main_pavers_4The term “hardscape” covers a wide variety of materials and installation types, such as brick paver patio consisting of multiple levels, walkways, driveway, pool patio, bar/kitchen area, and outdoor fireplaces; these are all considered hardscapes. These different areas can make your New Jersey landscape a real success as an outdoor living space. Hardscapes need to flow and fit the property which is why the right hardscape elements can improve the appearance and value of your NJ property. Hardscaping can turn the natural features of your yard into living spaces. Outdoor living spaces are designed to incorporate multiple atmospheres into a single area.

main_pavers_6A typical patio space is designed into a few different areas consisting of a dining area, lounge area, cooking area, and if possible, a cozy fireplace or fire pit area. Incorporating the right planting material to soften the hardscapes up against the home will result in a beautiful, one of a kind outdoor living space.

Gambrick Construction recommends using Brick Pavers (Interlocking Paver systems) for many hardscape and outdoor living spaces all over New Jersey. We feel it is one of the best materials to install for a multitude of reasons. Some of the benefits of brick pavers include:

Permeable Surface
Flexible System: Freeze and thaw cycles will not cause cracking as you will see 90% of the time with concrete.
Extremely durable vs. a deck, concrete, or asphalt, which will all deteriorate and crack over time.
Maintenance and Hassle free
Easily repairable in case of a damaged area vs. concrete, decking or asphalt where you will see an unattractive patch.
Endless choice of styles, patterns and colors to choose from.
Economically cheaper. -Major return on investment as a paver patio or driveway can add as much as 7%-15% value to a home.
Doesn’t raise taxes vs. a deck or concrete patio.

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