t-12Crown molding in your home can enhance the aesthetic appearance of its interior and gives the appearance of additional quality. It is seen as an upgraded feature that provides architectural interest and luxury by adding a visual presence that can make a home feel more upscale. Done well, custom trim work instantly says that this home is well-crafted and solid.

Crown Moulding is a wow-factor feature that stays in buyers’ minds and can be stunning when installed properly. In coordination with nice baseboards, flooring and custom paint colors, custom trim work can really make a house come to life.

Proper installation can be complicated and is often best left to a professional contractor. There‚Äôs a lot of geometry involved and having the correct tools and experience is key to doing it right. Gambrick Construction specializes in custom trim work in New Jersey homes and likes to follow the “measure thrice, cut once” rule to limit waste.

Do you think crown moulding, chair rail or custom trim isn’t right for your home?

There are a number of general myths that deter homeowners from capitalizing on the benefits of adding crown molding to their decor.

My ceilings are too low for crown moldings.
It simply isn’t true that crown molding should not be installed in rooms with low ceilings. In fact, using moldings that project further than the wall can provide an optical illusion that makes ceilings appear taller than they actually are. For rooms that are vertically challenged, use crown moldings to give modest spaces a sense of elegance.
Flimsy crown moldings will add just as much value to my home as more expensive ones.
If part of the reason for installing crown molding is to enhance the value of your home, using cheap and poorly crafted crown moldings will achieve that goal. Like any interior design pieces that you would use to decorate your home, flimsy crown molding will not provide the same visual splendor as do high quality moldings. Also, crown moldings that are lacking in quality, construction or material are easily recognized as such and won’t contribute to the monetary value of your home.
Crown moldings made of wood are always preferable to those made of polyurethane.
There are a many reasons to choose to install polyurethane crown moldings rather than wood crown moldings. The advantage of using crown moldings made of polyurethane is that they are not affected by changes in climate or humidity. Wood crown moldings are subject to expanding, contracting, cracking, and warping in environments with variable temperatures. For this reason, polyurethane crown moldings are a better suited for areas with frequent temperature and climate changes; they are also a good alternative to wood in isolated areas of your home that often vary in climate, such as damp basements.
Wood crown moldings are more durable than polyurethane crown moldings.
Recent developments in the materials used to construct polyurethane crown moldings make this statement obsolete. As discussed above, polyurethane moldings will stand up to changes in climate and humidity and are not affected by indirect lighting. Moreover, though, new, high definition polymer systems are now used to produce a new type of polyurethane that is used in crown molding production. This new synthetic, high-density material is extremely durable and stress resistant, which means it won’t crack or scratch; lastly, polyurethane crown molding is not attractive to bugs or termites.
Crown molding is unsuitable for rooms frequented by children.
Many people think that crown moldings are not well suited for use in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. The primary reason for this is because of the misconception that crown moldings are not durable enough for application in rooms that house more rough-and-tumble activities. Contrarily, though, crown moldings, specifically high-density polyurethane crown moldings, are extremely durable and perfect for application in rooms where children are at play. Specifically, chair-rail moldings can even help protect walls from being dented by furniture, doors or playthings, scratched, or damaged and are known for their resilience.
Crown moldings should always be white.
Crown moldings do not always have to be white. This is a frequent design mistake. Crown moldings should be the same color as the moldings that are already in your house. They can also be painted or stained to match existing color schemes, making them perfectly suitable for any room decor.
All the crown moldings in your home should be the same style.
All of the crown moldings in your home do not need to be the same style. Different styles of crown molding may more appropriately suit some rooms but not others. There are many crown molding styles to choose from, however, it is important to consistently use the same crown molding size around your home to maintain consistent dimensions and visual proportions.

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