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wd-2Cultured or manufactured stone is handcrafted from molds using selected stones that create elegant replicas of the real thing.

The “close to nature” appearance of Cultured Stone’s wide variety of products has made it one of our NJ customers’ favorites. Cultured stone has a distinct advantage because it is lighter, less expensive and easier to install than natural stone.

When stone is a part of the design, cultured stone supplies a product that will lend an impressive appearance to any project and will last and look great for decades, regardless of the climate.

Manufactured stone products can duplicate numerous styles and appearances. Whether you are trying to reproduce the rustic look of a mountain lodge, or the timeless beauty of Old European Architecture – decorative stone veneer enables flexibility to create just about any look or feel that you want.

cs-6Cast stone veneer can be used for interior and exterior non-structural uses. The man made stone is a light weight veneer facing that can be applied to a variety of surfaces including masonry, metal framed or wood framed construction providing a variety of architectural aesthetics.

The basic materials are natural and usually include a blend of Portland cement, iron oxide color pigments and lightweight aggregate (small stones and sand). When stripped from the molds, you have a veneer that looks, feels and lasts like natural stone, but lighter in weight. This makes it easier to install.

Our products can be used for both residential and commercial construction. Like natural stone, our stone veneer can withstand the harshest exterior environments in New Jersey including exposure to intense UV rays, temperature extremes, and other challenging conditions.

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