brightness. Taking into consideration the usage of each room, the direction of the home in relation to the suns path and the time of day you’ll most likely be in each room are vital when designing the home.

Maximize natural light can cut down on energy costs during the winter months by allowing the suns rays to heat the home during the day. Better R values for windows also cuts down on heating costs by minimizing heat loss.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Modern homes that really shine are those that maintain a balance between design, structural efficiency and overall aesthetic value. Featuring large, bold exterior elements, simple shallow sloped shed or flat roof lines, mixtures of natural wood, stone, metal and glass elements, and sharp, clean lines.  A goal of contemporary home design is to integrate aesthetically pleasing aspects into the overall design while minimizing unnecessary additions. Remember: you’ll be living in, and looking at,  your home for many years. Why not make it not only a functional masterpiece but also an eye pleasing experience?


Benefits of a modern home design aren’t necessarily reliant on symmetry or other old fashioned design conventions. Leaving plenty of room for customization and future expansion is taken into consideration throughout the design and construction phases. With modern house plans, there’s no need to overburden your home with rooms or features you don’t require. Maximizing flow for both you and your energy usage while building only what you need is always at the top of the list when designing your modern home. Customize everything until you have the perfect design.

NJ Modern Home Builder, custom luxury home

Passive Homes & Net Zero Construction

Passive House is the most energy-efficient building standard in the market today—better than Leed, better than Energy Star®, better than every other standard we’ve got. Better still, it’s a verified standard. Because in order to become a certified Passive House, the finished building has to be tested to ensure that it actually meets it’s design goals. No other energy standard requires this.

Developed over the past twenty years by the PassivHaus Institute in Germany, it’s become the highest benchmark for sustainable, energy efficient construction in the world. As a NJ Passive House builder we can design and build a home or retrofit an existing one to Passive House standards and obtain a certification through PHIUs or other similar rating organization.

Passive House construction produces buildings with superior indoor air quality and thermal comfort while reducing heating and cooling energy use. Passive House buildings are super insulated and virtually air tight, requiring minimal energy for heating and cooling. Because of all this a typical Passive House consumes 90% less heating and cooling energy and has 70% less overall energy consumption than a standard home.

Passive Homes can be any style but work great when paired with contemporary styling.

To find out more about Passive House click here.

What’s So Special About A Passive House?

When building a Passive House, careful planning and execution is essential. This attention to detail ensures a minimal energy demand. Passive Houses use efficient heating and ventilation systems ensuring a steady temperature and high indoor air quality. Passive House buildings provide impressive levels of comfort in the summer as well as winter. Making air conditioning needs very low to not at all in most climates. Simply put, Passive Houses keep the total energy needed for heating and cooling extremely low.On average 90% less than the average home built in the US.

Vast energy savings in Passive House buildings are achieved by using especially energy efficient building components and a quality ventilation system: There is absolutely no cutting back on comfort. Instead, the level of comfort is considerably increased. However a Passive House is more than just a low-energy building. 

Long Term Value of a Modern Home

When comparing costs between contemporary and traditional homes, contemporary will generally come out on top. They cost so much less than their conventional counterparts to heat and cool that eventually you’ll make your money back and then some. That’s assuming you build it with energy efficiency in mind. If you don’t then the long term costs are the same. Modern homes make clear economic sense and are a great long term value if built correctly. Greatly reduced energy use translates into lower bills and protection from future energy price increases. making occupancy affordable.

Reduced energy costs in efficient buildings more than compensate for the additional investment costs over the lifetime. When retrofitting or building new, aiming for higher efficiency pays off from the start: high quality, energy efficient construction methods will yield benefits, both economic and otherwise, throughout the building’s lifespan.

Looking For a Contemporary Home Builder in New Jersey?

Because building a new home can be an overwhelming process. Simply visualizing a home on nothing more than an overgrown plot of land can be a roadblock in and of itself. At Gambrick, top NJ Contemporary Home Builder, one of our fundamental objectives is achieving the highest standards of architectural design and construction. Give us a call or e-mail and we’ll guide you through the journey of building your new, ultra-efficient, custom, luxury, dream home. Gambrick | NJ Modern Home Builder.

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