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12 Master Bedroom Design Ideas For 2019

Master bedroom design ideas top master suite designs 2019 home builder Gambrick NJ

Everyone loves to visit model homes and furniture showrooms, getting to experience a perfectly designed room that you can only dream of! I mean who hasn’t dreamed of having a beautiful spa bathroom or luxurious new kitchen. While living in a professionally decorated home may not be in your budget you can still use some designer tricks of the trade and tips to create stunning spaces for yourself and your family. We’re going to go over 12 of the top Master Bedroom design ideas for 2019.

Some things to remember:

  • Stick with timeless designs that’ll adapt to a growing family.
  • Beware of anything that’s too trendy.
  • Choose classic finishes and colors for anything permanent (i.e. flooring, wall paneling, tile, cabinets).
  • Make a statement with furnishings, art, and accessories.

Regardless of its overall design your home should reflect who you are. Especially in the more personal spaces like your master bedroom and bath. The family room and kitchen and generally the homes most common family hub. Kids, pets, laundry, toys, stacks of books, art projects… everything winds up here at some point. So decorate those room accordingly. But the master bedroom should be your oasis, a sanctuary that is beautiful yet practical.

Master bedroom design ideas for 2019

  • Look at your basics. A good quality mattress, comfortable pillows and quality bedding are essential.
  • Color theory. The colors you choose matter. Serene hues, like pale blues, greens, lavenders and greys, are soothing. Classic black and white never goes out of style, and is easy to switch around. Browns are warm and comforting.
  • Accessorize. Once you’ve got a color palette and the basics done, choose accessories that are useful and relaxing. Good lighting – overhead fixtures and lamps – think practical and decorative. A reclining chair is perfect for creating a cozy reading nook or cuddle corner.
  • Indulge yourself. This is your personal space, so feel free to be whimsical… intense accent colors, animal prints, playful patterns, inspiration from hobbies, travel or a special location. Go for an upholstered headboard in a luxurious fabric or a dramatic wallpaper that feels decadent. It’s your space, make it special.  
  • Organization is key. Once the hectic pace of life takes over, you’ll be so grateful that your closet is organized, the dresser is neat, and everything has a place. It requires some discipline, but hanging clothes up and putting things away will make you feel less stressed.  
  • The spa bath. The bathroom is a great way to give yourself a little luxury. Organic materials like marble or granite add a sense of grounded sophistication, while good quality accessories and fixtures can make your master bath feel like it’s in a 4-star hotel. Match your towels to the colors you chose for the bedrooms so there is a sense of continuity.

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12 Favorite Master Bedroom Design Ideas | 2019

master bedroom design ideas top custom new home builder New Jersey

Take in the view

This design leaves the bedroom open to nature with large panoramic windows. A fur blanket warms up the room, balancing the soft floors with plush comfort. “Mornings we can sit here and stare out for hours,” says homeowner Jack Forstadt.

Enjoy the finer things

The master bedroom should be two things: luxurious and serene. Fulfill both with a pale color palette and bold furnishings. Plush brown chairs and table add an earthy element, while the beadside light fixtures and velvet headboard contribute a finer elegance.

master bedroom design ideas 2019 new home builder Gambrick NJ new home builder

Liven Up The Bed

Make your bedroom a dream oasis by focusing your attention on the bed. A simple way to do this is using a prominent headboard that’s possibly even multi-use. Something big enough to conveniently lean against for reading or relaxing in bed. Add 4 or more throw pillows to make it look comfy and give the room a design boost. Streamline your room by using a consistent color palette that ties the furnishings together. Add some flair with a thick fur comforter or two.

Clear the clutter

Notice how there’s no wall art or framed photos. The master suite should be a clutter-free zone. “I think of these spaces as a neutral escape from the rest of the house,” homeowner Margo Allen says. “A kind of an escape from it all.” Pull in creative elements with printed pillows, and artistic lamps and a nice throw rug. Always remember to coordinate colors.

master suite design ideas for 2019 home builder at the jersey shore master bedroom designs

Be Classic

Use furniture to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom environment. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to furnishings, but having a theme can make decorating easier. For example, a classic look for your bedroom means adding a headboard to your bed and bedside tables. Install a table lamp on each side of the bed for light while reading. Make sure that the height of the lamps are 26” or 30” so they are low enough to provide adequate lighting. Pale furniture paired with bold colors complete this beautiful, classic look.

master bedroom design ideas 2019 master suite designs NJ home builder pt pleasant NJ

Add Personality

A contemporary bedroom provides plenty of opportunity to spice up the decor with touches of personality. Case in point: this gray, cream and brown master bedroom. While it would still be a gorgeous room without them, the artwork and colorful furniture really raise the decorating bar to an exciting new high. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Traditional

There’s nothing stodgy about traditional decor when it combines color, pattern, textures and shapes as skillfully as this beautiful master bedroom. Perfect and timeless.

Designing with classic style elements is one of the easiest master bedroom design ideas you can use for a reason. Traditional designs never go out of style. 

top master suite designs for 2019 master bedroom design ideas from home builder NJ

Contemporary Beach Style

Here’s a contemporary take on the ever-popular beach bedroom. The blue and white palette, clean lines, and lack of fuss keep the space fresh and airy. Combining two classic complimentary colors like blue and white is one of the simplest and least expensive master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a beautiful master suite in 2019.

master bedroom design ideas top 10 master suite designs for 2019 home builder NJ

Glamorous Black & Gray Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom design, Bold colors like Black and cream paired with gray can be every bit as glamorous as more vibrant hues when combined with luxurious materials, straight lines and interesting accents, as in the bedroom shown here

master suite design ideas for 2019 top master bedroom designs new home builder Gambrick NJ

Bold Accents

Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of well chosen accent pieces with bright, bold colors to transform a room from ho-hum to stunning. Using some bold accent pieces is one of the simplest and least expensive master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a stunning master suite.

master bedroom designs for 2019 top master suite designs home builder NJ

Wood Furniture

Another way to achieve a classic look for your master bedroom is to add wooden furniture. Liven up the space by adding a vintage wooden dresser. A timeless wooden piece acts as a focal point as well as storage. Pair it with wooden side tables on either side of your queen bed, and choose clean lines to fit perfectly with your classic themed bedroom. Using wood furniture is one of the simplest master bedroom design ideas you can use to create a beautiful master suite in 2019.


Lighting plays a vital role in modern bedroom design. Most designers recommend playing with natural light, but it helps to create a warm environment at night as well. Recessed lighting installed in the ceiling creates the illusion of a spacious room. Hanging lamps such as glass globes can reflect the natural light and lessen the necessity of lights during the day. Remember that lamps double as decorative pieces in your modern bedroom. Coordinate with the design that you have in mind, and enjoy your well-lit and beautiful space.


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